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September 2, 2013 ~ Hooley!



Yesterday we went to the Hooley up at my parents.  Yay for Irish festivals, especially a free one, where one of my favorite bands to see live plays.  One of the reasons we made sure to go was so the girls could see some Irish step dancing.  We had missed the local Irish fest this year for one reason or another.  Teagan has always been fascinated with the step dancing.  Up till this year, Ashlin just liked watching.  This year was different, she was completely enthralled.  Even when we couldn’t see the dancers feet, she was hyper focused on the stage, the music, the spectacle.

After a bit, the girls started dancing.  Ashlin was up first, dragging her sister along.  She did her take on the step dancing with some kicks and spins.  Soon enough, her moves evolved into spinning like a dervish and getting dizzy.  Teagan spun too, but her hands moved from being down and stiff armed to up and ballet like.

We were sure to get better seats, and the stage was lower, for the second show.  Even though Ashlin was tired from the heat and lack of nap, she couldn’t stop watching, though she did it from the stroller, until it was time to dance.  Then she had to go up, but this time, she was all “flashdance,” running in place.  Teagan was working on her ballet moves.


Waiting to dance

Both girls weren’t quite ready to leave after the second step dance show, they wanted more.  So, we stayed to see one of the bands, Hair of the Dog.  Both girls stayed on the stage the dancers used while the band played on the “upper” stage behind them.  For the second time that day, Teagan was called out, by the lead singer of the band this time, for “having the map of Ireland on her face.”  Someone had said that earlier in the day, just after the first step dance show.  But it was wild to hear the guy from the band say it over the microphone!  Teagan was surprised, and then pleased, and then shy once she realized he was talking about her!

Two people said she has the map of Ireland on her face. One was the lead singer of Hair of the Dog!  Maybe they were reading the dirt lines as roads?

Map of Ireland on her face

Today, Teagan and I went out to get currants or gooseberry bushes. There weren’t any, so we got some black raspberry bushes instead.


Black Raspberries!

I wasn’t planning on raspberry bushes, but the nursery didn’t have anything else.  And these should give fruit, if only enough to snack on, next year.  The currants should produce a bit more harvest in the first year, even if they go in the ground in the spring, so, hopefully I can find some next year.

Teagan wanted to eat them today, even the tiny dried ones on the old canes.  She’s going to need to learn how to be patient!


August 13, 2013

Red flower. A surprise newcomer to the #garden


Look who I found in the garden today! I swear this wasn’t there this morning. I usually look out the bathroom window, waiting for one girl or the other to finish. Even half asleep I’m sure I would have noticed this big red beauty.So, it seems I have a hibiscus in our back garden. Lovely! This hasn’t bloomed before, I wonder if it self-seeded with some help?


July 7, 3013 ~ Echinacea


The early cone flowers are in bloom. Maybe two or three, but there are lots more to follow! And the the Black-eyed Susan’s will open soon, too.

Love this time in the garden


June 27, 2013


Lookie! Basil!! The parsley may also be sprouting up, but it doesn’t look quite as awesome! I can’t wait!


June 21, 2013

'Shroom!  #mushroom #garden


I got a bit of time to play in the garden today. I tried to clear one of the front flower beds, set the Belgian blocks that we got to line the bed with, pull out some of the red root around the autumn olive.  I got most of the way to the olive, which needs a big and hard prune.

Walking to dump the weeds into the forest behind the house, I saw this lovely little ‘shroom.  There were three or four little patches of them there.  At least two different types.  The purple ones were a bit smushed.

I checked on the sunflowers, there’s one more seedling that’s sprouted up.  Fingers crossed that there’s at least one more tomorrow!

I also pulled out the poison ivy that was impinging into a section of the back yard.  Poison ivy isn’t one of the plants I’d like to keep in the garden, especially where the girls may wander.

The day was finished planting some basil and parsley seeds in some pots.  Hopefully the first day of summer isn’t too late in the season to start those by seed.  Container gardens with fresh herbs are wonderful.  I never seem to keep basil alive inside over the winter, no matter how I pamper the pants.  Nor parsley.

Dirt therapy is wonderful.

 Purple One!


June 20, 2013



I love the garden.  I do try to get out as much as I can.  Not that I get to do all that much, a given, but it’s still fun.  And overgrowing.  Can you see how many black-eyed susans I’ll have soon?  I wish the wisteria would bloom, it hasn’t since we’ve moved in.

Hidden astilbe

Hidden astilbe

The bed under the kitchen window needs a lot of attention too. Though there is this lovely astilbe tucked away.



The hydrangeas are just starting to bloom. They are such a lovely shade of blue.

little suns

little suns

I planted this moonbeam coreopsis when we moved in.  There may be enough now to separate and move into a gap.  So cheerful!

Water lily

Water lily

Look!  The water lily is growing!  It’s not the floating flower, but the reddish leaf just to the bottom left of the flower.  (That flower is a float to help you find the plant if need be, before the flowers show up).  We put that in a week or so ago.  And there’s a bonus blurry fish!

Speaking of growing plants…



One of the sunflower seedlings is up already!! Teagan was so excited to see it, too. She had a good time watering the patch, and wanted to know why there weren’t any more. I told her that one was here early :D


June 14, 2013 ~ Sunflower Garden



Today I cleared out the bed on the side of the house. I also trimmed some rose bushes and other tree-type things. LOTS of pruning today. It felt good to tidy up the yard a bit.  The weather has been so bad, so rainy, and we’ve been so busy, so much traveling, that we got behind. I wanted to do the sunflower patch for the girls again this year.

So, I loped, pruned, weeded and tilled.  Soon enough, there was dirt under my fingernails and a few thorn wounds on my hands.

The girls were both excited to start the sunflower patch, even though Ashlin doesn’t really know what that means.  There’s no way she remembers last year’s flowers, even though they made her smile every time she saw them.

The bed was ready, I had eight seeds left over from last year.  I grabbed one glove for each of them and a shovel.  Teagan was a bit unhappy that it wasn’t her pink princess shovel, but she was more than happy to dig with it anyway.  They were both a bit distracted, slightly unfocused when putting the seeds in the holes I made.

Ashlin wanted to go first, I gave her a seed and told her what to do.  She must have thought it was like feeding the fish and just dropped her seed into the grass.  Yikes!  We only had eight!  Thankfully, I found it and showed her what to do.  She did great on the other three.  Teagan needed a bit of coaxing as well, but we got them all in.


Watering Rocks

The watering pail was a bit too heavy for them, so I helped them water the seeds in.  Ashlin had so much fun that she wanted to keep watering things.  She watered the rocks clean.  Helpful little thing she is.

Teagan really wanted to dig and look for bugs and worms.  She’s fascinated.  Stu and I are thinking of getting her an ant farm.  We’d keep it somewhere downstairs, not in her room, and let her watch them as much as she wants.  All without her sitting in a nest or in the mud.


Digging for bugs


August 19, 2012 ~ the weekend in pictures

Oops.  Forgot to hit post :D

Fort under the table


We were told about Target having a sale on Slip n Slides. Best five dollars ever!

Slip n slide!

Slippy hill!

Slip n Slide

What *are* you doing?

We recouped a bit from all the sliding…

Blues Clues Thrall

Blues Clues Thrall

We got some cheap fish to restock the pond…

New Fish!

New Fish!

We played on the swing set.


Swinging Sisters

Climbing the slide

Uh. Oh. Climber.

Ashlin decided to give me a heart attack.

Fish Reflections

Fish Reflections


August 13, 2012 ~ Sunflowers, First Sight

Ashlin with Sunflowers Teagan with Sunflowers

Yay! The girls got to see the sunflowers tonight. Teagan jumped up and down seeing so many flowers in bloom.  She was amazed at how tall they had gotten, in, what was to her, a short time.  Ashlin kept pointing at the flowers and trying to pull on the petals.  Yay!  So much fun!

Petting Sunflowers

Petting Sunflowers


August 8, 2012


Tonight as we pulled into the driveway, Teagan asked to go see the sunflowers. Sure, why not?  It’s been about a week or so since we’ve seen them last.  I’m curious as well, to see how big they look now.

So big!

Last week, they were just about as tall as Teagan.  Tonight, they were taller! The tallest was a good six inches taller.  At least.  And all the soon-to-be  flowers were taller than my baby.  All but one, which is tucked away half under the rose bush.

I’m really amazed at how much they’ve grown over the past two weeks.  It really is astounding how fast, it’s not quite two months yet.  And if you take a close look, that flower head looks like it has seeds down inside.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they start opening by next week.

And there was a visitor too!  A katydid decided to share one large bloom with a spider.  Teagan loved it.