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November 24, 2013 ~ Purple (Not Quite) Socks

on November 24, 2013
#legwarmer do-over with stretchy bind off #knit


Not too long ago I finished the legwarmers for Teagan.  Another project done fully on double pointed needles!  Small, tiny, double pointed needles.  Not like the mittens, which were done on larger needles.  They were also my first long ribs.  I had done an inch or two on the mittens, and a single rib too, so this was a slightly different pattern to get used to while knitting.  Not quite mindless, but close once you got used to it.



The pattern was pretty easy – cast-on a bunch of stitches, join and knit a k2,p2 ribbed tube for 18 inches.  So easy.  And a little bit boring after the excitement of seeing the double rib grow for the first 8 inches.  When I got bored, I worked on a different project, but the yarn was soft and lovely, (Loops & Threads Elegance) and it was nice seeing them grow and grow.


First try

This was also a good project to drag around with me. Small and light, not bulky like a blanket would be. I think the most awkward thing about it was the plastic bowl I use to hold my yarn.  I ended up knitting quite a bit while sitting in jury duty.

I did learn a bit while doing these.  Although the pattern said simply “cast-off,” it needed to be a stretchy cast-off.  So, I had to redo them.  Something I haven’t done before, undo a cast-off.  It wasn’t too hard, once you got past the fiddly bit of getting the stitches back on needles, un-split and properly facing.  Then properly divided across the needles.

Bind off undone. Back on #needles to do a more stretchy one. #knit #legwarmer #do-over

Back on needles

After redoing two rows and then adding another two or three – to hide the knot from the join – I did a lacy bind-off. Much better.  

Still, an easy and quick knitting project.  And one that made a little girl squeal in delight.


8 responses to “November 24, 2013 ~ Purple (Not Quite) Socks

  1. Kat W says:

    Lovely. I can see how they will be a welcome item in her wardrobe with all the ‘winter’ weather you guys are beginning to see. Nicely done.

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