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July 7, 3013 ~ Echinacea


The early cone flowers are in bloom. Maybe two or three, but there are lots more to follow! And the the Black-eyed Susan’s will open soon, too.

Love this time in the garden


June 27, 2013


Lookie! Basil!! The parsley may also be sprouting up, but it doesn’t look quite as awesome! I can’t wait!


August 13, 2012 ~ Sunflowers, First Sight

Ashlin with Sunflowers Teagan with Sunflowers

Yay! The girls got to see the sunflowers tonight. Teagan jumped up and down seeing so many flowers in bloom.  She was amazed at how tall they had gotten, in, what was to her, a short time.  Ashlin kept pointing at the flowers and trying to pull on the petals.  Yay!  So much fun!

Petting Sunflowers

Petting Sunflowers


August 8, 2012


Tonight as we pulled into the driveway, Teagan asked to go see the sunflowers. Sure, why not?  It’s been about a week or so since we’ve seen them last.  I’m curious as well, to see how big they look now.

So big!

Last week, they were just about as tall as Teagan.  Tonight, they were taller! The tallest was a good six inches taller.  At least.  And all the soon-to-be  flowers were taller than my baby.  All but one, which is tucked away half under the rose bush.

I’m really amazed at how much they’ve grown over the past two weeks.  It really is astounding how fast, it’s not quite two months yet.  And if you take a close look, that flower head looks like it has seeds down inside.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they start opening by next week.

And there was a visitor too!  A katydid decided to share one large bloom with a spider.  Teagan loved it.



July 6, 2012



I spent the afternoon in the yard. Pulling out green things.  Cutting others back.  Draping some, tying others.  I don’t have a very good before and after picture.  The left is one I took before I started everything.  The right, after most of the trimming.

I reshaped three barberry (I hate barberry), two rhododendrons, one mountain laurel, one tea rose.  The wisteria was cut back and re-positioned.  Most of the poison ivy is out.  Most.  I still have some work to do on the cranberry bush and the sand cherries.  Then to finish off the golden spirea on the left and the butterfly bush on the right.  Reset the pavers on the right side of the path.  Start thinning out the canadensis, self heal (prunella), cat mint (which needs to be propped somehow!), rudbeckia, and the cinquefoil.

Supposedly there are some plants that have been over taken – irish, thrift, lily of the valley, lavender and some betonys.  I know there’s summer phlox and a hibiscus.  Somewhere.  Maybe when I get some of the thinning done, now that the poison ivy is out, I’ll find them.

Then I have to identify one plant.  I have no idea what it is, and it wasn’t in the book the previous owner passed along.  Yes, he had a book that maps out his garden.  So helpful!

Oh, and the sunflowers are about one hand high!  Growing so fast!



June 29, 2012 ~ sunflower


Look at them grow!! It’s been three weeks since the seeds were planted, and they’re growing fast. Teagan is getting better and better about remembering to go water them and see how they’re doing. Yay!


June 28, 2012

Wow. It’s been a busy week! I do have to stop, show off my green and beautiful herbs. Herbs that I used in one of this weeks dinners.

Basil & Parsley

I made Aglio e Olio (again) but this time added julienned zucchini. This is where I found the recipe. I used a blend of my lovely basil and parsley. It turned out amazing.

Aglio e Olio e Zucchini!

Fresh herbs do make a big difference, even over the fresh herbs you can get in the store. They must have been sitting around for days, loosing some special essence. Plucked, washed and chopped, all within five minutes as the garlic is sauteing, is the best.

I am hording all the leftovers. Both of the girls really liked it too, and they may want more if they knew it wasn’t all gone!


She kept asking for more!


June 22, 2012 ~ Water, Water Everywhere!

I got a water table today.  Teagan loved it, she had fun pouring water in the spiral ramp.

I pour it here, it comes out there!

Ashlin thought it tasted very good!  She also drank a lot of the water.  I kinda let her, it was hydration!

This water table tasted like chicken.

The girls had a lot of fun playing with it.

In other news, the sunflowers are up!

Sunflower seeding


June 16, 2012

IMG_5123Watch out for the Pollywog!IMG_5102IMG_5103IMG_5106IMG_5107
IMG_5109Teagan with a goldfish looking at goldfishWill it bite me?Look!IMG_5117IMG_3246
Crawfish pinch pinchIMG_5122IMG_3249IMG_3251IMG_5125Fishy fishy fish!
IMG_5119Can I touch it?IMG_5127IMG_5138IMG_5140

2012 – 06 – Fish Shopping, a set on Flickr.

We went fish shopping today. After her afternoon nap – I woke her up (!) so we could get there before they closed – she was excited to go picking out fish.

They had a huge barrel of pollywogs, some with legs, some without. We already have about four froggies that live in the pond, so we just looked. I was strong, and walked past the gorgeous plants. I really would love a lily pad, but we didn’t take the time to ask if it would be good in our pond. There was a lovely pitcher plant in bloom that I hadn’t seen last trip. Also, there were baby turtles in the pond, and Teagan was an eagle eye spotting them. Ashlin, who we carried, pointed at everything.

We hurried to the greenhouse that had the fish, as it was just about closing time. When the guy came back, we pointed to the ones we wanted. He was great at netting the exact fish we wanted. Stu picked an orange one with a bold black stripe. I found one that had a spot on the back of it’s neck that looked like a black star in a red heart . Teagan ended up wanting a white one (not pink!) that had some spots on the base of it’s tail and fins.

We also got a crawfish to nibble on the delectables at the bottom of the pond.

It was a big production getting them all into the pond, but the girls really enjoyed it. Teagan got to feel the crawfish’s feet through the bag, which made her giggle and also made her a bit scared. Both girls got to get a close up look at the fish while they acclimated a bit before going into the pond.

I had a hard time trying to get a picture of all the fish in the pond, what with herding one baby or the other, as well as the sun glare. Maybe tomorrow.


June 15, 2012 ~ Sunflowers

Garden Girl

After daycare today, Teagan and I planted sunflowers.  I had prepared the bed on the side of the house today during my gardening therapy.  At first she was very excited about it. But when the seeds didn’t become flowers right before her eyes, she got bored.

She did have fun with the gloves and the trowel for a little bit.

Eventually, we got all the seeds in the dirt, covered and patted in.  She really wanted to play in the water, but alas, we had to water the seeds in.

I know it’s late in the season to start sunflowers, but they should still come up, and bloom, albeit a bit late.  She doesn’t know they’ll be late, she’ll just be happy when the bloom.  Hopefully she won’t be bored with them by then.

Hopefully, they’ll still bloom.


Digging holes

Now what, Mama?

What’s this?

Making holes

Can I play with the sharp gardening tool?