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June 11, 2007


So, today I thought I was going to be blogging about this site… the day in the life of an outdoor cat, but in the 5 minutes I was in my house I checked mail, and there was one from the senator’s office, saying that Stu’s interview has finally been scheduled! Woo woo!!!

I’ll post the most recent inquisition… It’ll be going away soon!

  • Sue
  • Maria
  • Tom
  • Renee
  • Susan
  • Jan
  • Ian
  • Mary Lou
  • Mom
  • Marsha
  • Cheryl
  • Mike
  • Geri
  • Walter


PS. Nina had this in her blast. It’s ROTFLMAO. You just have too look. plskthxbai!


June 06, 2007


Ok. I’ve been totally addicted to this site, which has been added to my RSS feeds. Totally cute, mostly kitty pictures with hilarious captions. Someone decided to do the LOLCat version of Rocky Horror. The horror! The ROTFLMAOPMP!

Go here and try not to laugh.

Oh, and yesterday’s inquisition:

  • Marinko
  • Mark
  • Blanca
  • Sandy
  • Fred

June 05, 2007



Yeah, I know… A week ago I said I’d be better about blogging, and well, it seems I haven’t been. Sorry. I am trying. There’s just so much going on, so little time… I need the lawn boy back, though with the new self-propelled mower, he’s going to be getting off easy.

 So, the weirdest thing happened this morning. I go out to my car to put the travel mug of coffee and laptop in the passenger seat, like I always do before doing a final run through the house to ensure I haven’t forgotten something I’ll need at work, especially when it’s a “Trumbull Day” versus a “Clinton Day.” Trumbull means that I can’t run home if I forgot anything, Clinton, being two to three miles away, I can. I open the passenger door, put the laptop in and pop the cup holder out, and see that all the “stuff” in the drivers side door compartment is on the seat. Weird. I didn’t do that last night when I got home. I go around and see that there are also two cheez-its on the floor mat. I don’t have any cheez-its in the house. They couldn’t have been from before, as they weren’t stale, still nice and crunchy. 

 I have NO IDEA who was in my car this morning! Nothing was really out of place that I noticed, but the stuff – maps and sunglasses – from the door compartment. I had been outside until about 7:30, and then was in the living room, where I can see the car. No one touched it last night. It could be three different neighbors’ kids I suppose. Though what they were doing up and around that early in the morning, I have no idea. I’ll see if I can find out. If it was this one kid, then it’s a bit concerning that he got that far from his house without a parent knowing. He’s a Downs kid, or something like that, but an absolute sweetheart. If it was him, it could have been a thank you for the box I gave him on Saturday. I should thank him for the snack too :) 

 So, now I’m not sure if I should lock the car at night. I’ve never locked it, unless I didn’t get to unload everything and there was something sort of expensive in it. I live on a very quiet street. People don’t lock their houses. I love that. I never worry too much about falling asleep with the doors WIDE open. I don’t worry about taking a quick trip to the library or grocery store and leaving the house unlocked. it’s a good street. 

Yesterday’s Inquisition (which isn’t complete, but it was a busy work day):


  • Marsha
  • Maria
  • Linda
  • Marla
  • Dolly
  • Cathy
  • Broc
  • Dzintra
  • Kris




May 25, 2007


Tourist infomation office

Ok. Life has been a bit crazy these past few weeks, hence no blog entries. Netty and Nina, this one is for you!

There was recently an article on Yahoo!News about how American tourists are no longer the worst in the world. Hey, we’re moving up! Gotta love that what was once the “Ugly American Tourist” is now considered the second, only to the Japanese. Gotta laugh about the Brits being just behind us in the worst dressed! Having seen how my parents travel, I’m not that surprised.   

And the best tourists in the world are…

Wed May 23, 8:21 AM ET –  

LONDON (Reuters) – The best tourists in the world are the Japanese, followed by Americans and the Swiss, a survey based on views from hoteliers across Europe said Wednesday.

Japanese tourists stood out for being polite and tidy, securing 35 percent more votes than the Americans who came second.

Swiss tourists were commended for being quiet and considerate, unlike the Britons who were judged to be the fifth worst tourists because of rude behavior, noise and a miserly attitude to tipping. 

But despite their faults, hoteliers do look favorably upon British spending habits voting them the third biggest holiday spenders after Americans and Russians.

Based on responses from 15,000 European hoteliers, the survey carried out on behalf of travel Web site Expedia showed that the worst tourist nation was France, followed by India, China and Russia.

Britain was second in the worst-dressed tourist table which was headed by the Americans, and fifth in the least-generous table which was headed by the Germans. 


Anyway, I’ll have an update on life, work and immigration soon. The Inquisition for the past week is as follows:

  1. Aunt Mary Lou
  2. Aunt Nancy
  3. Uncle Pliny
  4. Uncle Frankie
  5. Uncle Ed
  6. Jerry
  7. Danny
  8. Jennifer
  9. at least 20 of my sister’s friends
  10. Maria
  11. Nina
  12. Broc
  13. Fred
  14. Joe
  15. Shanee
  16. Steve
  17. Arianna
  18. Peter (not my uncle)
  19. Marsha
  20. Geri
  21. Cheryl
  22. Ilona
  23. Mark
  24. John
  25. Dolly
  26. Cathy
  27. John & Terri (they’re married)
  28. The neighbor I don’t like, but did ask
  29. Evan
  30. Dzintra
  31. Jim
  32. Marinko
  33. Sandy
  34. Blanca
  35. Helene (no, not that one <g>)

I know there are more, but i didn’t really keep a good list :(

PS. I love this site. It makes me ROTFLMAO. It’s been added to the feeds :)


April 04, 2007

Fisher Cat

So, yesterday as I was getting ready to go to work I looked out the window and saw this thing run down the driveway. At first I thought it was a cat, but quickly realized it wasn’t – it was a Fisher Cat. I had no idea that they were down in this area. Yeah, we have foxes and coyotes, but I didn’t think we had Fisher Cats.

So, this brings up the wildlife sightings in the yard to eleven: turkeys, rabbits (yeah yeah), hawk, turkey vulture, musk rat, coyote, skunk, opossum, ground hog and now fisher cat. Pretty cool, considering I don’t really live in the “woods.”

Stu and I watched him bounce into the neighbor’s yard. After I left for work, Stu said he came back and was hanging out in the back yard for a while. Pretty cool. Stu wasn’t able to get a picture of him (or her), he was hiding behind the big rocks in the back yard, and when he went out, kitty ran away…


Recent Inquisition:

  1. Tom
  2. Marsha
  3. Allegra
  4. Rose

March 27, 2007

Hum… Haven’t been here for a while… Time for the Inquisition! No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! :)

  1. John
  2. Allegra
  3. Marcia
  4. Jim
  5. Jessica
  6. Regina
  7. Cassandra
  8. Marie


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March 18, 2007

I’m just going to post date this entry… Call it a long work week, topped with an ice/snow storm, St. Patrick’s Day and the desire for a nap, that never was able to be achieved. I’ll just fill this in with last week’s inquisition, and make a new entry for the play :)


  1. Elaine
  2. Blanca
  3. Jeff
  4. Marcia
  5. Robert
  6. Shanee
  7. Jim
  8. John
  9. Brian
  10. Filomena


  1. Ilona
  2. Lynda
  3. Steve


  1. Susan
  2. Peg
  3. Crystella
  4. Gloria
  5. Dolly
  6. Debbie
  7. Joe


  1. Cheryl
  2. Tom


  1. Shelley
  2. Wendy
  3. Kelly
  4. Mom



March 09, 2007


Busy busy busy! That’s been life this week. Almost no time to think at all…

So, we’re just going to list yesterday’s inquisition, and add in today’s, as combined, it wasn’t that bad a list:

  1. Sue
  2. Michele
  3. Peggy
  4. Marie
  5. Debbie
  6. Whitney
  7. Marinko
  8. Jim

Maybe I’ll swing past the Liquor Store on the way, and see if I can get the UK Cider that Stu found the name of for me :)

snoochie booches!

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March 07, 2007

 no irish need apply

Finally! Something about non-latino immigration! Not that I mind, but there are other people out there than latinos trying to get into the US. And it’s nice to know that there are more people creating a ruckus.

Just a few paragraphs that struck me:

The immigration debate has swept through Mexican canteens, Argentine bakeries and Caribbean music shops in the United States. Now, it has a new home: the local Irish pub.

Thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants, including many in Florida, are joining the drive to grant legal status to some 12 million immigrants residing illegally in the United States. In their most vocal demonstration so far, some 6,000 supporters are expected to show up at a Washington, D.C., rally today organized by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. They’ll sport “Legalize the Irish” T-shirts and cast the bitter and polarized immigration debate in shamrock green.

 ~ Of course they need to be shamrock green. They’re IRISH! <snip>

Under the current system, advocates insist, the Irish ancestors of Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy would not have been able to legally enter the United States.

Those working to reduce immigration to the United States said no group should be singled out for special treatment.

“The Irish are no different from anyone else,” said Caroline Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the grassroots group, NumbersUSA. “It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from but how you came here, and if you came here illegally, you broke the law.”

Although, it makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing the NINA signs around…

Today’s list of inquisitors (no one could look at the sign, as the cube isn’t mine anymore, and the sign isn’t up):

  1. Veronica
  2. Broc
  3. Matt S
  4. Matt M (yeah, and they do work with eachother)
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March 05, 2007


Today was just insanity. But I can’t not post the list of inquisitors :)

  1. Marcia
  2. Jessica
  3. Kristina
  4. Regina

I might need to start a new list, as now, instead of just asking when the man is getting here/when the wedding is, they’re beginning to ask about when the baby (babies??!?!?! at my age!?!?!) will be. Isn’t it more important to get him here? What do they expect? Don’t they know *how* babies are made? Do they think it’s from a fex ex package? LOL