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Silly Stuff Stu Says

Meercats (Suricata suricatta) at Adelaide Zoo,...

Ex-squeeze me?

Like the page for “Things I never thought I would say,” this is for the funny things, the laugh out loud things that Stu says. It could be my sleep deprivation, but he’s been quite funny lately:

    1. There’s not enough [pictures of] Meercats (06/10/11)
    2. They set them loose like flying monkeys (06/25/11)
    3. You can’t wear mama’s iPod as a hat (08/07/11)
    4. Don’t put your binky on your butt and shake your legs (11/16/11)
    5. Dada has not spent any time today running around with his shoes on and no pants (11/24/11)
    6. Too many woogies? After a conversation devolved into a rousing rendition of The Electric Slide. (12/19/2011)
    7. her brain always goes to princesses. (8/15/13)

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