What to muse about today?

I Made This!

Since learning how to crochet and to knit, I’ve made a bunch of things!  Each picture below will take you to the post and more information!

Star Table Runner

Pickles Leg Warmers

Mistake Mistake Rib hat

Simple Lines – Vertical Lines

Sunny Baby Blanket

X-Box w/Hat


Mitten & Scarf

Lacy Blanket and Lovey

Time Turner Shawl


Jester Hat!

Color Me Fun Hat

Big Button Wrap

Car Blanket – Straps


Teagan’s Car Blanket

Wrap It Up Shawl

Ashlin’s Car Blanket

First Knit Hat

First Scarf!

Shamrock Garland

Heart Garland

Crazy Stitch Afghan

Granny Stitch Scarf

Hat with Interchangeable Flowers

LaLa’s Stacking Shell Scarf

Angel Stitch for Sandy Hook

Stash Basket

Angry Bird Trio

Teagan’s Ripple

Stu’s Scarf – With Fringe!

Angry Birds


Scary Monster!

African Flower Afghan

V-Stitch Baby Blanket

First Baby Blanket

Teagan’s Scarf

Teagan’s Hat

Ashlin’s Hat

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