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October 18, 2013 ~ A Jester Hat for Ashlin

on October 17, 2013


Before I finished Teagan’s hat, I made Ashlin one.  A  Jester hat! I still need to put the pompoms on the tips, but it’s all done, and she’s so happy.

The pattern is done flat and then sewn up at the end.  It was fun to do – quick garter border then stockinette for a bit, then some M1 increases (new to me!) to make the peaks and then cast off.  The lovey was great practice for mattress stitching up the back seam.  The hardest part – once I got the cast on stitches corrected for a different yarn weight than the pattern – was getting the stripes to line up!

Since I was using a worsted weight yarn, and the pattern called for DK weight, as well as embiggen it for a three-year-old’s head, I needed to compensate a bit.  I used smaller needles, but cast on a few more stitches.

After a few false starts – I really need to learn some of the math behind knitting – I was able to really boogie.  It was fast, easy, even once you got to the peaks.  No counting, except for the first row to place the markers.  Learning the M1 was a bit more challenging, thanks to my knitting style, but eventually I figured that out too.

Once it was done, I did a quick mattress up part of the back just to see how it fit on Ashlin.  I didn’t want to do too much sewing if it wasn’t going to fit.  Ashlin was so excited to try it on, she didn’t quite understand why I didn’t have it all done, right now. Eventually, I was able to wrest it back.  It fit!  A little loose, not quite as snug as it probably should be, but it would be just fine.

Ash wants her #hat now!  Just need to sew it up honey. #knit

Finish already, mama!

I ended up sewing the back up a few times before I got those pesky stripes matched well enough. They needed to be pretty close or the back peak wouldn’t line up as well. For some reason I was off by two stitches, something to do with the garter or cast on row.  Eventually, I got it.

Then came sewing the peaks.  I wasn’t sure how to do them – continue with the mattress, whip stitch, or slip stitch.  The pattern just said to sew following the diagram.  Not really helpful.  Thankfully some lovely, and knowledgeable ladies, helped me decide.  Whip stitch!  I was able to get the peaks whipped up during a nap time!

Needless to say, Ashlin was overjoyed when she came down and saw it.  She moved so fast I couldn’t get a good picture.  And she doesn’t even miss the pompoms.  I may end up not putting them on :D



5 responses to “October 18, 2013 ~ A Jester Hat for Ashlin

  1. Nina says:

    Nina commented on a link you shared.

    Nina wrote: “*ahem* so how many DID you cast on??”

    • lisasff says:

      I thought I wrote it down, but didn’t. The pattern called for 102 stitches for a 2yo… And I know I didn’t cast on that many. I must have done 98 (18m) but used the measurements for the 2yo.

  2. Kat W says:

    Excellent work. And the colors, again, are very pretty. Your girls are going to be the best dressed ones around this winter. Go Lisa!!

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you!! I love this yarn – it’s by plymouth, and it does stripes really well. Not like the Adriafil I used for Teagan, but still, nice, solid stripes.

      I may be working up a quick baby blanket for Ashlin’s baby doll with it, I have a bit extra :D

  3. […] able to finish Ashlin’s mittens.  The last piece of her winter set this year – scarf, hat and now mittens!  Since these were for Ashlin, who had a hard time last winter with mittens with […]

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