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March 22, 2014 ~ Sleep & Fun

nap time

Nap Time

So last night went pretty well.  She woke up once before midnight asking to color, but was persuaded easily enough to go back to bed.  She woke when I opened the door to check on her – the light from the hall shines on her face now.  We may need to rethink that.

She ended up sleeping through the night, until she fell out of bed around 4:30.  Not too bad for a first night.

She napped well this morning.  So well that we ended up being late for her friend’s birthday party because I didn’t want to wake her.  Ash is always a out of sorts when you do wake her, timid, clingy.

Although the ride down gave her some time, it wasn’t quite enough.  And there were a few people already there, so she was a bit shy at first, but soon enough warmed up.  They had a hippity-hop.

And cake.  Delicious cake.



By the time we had to leave, she was talking to just about everyone.  Not quite the social butterfly that Teagan can be, but definitely more outgoing than on arrival.

But the party tired her out.  I put her down for a second nap – yay! – and again, she slept hard.  I needed to wake her up.  Again.

It’s still a bit too early, but so far, she’s been happy about her grown-up room.


October 9, 2013 – Love Lies Sleeping

Hiding together under the table. I see you two!Last night I was up inexplicably late.  I’m not sure why, today hurts a bit for it.  But it wasn’t too late to tuck the girls in, just like I always do.

Ashlin was on her back, with the heels and toes of her feet together in some bizarre frog-like version of first position in ballet.  As I pull the corner of her blanket out from under her and cover her back up, she laughed once or twice and then gave a deep sigh.

Teagan was halfway down her bed, covered in her afghan, baby quilt and comforter.  She half woke up as I shifted her towards the middle of the bed and took the extra blankets off.  Half-asleep, she sat up and told me she loved me, then fell back down.  Deep asleep, I covered her back up with the sheets and comforter.

Sometimes Ashlin talks in her sleep when I’m in there, sometimes not.  Sometimes Teagan will wake up a bit more, but usually she’s completely dead to the world.  Hopefully it will be a long time before they don’t need me to tuck them back in.


December 12, 2012

Too cute!!

We let Teagan watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer last week, and she loved it.  Asked LaLa to sing the song to her at bedtime, asked us to join in with her as she did a pretty good job, after only hearing it a few times.  Well, over this past week, she’s gotten much better!  So glad I was able to talk her into singing a version that we could tape.

She’s been surprising me again and again with how much music she knows, how many lyrics she remembers.  Or thinks she remembers.  Walking through Target over the weekend, I told my mom that something was crazy!  Teagan replied, “call me baby!”  I had no idea she had heard the song, we  try so hard to shield her from the horrors of the world.  What’s more, a female shopper heard her, and laughed.  So Teagan sang the whole thing again. It was fun ;D

She got to go swimming Sunday, and she totally rocked the pool.  According to Stu, I haven’t seen her swim yet (sniff), she jumped right in, and was off.  She refused to have Stu hold her or anything, she wanted to go on her own.  If you didn’t say anything, she was breathing through her nose, naturally.  Stu said that when he mentioned how good that was, she breathed in a big bit of water.  Still.  So proud of her.  Next week, I’m going to figure out how to get to the pool to see her.

She’s getting so big.


PS.  I  finally found  the yarn I ran out of, so can finish the last Christmas present.

PPS.  Ashlin has slept through the alarm for three days.  We’ve only needed to wake her once, she’s gotten up herself the other two times, but it’s something!  It’s better than last week!


December 11, 2012


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We had to wake her up this morning for day care.  Unheard of!  And oh, so lovely!


October 18, 2012


Can I lick it?

Look at her!  She’s so big, yet look so small in the dentist chair.  Both girls had a trip to the dentist yesterday.  Teagan did great!  She didn’t understand at first why she couldn’t play with the drills and tools and and spit sink.  For days, maybe a week, she’d been telling her friends at day care that she was going to the dentist.  I wish I had that type of enthusiasm and joy about a dental visit!  LOL!


18 – 19 – 20! 20 teeth! Muahahahahaha

Teagan let the dentist count her teeth, look around, clean a few spots off.  The coating flavor Teagan picked was raspberry, and she sat still while the dentist applied the goo.  I’m not sure if her favorite part was the chair reclining all the way down, the fish tank, or her treat from the treasure box for being a good girl – Teagan picked one of those magic writer toys where you draw on the board and then pull up the clear plastic sheet to erase the drawing.  Magic!

Ashlin, on the other hand, didn’t do quite as well as her sister.  She was grumpy!  She sat on my lap while crying.  The dentist was still able to get a peek at her teeth.  Confirmed what the doctor said the day before, that all four eye teeth are coming in.  Seems that Ashlin can’t do anything half way, but overachieves.  Four eye teeth are a very good reason she’s still not sleeping well.

Anyway, no cavities for either girl, though Ashlin has a bit of build up on her lower teeth, but nothing to be concerned about.  She didn’t like her sealant treatment, and also didn’t get a lollipop to finish the treatment.  We left with two challenges.  The first being that we need to brush Ashlin’s teeth a bit better, a bit more often.  Yes, we (I) slack sometimes, she fights it so much, some nights it’s nice to have a bedtime routine that doesn’t involve crying.  Secondly, Teagan needs to learn how to spit, something we’ve been trying to make her stop doing (!), so she can move up to fluoride toothpaste.  How do you explain that something is ok sometimes but not ok at others?



Does she look concerned?


August 20, 2012

Napping at Day Care

Napping at Day Care


Teagan was sent home today with this picture.  She napped at day care.  Again.  This is two days in a row for naps at day care.  Crazy.

I think these may be the first naps at day care in over a year, maybe even two years.  Well, except for when she’s been sick and sent home.  She  never naps at day care.  I think they didn’t believe it either, which is why they took a picture, to prove it.

Still.  Teagan napping is so rare that they had to send a picture.  LOL!

Ashlin, who does still nap at day care, is picking up a new word every day or so.  Today’s word, puppy.  She was using sidewalk chalk, when two dogs went by (with a lady walking them, of course).  Ashlin noticed, stopped what she was doing, pointed and said something.  I supplied the correct word – puppy.  She repeated it.  Again.

We waved bye bye to the puppies as they rounded the corner.  Once we came back inside to finish dinner, she told Stu that there were puppies!

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk


August 14, 2012


Look who is down for her second night sleeping without a bubble. Yay! So proud of her. So never thought we’d actually get here.

She decided on Sunday morning that she was giving her bubbles to Ashlin. The first nap of the day did not go very well, she begged for it back. Eventually, she settles, though never slept. Second nap, we ended up getting it back, with much reluctance on our part.

We had a chat with her about needing to go through with what you say you are going to do, and with how big she is, and she really didn’t need her pacifier any more.

Yesterday, she decided that she was done, and gave her sister her bubbles again. And after a few false starts and some delay tactics, she went down, without her bubble. And stayed down.

When she woke up this morning, we didn’t make a big deal about her achievement. It was business as usual. After yelling to the neighborhood that she could see my underwear – I was getting dressed for work – Stu took them off to day care, and chatted with her on the way, promising chicken donuts if she made it the whole week. A dinner of nuggets isn’t too difficult of a reward.

We’re on night two. Tonight was easier. Fingers crossed!


July 3, 2012

20120703-225824.jpgMore fireworks tonight!  We had gone to a local show on Friday, had a blast.  Today, it was just us.  We decided that we’d leave to get there just in time for the show.  The girls got to bed a little early, and were woken up about an hour or so later.  Both were very groggy as they were loaded up into the car and off we went.

Teagan was excited, but sleepy.  Ashlin napped most of the way down, though did wake up and sing a little.  There was a bit of trouble parking, but eventually we found a spot, and headed to the beach.  I love watching fireworks on the beach, over the water.  You can also see other towns’ shows, with the ocean in the background, reflecting the bursts back up to the sky.  Unfortunately, you often miss out on the concussive blasts, the bang!, of the displays.  Sometimes I think I am happy having beach beneath my feet, other times, I need the explosion.


Ashlin pointed at the fireworks for a while while Stu held her.  But soon enough, she got fussy.  I had her for a bit, then put her in the stroller.  Teagan watched the show for a while, then got distracted by the sand, and a couple of Hispanic girls nearby who were throwing sand.  She tried to throw some, but I told her she was not to throw sand.  “But them girls is throwing sand.”  I sounded just like my mother when I replied “Just because someone else is doing something, doesn’t mean you should.”  I followed with a “maybe their mother doesn’t see what they’re doing.”

20120703-225835.jpgThe finale got her attention again.  It was a nice finale, lots of bursts and some lovely, loud explosions.

We loaded up the stroller, then the car, and braved the traffic.  As we crawled along at a hungry caterpillar pace, she asked if we could go see more fireworks.  Tomorrow.  With Guthrie, and Emaline and Eric.  With a picnic and music.  Then go to the beach.  I guess Ashlin and the other moms can go have drinks and stay in air conditioning.  He he he.

Maybe we’ll get to go to another show this year.  Probably not though.  It would be nice.  Maybe we’ll try the same thing Friday, if there’s a show close enough.  Dinner, early bed, wake up and load into the car to get there in the nick of time.

Maybe we’ll get to sit closer.  So we can feel them.



June 8, 2012 ~ Belated

So, I started this post last night, but never got to finish.  Instead, I fell asleep.  Even though Ash is sleeping better, I’m still catching up.

Sleeping Beauty

Ashlin seems to have turned a corner as far as sleeping through the night goes.  She’ll sleep now for most of the night – 10 hours!! OMG! –  for four or five nights.  The other nights she’ll be up once around 9pm and again around midnight.  Also, there seems to be an alarm that wakes her every morning around 6am, but most days she’ll go back to sleep, after a little bit of a crying protest.  Some days, like yesterday, she’s up at stupid early.  Too early.

Still, she’s so much better than she was, even just a  month ago.  It’s not always easy adjusting to a few good nights of sleep and then an interrupted night, but we’re finally getting there.  I knew we would, it was just a matter of time.  Ashlin needed to get to the right point, a point where her tummy was full enough, or she wasn’t sick or teething, a point where she wasn’t waking up thirsty and unsure how to go back to sleep.  And it seems that she has done it.  Finally.

Sleep is a wonderful thing.

Goose Egg

Goose eggs, on the other hand, are not.

She came home from day care with this lovely egg.  It was an impressive bump and bruise.  The teacher said that she tripped over her feet or something, and fell onto the toy box.  Shame on those pesky feet for getting in the way!


May 11, 2012


Sleeping Beauty

Ashlin must have been so tired from all that walking yesterday that she slept through the night and was still sound asleep at 8am. Dead to the world.  That’s almost 13 hours of sleep. In a row.  Unheard of for her. Absolutely awesome.

She was non-stop this morning, walking, walking, walking.  Crawling was not on her agenda.  I’m not sure if she kept walking everywhere at day care or not, but that’s all she wanted at home.  When Stu brought her home, he set her down, and she immediately walked over to me for a hug.  So sweet.  Heartbreaking.  I do wish she’d slow down, stay a baby, but she is determined to be a toddler.  I’m so proud of her.

The rate she’s going, she’ll be running next week.  We will be seeing more of those lovely bruises on her forehead, I’m sure.

I’m going to miss the half-robot half-zombie walk.

Teagan, has also been doing so well.  She’s been very well behaved the past week or so, listening and actually doing as asked.  Being quiet at nap time.  Also, there hasn’t been a potty accident,  until today, for at least two weeks.  The accident today was at nap time.  We’re not sure if it was because she was sleeping – probably not – or because she didn’t want to get up because she was focused on being good and quiet during nap time.  One way or another, one accident in two weeks is great.




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