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October 18, 2013 ~ Mittens!

on October 18, 2013

UntitledThis morning I was able to finish Ashlin’s mittens.  The last piece of her winter set this year – scarfhat and now mittens!  Since these were for Ashlin, who had a hard time last winter with mittens with thumbs, I found a pattern that didn’t have thumbs.

The pattern called for double-pointed needles, and I needed more practice.  Also, I’ve never done a rib stitch before nor a kitchener stitch. I ended up casting on 32 stitches, as the largest size in the pattern was 24 months, and well Ash is already 30 months.  She does have small hands, so I didn’t want to go too big.


DPN Begining

At first, working on the DPS’s was a bit fiddly, but became much easier after about five rounds or so.  Granted, they never felt comfortable, but by the time I got past the M1 increases and into the stockinette rounds, I was able to work quickly enough.  After some false starts due to the dpn’s and working rib in the round, I was able to get through the top decreases and to the point I needed to do the kitchener stitch.



At this point, I had Ashlin try them on.  She was so excited, but very careful not to catch her fingers or pull too roughly.  They fit pretty well, though were just a little big.  I wasn’t sure if I should start over, without the 2 extra stitches, and maybe try a smaller size or not.  I was able to get the first one done in just over an evening, so wasn’t too against trying again.  Most people I asked told me she’d just grow into them! So, I started the second one the following night.

Then, I needed to learn how to do the kitchener stitch.  I couldn’t find a good video on YouTube or good diagrams that worked for me.  I understood what they were showing me, but couldn’t actually make it work, thanks to my left-handedness. Two were actually quite helpful, but finally I found one that showed how to go from right to left.  That worked. Mostly.  There’s still something not quite right, but it’s good enough that I don’t need to rip it out like the first 4-5 attempts.  And it’s not like Ashlin’s going to even notice.  I could be happy enough with my sub-standard version for the tips of mittens and for socks.

Done!  #mitten #knit #dpn


3 responses to “October 18, 2013 ~ Mittens!

  1. Kat W says:

    whoo hooo…..we have mittens!!! Love them. I don’t know half of what you’re saying about the trials and struggles you’re having, but I do know that you’re doing a great job.

  2. […] from Ravelry – a pattern using double pointed needles.  It was a bit different than the thumbless ones I did for Ashlin, but not too different, and the thumb bit seemed pretty […]

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