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January 12, 2012

Teagan was so cute when we picked her up from day care.  Something happened, and there was a hole in the roof, right above the toddler area.  The facility got two men to work and fix it.  I think it was ok by the time we got there, but I hear there was lots of excitement.

Teagan was her normal sweet self.  She told the other kids (and Stu when he collected her) that Santa made the hole in the roof.  “Ho Ho fall through the roof!”  She loved the workers too – “Mans!  Mans fix hole from Ho Ho!” (Yes, everything had an exclamation mark today!)

As we were loading her into the car, she saw the workers, and told me that “there, mans.  Mans fix roof.”  One of them overheard, and said that she was such a sweet kid.  She smiled at them and was very excited that they were there.  They were both black, and very pleased that my little girl called them “man”.  They both thought it was very funny.

It gave us the opportunity to tease Teagan, just a little, on the ride home.  Somehow she decided that Santa was in the car.  Stu said that he couldn’t get in, as the roof was closed.  Silly Dada, he came in the door!  I ask if he’s in the trunk, behind her.  Silly Mama, he’s sitting right next to her!

Great imagination on this kid.

Also, only Santa, and Teagan, can say “ho, ho,  ho”.  She gets very upset if we say “ho ho ho”.  We ask her if we can say it, she tells us we can’t.  Fun stuff.

It was much better than the night before, when she told Stu that poop lived in a house in her butt.


November 23, 2011 ~ I Like Lello

night lights: along the pikeStu was driving Teagan home from day care the other day, and it was already dark out. Teagan looked out the window of the car and said to Stu “I no like dark.”

“So, what do you like?”

“I like lellow.”

As he’s recounting this story last night, we were leaving the grocery store, and it was dark. Again. Teagan was nodding her head along with the story, as if she agreed. She then burst out with “I like blue, too!”

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November 19, 2011


Let’s totally embarass my daughter.  It’ll be fun.  Well, until she gets older, than she might not think so.

This morning, after her nap, Stu went up to get Teagan dressed and bring her down.  While changing her pull-up, (she wet it in her sleep,) she touched herself and said “yucky.”  Stu told her that it wasn’t yucky, it was her body, though maybe a little dirty from the pee.  She then said “pee in my diner?”  Diner sounded like dinah, with her toddler accent.  LOL!

Stu didn’t know what to say.  We both laughed when he told me.  Teagan didn’t quite understand why it was so funny.

I probably should say that she must have learned that at day care – makes me wonder what else she has learned there – we really haven’t had much discussion of lady bits or man parts.  I had planned on using the real word for things, and not some silly nickname – like lady bits.


September 2, 2011

Once he gets to work, Stu usually sends me updates on the ride to daycare with Teagan, and how she is as he drops her off, how his drive in was.  I really enjoy these e-mails.  It gives me a glimpse into part of her day, a part that I don’t get to see.  Yesterday, I got this e-mail:

As for this morning, she was cracking jokes with me about nonsense all the way to daycare… you know, baby stuff…

“mama’s car?” … “no, dada’s car” … “mama’s car!” (huge amount of laughter).

“dada Lisa?” … “no, dada Stuart” … “ dada Leeeeesa!” (huge amount of laughter).

She thinks she’s the funniest person she knows.

Basically, if Ruth’s there, she’s fine being dropped off now. She just trots off without a look back. Though she did stop this morning to say “Teagan picture!” because there’s a picture of her on her cubby box again now.

She also thought the mouse* running away was great. She didn’t call it a duck this time though, she shouted “MOUSE! “ and then did cute mouse noise “SQUEE SQUEE!” And then said “Have it?” By which time, even if the answer was yes, it was too late as the thing did about nine hundred mile per hour away from the car.

Awesome.  She’s getting a very good sense of humor.  Beginning to see more and more of the world around her, how the world carries over from one day to the next.  She now understands that there are consequences, well, sort of.

Tonight, as they came home, Stu shared another story:

Teagan saw a dandelion seed-head and asked “pick it?” Stu said she could, and once she did, she blew on it <puff puff puff> until all the seeds flew away.  She saw two more and asked again “pick them?”  Stu said that since her friend G was coming over tomorrow, that maybe she could save them and give one to G and she could have the other and they could both blow and watch the seeds fly away together.  She asked “Teagan’s?”  “Yes, Teagan’s.”  “Dere G’s?” “Yes, that one is G’s.”  “This one, Teagan’s?”  “Yes, “Pick it!” and she picked it.blew on the seed-head and watched the seeds float away. She then looked at the third dandelion, the one Stu said would be for G, and then she picked it and <puff puff puff> watched the seeds float away.  “Fun!”

Sorry G, Teagan used your dandelion.

In other news, Ashlin finally found Stu’s nose.


* Yes, there are mice in the basement again.  We need to figure out how they’re getting in.


August 25, 2011

I went to the dentist today.  Finally.  I’d been putting off finding a new (local) dentist.  And then I got pregnant, and just really didn’t want to deal with it, along with everything else.  And the blood thinners.  As nice as the former dentist was, I really didn’t want to sit in the car for a longish drive for a cleaning.  It would give me too much time to think about actually being at the dentist, and that is not necessarily a good thing.  (Although, I’d almost always be guaranteed a great lunch companion afterwards as a reward).  So, I wanted to find someone local. Until last week (I think) I hadn’t really been too concerned about it.  (Yes, we had been paying for twice yearly cleanings that we haven’t done.  I know, I know!)

Last week changed things.  Playing with Teagan, she knocked her hard little head into my jaw, and I was worried that I had chipped a tooth or broken a filling.  I couldn’t put it off much longer.

So, I finally get my act together and ask around, do a little googling.  A little more than closing my eyes and pointing at a name in the phone book.

Today was my appointment.  It went pretty well, actually.  I didn’t have the Ren & Stimpy root beaver nightmare, or the Little Shop Of Horrors scene go through my head.  I was relatively calm and not too anxious about the appointment.  Yay me!  I’m not over my fear, but it was something that wasn’t too bad.  Today anyway.

I had chipped a filling, two actually.  Top and bottom teeth, one right above the other.  The x-rays showed that there wasn’t any decay or other damage, so we’ll be able to just laser the surface a little and patch it.  Which sounds awesome to me.  Gums were also pretty good, considering that it’s been just over a year since my last cleaning.  No new cavities!  Double Yay!  And the crown is doing just fine.

The filling repair is early next week.  I’m not sure I’ll be as laisse-faire about this.  I may need the Valium the former dentist prescribed :)


LOL!  Shut the front door!  They said “sheep dip” on the Mentalist tonight instead of saying something more rude.  Sheep dip!  What a Hoboken!


August 2, 2011

Big girl with a braid

I finally was able to wade through all the pictures I/we took during July.  It was a busy month for photos!  So, finally, pictures with Nana and Auntie Em at the zoo are up, pictures from this weekend are too.  I even got through the videos too!  I’m sure that Teagan will be very unhappy with me.  But oh, it’s so fun to take pictures, and videos of her being cute!  And Ashlin too.

In other news, she’s been very cute lately.  More often than not – tonight was another no-nap meltdown. This morning, she let me attempt to braid her hair.  I’m sure that once I get the hang of it I could do better.  Driving her in to day care this morning – even though she asked not to go – she asked “this way?”  As if I was going a different way than Stu does.  Once at day care, she clams up.  Not a word once we get through the door.  I know that she goes back to normal quickly enough.  It’s just odd to see her personality so muted.

Playing in the splash pool at Guthries party, she had a blast!  At first she didn’t want to go all the way through, but eventually, she did.  She had so much fun that after we warmed her up, she got back in.  Wearing just her diaper.  But most of the kids were like that.  It is nearly impossible to put a dry kid into a wet bathing suit.

Since she had so much fun with the splash pool, I pulled out her blow up pool from last summer and found the sprinkler.  She was stoked!  She loved the sprinkler, but refused to run through it.  She would go up and put her head in, but dada, (or mama,) had to carry her through.  She decided cannon ball was not a good name, and changed it to “splashy ball!”

Just yesteday, our cocky little girl put dada in the corner for being “bad bad!”  He was trying to play with her as the storm rolled in – tickle birds (cheep cheep), snuffle pig, froot bat.  She wasn’t in the mood for any of the games.  “No, Dada!  Go dere, corner.  Bad bad!  Stay!”  He wasn’t allowed out, until she wanted more juice.  LOL!  I was relegated to the sofa – “sit dere, mama.”

Going through the videos, I was able to see how much our little, big, girl has changed.  Grown.  Evolved.  Just look at her dancing the beginning of the month to the Ting Tings:

And then look at her following along to Katy Perry:

I’m sure she won’t eventually hate me for those.  Well, probably not.

Ashlin, on the other hand, has almost learned to blow raspberries!

My girls are getting so big!


June 30, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do.  Look who learned a new trick.

Stu started this with Teagan last night.  Today, when he dropped her off at day care, she showed the teachers her new trick.

I’m not sure if I’m proud or not.

It is kinda funny.


But it does show that we need to start being careful of what we say and do.  She’s such a sponge.


June 16, 2011

No Nap!

No Nap!

Tonight on our walk Teagan fell asleep.  Almost mid-sentence.  LOL!  She hasn’t napped at day care all week.

Stu and I were talking about this earlier, ironically at the start of the walk.  She really hasn’t napped well since they moved her to the “older” toddler room.  The room where they take her to the bathroom at least once a day, if she asks.  She is a nosy little thing, and that could be one reason – she needs to know what’s going on.  It could be that in the young toddler room, some of the teachers would hold and rock her until she got very sleepy.  In the new room, they don’t.  She has said that she’s a big girl, and doesn’t need to be rocked.  But she doesn’t sleep.

Teagan seems to need about 13.5-14 hours of sleep a day.  If she doesn’t get it during the week, she makes up for it on the weekend.  I think that is the biggest reason why we can get two naps on the weekend.  Both her mom and dad love sleep, need their sleep.  It makes sense that our daughter needs it too.

Obviously, there’s something that’s keeping her from napping at day care.  We just need to find it out.


No More Bumps!

No More Bumps!

Ashlin was difficult to get to nap today – she would go about 2 hours or so between naps.  I had gotten her to sleep about 10 minutes before Stu and Teagan got home.  So, she started the walk asleep, but woke up.  There may have been too many bumps in the sidewalk.

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June 14, 2011


We had a thunderstorm move in quickly.  The sky turned pitch black in minutes.  You could see the storm line.  I rushed home and was able to get the baby in before the sky opened.  Stu dashed out to get Teagan.  We were a bit concerned that she may freak out if one of us wasn’t there.  There were at least two roads blocked with large, broken, tree branches.  There was hail – out by us it was very small.

We needn’t have worried.  Teagan was fascinated with the storm.  She loved it!  “Boom, boom, boom.  Mr. Brown is a wonder!  Boom, boom, boom!  Mr. Brown makes thunder!

“Dibble, dibble, dibble dop!”

She was upset there wasn’t another storm on Saturday and Sunday.


We had a birthday party to go to.  I forgot my camera.  Imagine a picture of Teagan in a blue polka dot dress.  We had a great time!  Ashlin slept in her car seat, which we put under the appetizer table.  Teagan had a blast playing with N’s toys.  She figured out how to work this night light thing to make it change colors.  She fell in love with this fold up chair he had – with a fox design on it.*

Just about cupcake and singing time, she asked to go take a nap.  A moment to record, “no nap!” is her new theme song.  When she wakes up in the morning, she will say “no nap!”  Any time we tell her that it will be nap time soon, “no nap!”  She will nap, but this is one of her mantras.

After her nap, she played for awhile, then asked to sit on her potty. I took her bloomers and diaper off and sat by her.  Stu got us a bunch of books and we sat and read for a bit.  Her dress kept getting in the way, so I took it off.  After she decided she was done (and didn’t go), she refused to let me put the dress back on.  Ok.  No big deal.  We let her play in her diaper and sandals.  Yes, a blackmail picture was taken.  There is also video.


A local nursery had a butterfly release that we went to.  Teagan’s been absolutely obsessed with bugs – buggies! – lately.**  It was a bit cold and overcast so the butterflies weren’t very active, but they did fly out and Teagan was excited and clapped.  We looked for a few more butterflies, as the nursery had a bunch of butterfly-attracting plants around.  Teagan got super happy when she found one, or found a bumble bee.  Yay buggies!  Ashlin slept.  Again.



* I found a child’s size fold up chair at Target, but it didn’t have the cute fox on it.  Her head exploded with the happy.

** So, it’s more like a personality tick.  It started about two weeks ago or so.  She’ll say she has buggies on her feet, legs, arms, hands, food tray, floor, wall.  We have to assure her that there aren’t any bugs on her or in the house.  That those are crumbs or lint or something.  It’s not fear, she’s not scared of them.  She tripped after her birthday party and instead of crying got distracted by an ant.   LOL!  She just doesn’t want them inside – they need to be outside (“yes, ouside.” nod, nod, nod).


May 27, 2011

052711 – Roll Over!

Lookie what my little peanut did!  Maybe turn the sound down.  Way down.  Ashlin was very frustrated with her tummy time when this happened.  Am I a bad mom for letting her get so worked up?  Maybe.  But she actually rolled  herself over.  If she hadn’t been able to do it, I would have picked her up. I could see that she was right there, just moments away from success.  Sometimes you need to let them get frustrated for them to actually achieve, to push themselves.

It was hard letting her cry, but was so happy with her achievement.  She did it!!


Pouty Teagan

Pouty Teagan

Today Teagan sang her “clap clap, no nap” song to the instructor at day care.  She did not want to go down for the afternoon nap, like all the other toddlers.  The instructor said that she’s very “I’m a big girl now, not a baby,” so after something like 30 minutes, she told Teagan that big girls don’t need to be held to fall asleep.  Teagan went and lay on her cot, ramrod straight and pouty.  She pouted until she fell asleep.  LOL!