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November 15, 2013 ~ Someone to Marry Me



I’m getting a bit delinquent updating with fun stories… So! Here we go!

The other night, Stu took Teagan upstairs early, hoping to make her bedtime routine a bit easier on everyone. I stayed downstairs watching Peg + Cat with Ashlin. Upstairs, they read books.  One of the stories was the Little Mermaid. After they finished, Teagan tells Stu that she’s going to marry Prince Eric.  Their conversation went something like this:

Teagan: I’m going to marry Prince Eric.

Stu:  Eric, like at Day Care? (Eric is one of the administrators)

T:  Yes, Eric from day care.

S:  You should make sure he’s not already married.  Do you know if he’s married?

T:  No. Well, if Him is, I will marry you.

S:  Teagan, I’m already married to your mother.

T:  Well, then I’ll marry mama. And you can go somewhere else.

S:  But your mama is married to me.

T:  Oh, ok, well then I’ll marry Bobby (one of the boys in her class).

S:  Oh.

Teagan ended up having a much easier bedtime, so win all around.

Another night, again with the Little Mermaid – she seems to be quite the trouble maker! – Teagan started a different type of conversation:

T:  Why does Ariel have purple nibbles (she still calls then nibbles, not nipples)

S:  They aren’t purple, it’s a bikini.

T:  What’s a bikini?

S:  It’s a type of bathing costume.

T:  Oh.  Ok.  Do men have breasts?

S:  Uh.  Yes, but they aren’t like women’s.

T:  Does Mama have breasts?

S:  Yes,  you know that.

T:  Oh, ok.  Read me a monster story.

Ashlin has had her share too, but somehow the only ones I remember revolve around “unnewear” and pooping.  I get all the luck.

PS. I added an idiot string to her mittens :D


Stop hitting yourself!


October 9, 2013 – Love Lies Sleeping

Hiding together under the table. I see you two!Last night I was up inexplicably late.  I’m not sure why, today hurts a bit for it.  But it wasn’t too late to tuck the girls in, just like I always do.

Ashlin was on her back, with the heels and toes of her feet together in some bizarre frog-like version of first position in ballet.  As I pull the corner of her blanket out from under her and cover her back up, she laughed once or twice and then gave a deep sigh.

Teagan was halfway down her bed, covered in her afghan, baby quilt and comforter.  She half woke up as I shifted her towards the middle of the bed and took the extra blankets off.  Half-asleep, she sat up and told me she loved me, then fell back down.  Deep asleep, I covered her back up with the sheets and comforter.

Sometimes Ashlin talks in her sleep when I’m in there, sometimes not.  Sometimes Teagan will wake up a bit more, but usually she’s completely dead to the world.  Hopefully it will be a long time before they don’t need me to tuck them back in.


September 18, 2013 ~ Falling in Toilets

So bigToday, our big girl fell into the toilet. She was standing on it.


So.  Turns out that she and a friend were fighting over who could use it, and she decided to stand on the rim while the other girl was trying to sit.  Teagan may have had her pants down, I’m not sure.  Anyway, the other girl was pushing back on Teagan, trying to sit down and Teagan lost her balance.  On her way down, she scraped her leg on the toilet paper holder and one foot ended up in the bowl.

A huge scrape.  Bigger than a Disney bandaid.  One that the director felt I needed to be forewarned about, just in case I freaked out when I saw the gauze on my daughter’s leg.

At first she didn’t want to tell the teachers what happened, she was worried she’d get in trouble.


Eventually she “fessed up” and told the teacher about the need to be the one to use that particular toilet, what she did and how she scraped her leg.  Both girls were spoken to, but neither got in trouble or were yelled at.

On the ride home, Stu asked her why she did it.  She replied that she thought it was a good idea.  This is probably the first time she’s given an actual answer and not just said “I don’t know.”

Our baby is getting so big.  So grown up.

It would be nice if she didn’t stand on toilet seats any more though.


September 1, 3012 ~ Ballet


Teagan at the Hooley. She would walk around in circles with her arms above her head. When we asked her why she was dancing with her arms up in the air over her head, she said it was ballet. Her friend E taught her. She’s practicing before she starts her dance class next week.

Silly sweet kid.


June 17, 2013

I'm not sure if I will get my blanket back. #sisters #love #crochet


Today I had to work late so Stu picked up the girls.  As he was gathering all their art and papers and things, the teachers talked about the girls’ day.  Ashlin did great pottying, Teagan was very good at nap time, though she asked to have her hairband taken off because her ponytail was bothering her.  (I had asked/instructed/warned her to keep it in all day.  We put her hair back in the morning, and she comes home with it down and all knots and full of food and icky things).

Yay for both of them!

On top of that good news, they also told Stu that one girl would call over the divider for the other.  Then they’d run up to the half-door that separates the two’s from the pre-schoolers, and give each other a kiss.  One girl would initiate then a little bit later, the other would start it up again.

Tonight after dinner, they snuggled up to watch some Max and Ruby and share my blanket. They held hands when it thundered.

So sweet.  I love that my girls love each other.



May 28, 2013

Ready for my close-up!Teagan’s imagination is becoming quite, uh, colorful?  Interesting?  She’s telling more and more elaborate stories.  The other day we passed a fire truck on our way home.  She told us that if you touch the side of the fire truck, it would open and inside there’s a box. When you open the box, there’s fire inside.

Just tonight, as Stu was putting her to bed, she came up with another one.  Trying to nudge her to a better behavior, Stu asked her if princesses were naughty.  Of course, he expected her to say no, they weren’t.  She decided not to be lead, but to be contrary.  As she always does with me.  Teagan told him that some princess are naughty.  When Stu asked who, she said that Snow White is naughty.  That she wakes up in the morning, gets out of bed, opens the window, then farts on the birds.

Stu burst out laughing.

My beautiful princess.

You gotta love her.


August 22, 2012

Fish chasing the frog

Get the frog!

Today as I was getting Teagan into the car, she told me she had a boyfriend. O Rly?

Clipping Ashlin in, I asked her who her boyfriend was.  I knew who she was going to say, she told LaLa last weekend, and LaLa told me.

A is my boyfriend.”

“Oh.  What do you do with your boyfriend?”

“We play together.”

“Oh, that’s nice.  What games to you play?”

“We play Legos.  And I hug him.”


“Yes, when he gets a boo boo, I hug him, so him feel better. ”

“That’s nice of you.”

“Yes.  And I hold him hand.”


“Does he know he’s your boyfriend?”

“Yes.  We read together.”

“Oh, that’s nice.  Isn’t he older than you?”

“Yes, him an older boyfriend.”

Gotta love that logic.  I hope G isn’t too heartbroken.


PS.  Updated the Teagan’s Quips.  LOL!



May 11, 2012 ~ Big As Trees

The other day Teagan was telling Stu how that she was getting big.  She then said she was going to get “bigger and biger until she’s as big as trees, so she can catch birds.”  This from a girl that is always looking down to see if there are any bugs.


April 18, 2012 ~ Peeps for Poop?!

Yesterday Teagan didn’t have an accident.  As a reward, we went for a walk – Teagan gathered treasures* – and, after dinner, was given her first peep.  Ever.

Once her head reattached, Stu had an interesting time trying to explain Peeps to her.   She loved it.  How could she not?  It’s marshmallow-y goodness covered with sugar.  And cute chocolate wax eyes.  I wish I had been downstairs when she got her first taste.  I wish I had heard the conversation they had.

Again, tonight after I went up with Ashlin, Stu gave her another one.  Well, half of one.  She deserved it, she didn’t have an accident again!  Yay!  She devoured it.  And asked for another one, to which Stu said that maybe tomorrow she could have one, if she didn’t have “no accidents.”  She then asked if she got one for peeing in the potty.

“Yes, you get one for peeing.”  
“For poops?  Poops in the potty?”
“Yes,” Stu replied, “a peep for poop.”  
Teagan threw her head back and laughed.  From her belly.  “Daddy, you so funny!”  

Peep for poop!

* Teagan is incapable of walking past a rock, pine cone or stick, without picking it up.  She collects treasures on the walk.  As many as she can hold, plus at least one more.  I don’t allow them in the house, so they get left on the table outside the door.



January 4, 2012

I think we take Teagan shopping too much.  Maybe because taking her along on errands is a nice time killer.  Stu usually is the one to find some trivial, some not so trivial, errand to run.  Bread?  Can always use more.  Hammer?  Can’t seem to find ours.  Shoes?  She’s outgrown hers.

But I think we take her too often.  The past few days, every time we get in the car she asks if we’re going to the store, going shopping.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Stu or I, or the two of us, putting her in the car.  It’s always the same conversation.

Teagan:  “We going store?”

Us:  “No, we’re going to day care/LaLa’s/the park/Aunt Wendy’s/etc.”

Teagan:  “We going store?”

Us:  “No, honey, we’re not going to the store.”

Teagan:  “We go buy something?”

Us:  “No, we’re not going to by something, we’re not going to the store.”

Teagan:  “But we need…  things.  We go store?”