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September 3, 2014 ~ This one

This one

This one.

She loves school. Just loves it.

Fifteen minutes after her sister is on the bus, she is asking if it’s time for her to go to school.  She knows that she doesn’t go until after she eats lunch, but by 9am she’s ready.

Today on our drive to school, I asked again if she liked going to school.  “Yes!” she screamed.  “Do you miss day care?”  She’s always pointing out that we have to pass day care to get to her school.  “Yes, I miss my friends and my teachers” was her reply.

“Sweetie, do you like staying home with mommy in the mornings?”  Not that I was fishing for a compliment or a preference.  I was genuinely curious as I do enjoy the time with her.  “YES!”

That made me feel really good.  Better about the decision to not pursue a new job right away, but give some time to my girls.  More than just the summer.  I’m glad we were able to get Ashlin into the pre-K program. At times I wish the program was more than just the afternoon, I think Ashlin would really like a longer program.  And there are times that I would like a bit more “me” time.

But she’s happy, and that’s a good thing.



January 21, 2014 ~ Oops Zoo!

Trying to pick up the cow

So, yesterday Stu and I had off from work. Somehow, I thought day care was also closed. So, we had a little lie-in, as much as Ashlin can be talked into, anyway. Watched some Blues Clues, Peg + Cat, Dinosaur Train. Had some lunch – Teagan ate a Bologna sandwich! – and a nap/quiet time.

After naps, we bundled up the girls in some layers – sweaters! and hats, scarves, mittens (on a string!) – and headed to the zoo. We met up with E and her dad, and the girls had fun wandering the zoo. Looking for tigers and pigs. Trying to look at the prairie dogs through the tunnels – Ashlin is still a bit too short! We even had a carousel ride, though only one, as it was closing time. I think the operator ran us a little longer than normal. She was very nice. Although Teagan understood why we only had one ride, neither Ashlin nor E did. There were some tears then.

Too short

Driving home, we got stuck in a bit of traffic. Enough that the possible short afternoon nap did not get to happen. We ate dinner, snuggled on the sofa and then put the girls up a tinsy bit early – to compensate for the lack of nap.

This morning, Ashlin was up at her usual not-quite-as-stupid early, though Teagan slept in! Late! Thinking her light was on, I went into her room to have her join Ash and I for breakfast.  But instead, ended up waking her up. By mistake. Oops.  We try very hard to have them sleep as long as possible.

There were some tears this morning as we bundled them up for day care.  They wanted to go back to the zoo.  With E.  And have cookies in the car.  And ride the carousel, because this time, it wouldn’t be closing time, it would be open.  According to Teagan.  Being the mean parents we are, they ended up going to day care.  When Stu dropped them off, the caregivers asked why the girls weren’t in yesterday.  They were open.

Three monkeys eating cookies


Well, we did have a fun day.  A good day.

PS.  We’re getting more snow.  There’s at least four inches so far, with another possible six to eight to fall over night.  Fun!

Snow is Blue


June 17, 2013

I'm not sure if I will get my blanket back. #sisters #love #crochet


Today I had to work late so Stu picked up the girls.  As he was gathering all their art and papers and things, the teachers talked about the girls’ day.  Ashlin did great pottying, Teagan was very good at nap time, though she asked to have her hairband taken off because her ponytail was bothering her.  (I had asked/instructed/warned her to keep it in all day.  We put her hair back in the morning, and she comes home with it down and all knots and full of food and icky things).

Yay for both of them!

On top of that good news, they also told Stu that one girl would call over the divider for the other.  Then they’d run up to the half-door that separates the two’s from the pre-schoolers, and give each other a kiss.  One girl would initiate then a little bit later, the other would start it up again.

Tonight after dinner, they snuggled up to watch some Max and Ruby and share my blanket. They held hands when it thundered.

So sweet.  I love that my girls love each other.



June 6, 2013

Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp & Circumstance

Today they had a graduation at day care for the littles that would be moving up next school year.  Although Teagan isn’t, she has three friends that will be, two will be going to a pre-K, one to a full-blown kindergarten.  I’m not sure how much Teagan realizes.  I mean, she understands that her friends are going to a different school, but I’m not sure if she actually understands that they won’t be at day care all day with her.  I’m pretty sure that both won’t be “clubmates” either, but will only be there occasionally when their school is out.

It was a cute little ceremony, they walked in to Pomp & Circumstance, sat in assigned chairs with the graduates chairs starred.  They sang a rocking version of Zip-a-dee-doo-da, which of course, Teagan got distracted right at the beginning and ended up shuffling wood chips around.  It’s not that she doesn’t know the song, she’s been practicing it, singing it at home, even though it was a secret surprise.

As she did last year, Teagan couldn’t resist running up and giving me (and her dad!) a hug in the middle of the ceremony.  The kid loves hugs.

Run for the diploma

Run for the diploma

After the song, they did a cute version of the tree little pigs, with the grads taking the roles of the pigs and the wolf.  Teagan was half of the straw house.  She dropped her prop with style.   After the min-play, they sat back down to be called up to get their diplomas – certificates actually.  Teagan ran up to get hers and then over to us for a hug before sitting back down.  Goof.

Ashlin watched from the sidelines behind the fence with the other little littles.  She really wanted to be on our side, and be part of the proceedings.  Goof.

After the little ceremony was a celebration.  Food.  Music and dancing.  We joked about how we were sugaring the kids up with the brownies and cupcakes and cake.  Hoped that they danced and ran and played some of the excited energy off.

I can’t believe she’s gotten so big.


There’s been some gems from Teagan lately:

Driving home she saw some garbage – or landscaping cloth, whatever – on the side of the road.  She shouted “garbage!  Garbage, mama!  If the birds land on it they will die!”

Last night, as Stu was putting her to bed, she asked for socks.  Stu said with the heat, she didn’t need socks.  “Yes, dada, I do.”  “Teagan, it’s 80 degrees, you don’t need socks.”  “Dada, when it’s that number in the house, my feet get cold.”  Stu put socks on.  How can  you refute that logic?


May 22, 2013

WhaThis morning, Ashlin was too hungry for hugs! It may be one sign of the Apocalypse.  She had already had her first breakfast at the house, but it must not have been enough. Ashlin will usually hug everyone at day care when she comes in. Today?  Nope, she had no time for suck niceties. She even walked past two of her favorite teachers.  When Teacher S asked for her hug, Ashlin simply raised her hand and said “hi!”.   She then went right up to the table where breakfast was waiting, picked through the stack of bowls until she found the right one. She held it up like Excalibur and announced “pink one,” grabbed a handful of cheerios from the big bowl and put them in hers. Then she sat down, like a princess, waiting for someone big to pour her milk.

Such a personality.



May 17, 2013


Teagan’s Selfie

Today we had our first parent teacher conferences. Day Care let me schedule both girls back to back at drop off. It worked out perfectly! After the seemingly endless hugs and kisses the girls ran off for breakfast – they had pineapple! – and we settled into (big) chairs at a table behind a divider.

Other than a few blips, both conferences went well. Teagan knows her letters, shapes, numbers, can write her name. Usually. She needs to want to do it, to focus on it, but often loses her focus. More often than not at day care, there’s something to pull her attention away. She loves to color, do art. Her pictures are detailed and creative – she even included her freckles when she did a self-portrait. A possible solution to her bad nap time behavior may be to have her color after she gets bored reading books to herself. Her teachers say she’s very smart, but easily distracted. Teagan was the first of her classmates to complete a sequencing project, (a rainbow!), and asked if she could color it in. She’s outgoing and quick to make friends. My sweet baby.


Weaving a web

Ashlin is much like her sister, outgoing and empathetic. She’ll hug everyone as they come in, and as they leave. She made some parents feel better about dropping off their kids as she ran up to hug the crying children, trying to make them feel welcomed. Ashlin is also very smart, knows all her colors, most of the letters and can count to 11 (which she pronounces “luvyoo”). She’s the youngest in the class, and also the smallest, but is right up there with the rest of the kids in her class. Outside, she’ll run laps with them, and although she falls behind, she never gives up but keeps plugging along. Although she’s a little peanut, she has no problem being physical with her classmates. I’m sure the nightly half-naked wrestling matches with her sister at bedtime prepped her to roughhouse with her classmates. The teachers would like her to be a bit more interested in potty training. We’ll do what we can there :D

All in all, good things. We learned a bit about each girl, saw how others see them, how they interact with their teachers and their classmates.

In preparation for Teagan’s 4th birthday, we bought her bed last night. She’s getting too big too fast. They delivered it this morning! Crazy fast! We’ll be swapping out her crib mattress for the full tomorrow, once we get the toddler bed frame converted. She doesn’t know yet…

Also, they both love the “Hamster Dance” song. Save me.


April 25, 2013

So, some random things…

  • In the car Teagan saw a bug of some sort, which she dubbed a cricket. She then went on to tell me that it was crawling on her hand, but when they do, they kiss you when they crawl on your hand.  With their feet.
  • One day when I had to leave early to work in Jersey, I left a note for the girls, and Stu.  On it I asked Teagan to be a good girl at nap time (we are still having issues – sad face), and gave everyone hugs and kisses.  Ashlin asked Stu for the paper, saying “ugg!  Ugg!” and then kissed the paper.
  • Ashlin cannot leave day care, or anywhere else for that matter, without hugging everyone she knows goodbye.
  • She also can’t walk past an open door without closing it.
  • On my drive home from Jersey the other day, Alt Nation played Josie Cotton “Johnny Are You Queer” and I had flashbacks of teasing my friend Tom incessantly.  I’m not sure exactly why the song bothered him, but it did.  My sister also joined in when she was out and the song came on.  I miss Tom.  He’s moved too far away from some of his friends and we don’t see him enough.
  • I finished Ashlin’s car blanket last night, the blanket portion anyway.  I used a crochet bind off, which was easier for me to control the tension, and the cast-off stitches look much better, looser, than those of the scarf.  I will need to work on that.
  • The button hole on the strap is throwing me for a loop – not a hole – unfortunately.  I will get it figured out. Soon.  I’m sure it has something to do with my mirror knitting and Eastern European style.  I moved on to the crocheted shawl for the time being.
Done!  Blanket at least. #knit #blanket



December 19, 2012

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My poor sick baby.  She’s doing much better today than yesterday, but she’s still not herself.  Yesterday, she was sent home from day care with a 102ºF temp.  The temperature broke sometime last night, before 5am, when she woke up for the day.  Well, at least the first time she woke up for the day.

sick baby on the swings

sick baby on the swings

Stu stayed home with her, I had to go into work.  Her first nap was as I left at 7:30. When she got up, Stu said she was “contrary,” just wanting to lie on the couch with the stuffed elephant, that’s become her best friend, and a blanket.  No milk, no oranges, no toast, no water.  Every question was answered with a “no.”  The two of them spent most of the day watching “Signing Time” and “Timmy Time” and “Yo Gabba Gabba”.  She had some juice – full strength! – in the evening, but was not really in the mood to eat.  Better, but not herself.

Hopefully, the happy little girl will be back tomorrow.  It’s no fun having a sick baby.


October 10, 2012

This is how we ride

This is how we ride

Ashlin got sent home from day care again.  Last Thursday she had a fever, so couldn’t go in on Friday.  We hadn’t realized that she was officially sent home, so when Stu tried to drop her off on Friday morning, they came running the second they saw her come through the door.  Ok, fine.  She was sleepy and easy enough and napped every two hours or so.

Monday, day care was closed.  So I got to spend the day with two lovely ladies.  Who were not sick, and who love to shop.  Today, she supposedly has been exploding.  I picked her up around 3, and didn’t experience one incident of poor containment, of any kind.  She was happy and giggling, eating eggs and graham crackers, asking to watch “puppy” (Blue’s Clues) and Signing Time, and to be tickled again and again.  Not acting sick in the least – no cuddles for me!  But, she can’t go back until Friday.

We may finger paint tomorrow :D

I hope work doesn’t get too upset.

PS.  I’ve decorated for Halloween!


September 5, 2012

20120905-194826.jpgI had been feeling a bit sad hearing about how so many were sending off their kids to preschool for the first time, or to kindergarten.  I had looked around back in the spring and early summer for a local preschool, but hadn’t really found anything.  And day care does a pretty nice job at working academics and stuff.  But still, I felt we were doing Teagan a disservice.  And she really wants to ride on a school bus.

A few weeks ago, I found out that one elementary school in the district – not ours – does a pre-k.  I called and left a message for the administrator to call me back if there was an opening.  I got a call yesterday.  She said there will most likely be an opening, in the afternoon, starting next week.  We could fill in the forms and have Teagan evaluated and she could probably start going almost right away.

I got excited, thinking that Teagan would have a pre-school experience, and finally get to ride on a bus.  We asked to talk to the director of day care, to find out if we could swing it.  Also hoping for a financial break as Teagan would not be in the day care full time.  Well, it turns out that they don’t bus or transport children younger than school age.  Also, Teagan’s tuition would only drop if she was there four hours or less.  Any more than that, she’d be considered full time, and I don’t think the pre-k would have her out of the day care long enough for her day there to be four hours.  Two strikes.  We can’t afford to send her to pre-k on top of a full time day care tuition.

The administrator at the school called me today to confirm the address for the forms, so I took the opportunity to ask about transportation.  They don’t offer transport to the pre-k kids, unless they were special needs.  Although Teagan is special, she’s not special needs.  There’s no way we can get her to and from the pre-k every day.  We probably could manage a few days a week, but nothing on a regular basis.

I haven’t called the administrator back to let her know that we can’t take the theoretical spot.  I worry that she’ll be missing out.  That there’ll be something vital that she can only get at an official pre-k, something we can’t give her, or that the day care can’t.  I worry that she’ll remember we didn’t care enough to give her every advantage.  I worry that it will make Kindergarten too difficult, to large of a transition, to scary.

Then, I remember that this little girl went on the roller coaster with me.  Just once.  But she did it.  I’m sure she’ll get over the scary.  I just have to hope she’ll get over the rest too.

Hopefully, she’ll still be able to be a doctor, like she told Stu.  She wants to fix boo boo’s.