What to muse about today?

Teagan’s Quips


Teagan does say funny things:

                          1. Mama’s beer – and telling everyone in the grocery store.
                          2. NayNay has no knickers
                          3. My butt is pooping
                          4. Sneaky poke – after she pokes you unexpectedly
                          5. Buzz, Buzz! Boo!
                          6. When playing during diaper change, Teagan called her girly bits “her diner”
                          7. Christmas lights are “candles!”
                          8. Teagan called her turtle neck a “bumbumbee neck” when she got to day care. She had called it a turtle neck at home. It was the black one she wore with her bumble bee costume for halloween. (12/12/11)
                          9. Mama no have a big butt. (After telling Stu that LaLa, PopPop and he all have big butts, and take the potty ring off). (12/17/11)
                          10. Everybody poops. In a diaper. (12/17/11)
                          11. I hug you big one (12/26/11)
                          12. Happy New Ears! (12/31/11). Teagan thinks you get new ears for the new year. Tee hee hee!
                          13. Dada, I have crabs. (1/7/12)
                          14. Poops live in a house in my butt. (1/11/12)
                          15. Worms live in her boogers and make her yawn. (1/23/12)
                          16. I like lots of sausage. (2/18/12)
                          17. I like it dirty (2/18/12)
                          18. I like the zoo, it has wood chips (04/14/12)
                          19. Pock-a-pus – for her pocketbook (4/23/12)
                          20. Really? Really! (with intonation!) (5/1/12)
                          21. Reading the Gruffalo story to Stu, she called the spines on his back “ow! prickers!” (5/26/12)
                          22. It is now Windely Pooh instead of Winnie the Pooh (5/26/12)
                          23. She is Peter Pan, really! (5/27/12)
                          24. Chicken Donuts (instead of Chicken Nuggets/Tenders)
                          25. She threw a toy at a classmate because she was “Captain Hook” (7/16/12)
                          26. Captain hook is going to throw her in the garbage because she has a splinter, wood chip, in her finger nail.
                          27. I’ll close my eyes, so you can’t see me
                          28. Dada, we’ll have cupcakes for your birthday, and I’ll fart on them! (8/22/12)
                          29. LaLa loves me because I’m the big bad wolf
                          30. Mad as trees!
                          31. Can you put a banana in my underwear? When asking for Bananas in Pajamas on tv
                          32. Do you have a bookmark on your arm? When asking if we had a birthmark.
                          33. Marquis is brown, but he’s not a cookie.  He has legs.
                          34. When you squeeze your nibbles (nipples) a baby comes out of your mouth. Her Aunt NayNay told her. (3/31/13)
                          35. No! He’s not a pigeon! (8/29/13) during a discussion on why Donald Duck can’t fly, and asked how he got around, did he drive?
                          36. She loves everyone, but not the bad people, witches and grampires.  Grampires suck blood.
                          37. When is chilly going to be over? (10/25)

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