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September 18, 2014 ~ Fuzz!

Morning Joy

Waiting for Teagan’s bus this morning was lovely.  I had a full cup of coffee, Ashlin was in sandals and her jamamas.  Teagan was happy, going like a pinball from one thing to another – a bug, a leaf, a dandelion puff. The sun was smiling down, warming the day.

A friend said that Teagan looked like she was walking on sunshine, filled with joy.  This morning she was.  There wasn’t any apprehension about going to school, or what may happen there.  There was only joy with being able to run around, to watch the grasshopper jump and startle her sister, to make snow angels on the driveway, though she told me yesterdays were better.

Kindergarten has been rough for Teagan.  But we’re getting there, getting it all figured out, trying to get her the help she needs to help herself.

Today was a good day – she stayed green for the entire day.  No yellow or red behavior.  Green.  The teacher had sent me a mail letting me know.  Teagan basically flew off the bus and up the driveway to tell me herself.  The look on her face was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.  She was so proud that she didn’t have any troubles today.  She had to immediately let Stu know, and promptly got a huge bear hug from him.


We went inside and gave her her reward – the promised “fuzz.” She’s been waiting for a green/no issue day so she can load the Jessie dispenser full of Pez.  Today, she earned it.  And then promptly shared with her sister.

I really love this kid.


May 28, 2014 ~ Five! Finally!







Look at this girl. This where-did-the-time-go, oh-so-big girl.  This girl who can spell a few words, read a few words, who is obsessed with Frozen.  It’s been her going-to-bed music almost every night since Ashlin got a copy for her birthday back in March.  She knows most of the words, the ones she’s not familiar with, she makes up.  I love her made-up words.

She’s been in her first dance recital – and rocked it! – and is officially registered for Kindergarten.  The school year can’t come fast enough for her, she’s so ready to be big, and ride on the bus.  She can ride a two-wheel bike, (though she still needs the stabilizers).  She is such a daredevil, always leaping before she looks.  She loves the fast and the spinning rides, once she’s ready for them, and could go on the Drop Zone over and over and over, laughing the entire time.

She’s slowly learning to think about what she does before she does it.  She loves her sister dearly, will willingly share, usually without prompting, and hates to see her hurt.  She hates to see anyone hurt, such a sensitive soul, the part of Toy Story where Andy may lose Buzz and Woody makes her cry.  She is not scared of thunderstorms, and enjoys lightening and fireworks.  If we could see fireworks every week, she’d never get bored.

This summer, I’ll get to spend a bit more time with her than before, and I’m looking forward to learning more about her, and the amazing person she’s becoming.


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November 11, 2013 ~ My Heart


Ashlin’s Heart

Saturday while Teagan was in dance class Ashlin and I went out to Target to get some things – magic pen coloring books among them.  As we headed to the Children’s Activity section, we passed the phone cases.  As the one Santa brought me last year for Christmas was cracked and breaking, I stopped.  Looked at the Belkin ones, meh.  As turn to leave, we see this endcap.  Ok, price is right, designs aren’t too bad.  I ask Ashlin which one she liked.  She pointed to this one, “heart, mama.  I like heart one.”  Ok.  Not bad.  It’s a bit reminiscent of Olivia, but that’s ok.  I ask her if any of the others were nice.  “Yes, but this.  I like this one.  It’s like my heart.”  And my heart melted.
PS. I can’t seem to find my phone now. The new case seems to blend in, even with the big heart, much more than the silver glitter one I had.


October 9, 2013 – Love Lies Sleeping

Hiding together under the table. I see you two!Last night I was up inexplicably late.  I’m not sure why, today hurts a bit for it.  But it wasn’t too late to tuck the girls in, just like I always do.

Ashlin was on her back, with the heels and toes of her feet together in some bizarre frog-like version of first position in ballet.  As I pull the corner of her blanket out from under her and cover her back up, she laughed once or twice and then gave a deep sigh.

Teagan was halfway down her bed, covered in her afghan, baby quilt and comforter.  She half woke up as I shifted her towards the middle of the bed and took the extra blankets off.  Half-asleep, she sat up and told me she loved me, then fell back down.  Deep asleep, I covered her back up with the sheets and comforter.

Sometimes Ashlin talks in her sleep when I’m in there, sometimes not.  Sometimes Teagan will wake up a bit more, but usually she’s completely dead to the world.  Hopefully it will be a long time before they don’t need me to tuck them back in.


August 29, 2013 ~ Diesel

I got up to 51.9 before hitting traffic after the bridge. Ended up at 48.7 for the whole trip. Sweet! #hypermileing

Sort of sick

Last week I had to go to the Jersey office.  No big deal, except I had a stupid early meeting.  So, up and out before the sun and the girls – and Stu – woke up.  Have to beat the traffic. That in itself is a big rough.  I had two travel mugs of strong coffee with me, though they hardly took the bleariness from my eyes.

Anyway, I made it through the meetings and presentations we were there for, and headed home mid-afternoon.  I wanted to beat rush hour and make it in time to pick up the girls.  I really wasn’t looking forward to not seeing them at all.  As I drove up 9W, following a truck who was keeping close to the 45 MPH speed limit, I noticed that my miles per gallon were in the high 40’s, 47 or so.


never have seen the mileage be that high.  Driving to work I can usually get 38 mpg, home is a bit higher at 42-44 mpg.  Longer road trips, with mostly highway driving, I’ll get 44-46, but usually drive a bit aggressively so the mileage usually hovers around 44 mpg.

But as I was getting on the Tappan Zee the mpg was around 48.  Yes!  I hit the Merritt around 49, then saw 50…  51.4…  up up.  I ended up getting to about 52.2 mpg before I hit traffic, and then slowly dropped, dropped dropped to end the trip somewhere around 43 mpg for the whole ride home.

And I was in time for the girls.  Sweet!

Yesterday, I had to be in Jersey again.  I was hoping to be able to beat that yesterday and either get high 40’s or even 50 mpg on the way down or home.  The trip in I got mid-40’s, so not too bad.  Maybe because I was focusing on it and trying to beat that mark in the sand.  The ride home was horrible.  I did get to 47ish mpg as I hit the Tap, but the traffic on the Merritt conspired to make the ride last over three hours, instead of the just-shy-of-two it should be.  I think I was able to eek 41 mpg even with averaging 30 mph for the entire drive.

One way or another, I love my car.  Interesting that diesel’s are becoming more and more popular.

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June 17, 2013

I'm not sure if I will get my blanket back. #sisters #love #crochet


Today I had to work late so Stu picked up the girls.  As he was gathering all their art and papers and things, the teachers talked about the girls’ day.  Ashlin did great pottying, Teagan was very good at nap time, though she asked to have her hairband taken off because her ponytail was bothering her.  (I had asked/instructed/warned her to keep it in all day.  We put her hair back in the morning, and she comes home with it down and all knots and full of food and icky things).

Yay for both of them!

On top of that good news, they also told Stu that one girl would call over the divider for the other.  Then they’d run up to the half-door that separates the two’s from the pre-schoolers, and give each other a kiss.  One girl would initiate then a little bit later, the other would start it up again.

Tonight after dinner, they snuggled up to watch some Max and Ruby and share my blanket. They held hands when it thundered.

So sweet.  I love that my girls love each other.



February 20, 2013



Look what we did!  Finally.  After almost three years, I found a third curtain rod and we put it up. And put up the heavy drapes from the old house.

Finding a matching rod – metal Shepard’s crook – was not easy, as it’s been discontinued. But I found one, at a Lowe’s store somewhere in Massachusetts and they shipped it to me.  I have curtains for the other windows, but haven’t put them up, thanks to the babies.  With the cold just oozing through that french door, I thought it might be worth the potential risk of destruction.  The girls, so far, haven’t even noticed it.  It may help that their kitchen is right in front:


Yes, the Valentine’s decorations are still up

We had a busy weekend and then a lovely President’s Day.  Aunt NayNay come out for the afternoon!  The girls were ecstatic when she got here, jumping and shouting when the door opened.  NayNay got a sofa snuggle fest, hugs, kisses and huzzahs.  Ashlin read her a book:

I’m so happy I was able to capture Ashlin telling the story!  Every time I tried to tape it when I had her on my lap, she would just stare at the camera.  It was a little spooky.

Teagan played dolls and games with her.


NayNay and nieces

It was a good day.

Last night I started the hat for Stu.  I’ll post that once there’s a bit more than a coaster :)


February 15, 2013


It’s a secret

Teagan brought home the secret Valentine’s Day heart yesterday. Yay. It’s so sparkly!  She has one of her better smiles on.  Awesome.  In person, you can see her best friend attempting to photo-bomb, which is an added bonus.


Ashlin’s Heart

Ashlin did some hearts too!  She didn’t get a Valentine Mailbox, but she did get a few Valentines.  Thanks to the snow, not everyone got out to get the littles valentines for their classmates.  Their parents probably didn’t realize that they participated too.


Ashlin loves me

Her doily heart says so.  Ashlin gets very focused on where she puts her stickers.


Valentine’s Day Art

Teagan also did a stamp painting with heart stamps.  I think it turned out pretty good!



Valentine’s Mailbox

This is Teagan’s Valentine’s mailbox.  She came home with a bunch of cards, and some candy too.  One of her treats was a small packet of conversation hearts.  I joked with her that my favorites were the yellow ones, and that she was lucky she didn’t have any yellow ones for me to steal.  She was horrified at first, that I would take a piece of her candy, but she almost immediately offered me a piece.  I didn’t take her up, no need for her to miss out.


Mantel of Love

I got a lovely Valentine’s Day present, a grown-up present, from a special grown-up.  It was delayed a day, thanks to the snow.  But it showed up, and is very lovely.  Our mantel is close to overflowing with all the hearts and love.  I love it.


February 13, 2013 ~ it’s A Secret


After Teagan finished signing her valentines cards for day care, she joined Ashlin and I on the sofa for a lovely snuggle.. I like ending the day with a double snuggle.

Anyway, she told me that she knew there was a party at day care tomorrow for Valentines Day when i asked if she knew what tomorrow was. She also told me that they made hearts for us, but that it was a secret.

I love this girl.

I wonder what they did.

P.S. Ashlin “signed” her valentines day cards too,


February 6, 2013

DeerThis morning as the girls were eating breakfast, we saw a large family of deer in the back yard. Teagan and Ashlin were thrilled!  There were at least five that I could see, and at least one in each girls line of view while they ate.  They meandered back and forth, up and down the hill.  They seemed generally calm and relaxed, for deer.  I’m sure they were a bit nervous, I’m sure, especially when they heard the girls squeal if they came too close.  They hung out there for a while, at least thirty minutes.  Long after Stu had taken the girls to day care.



Tonight at dinner, the girls were squealing over another subject.  Farts.  Miss Teagan was a bit gassy, but Ashlin kept taking the blame:

Sometimes they’re just too funny.