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September 13, 2011

I has a bow!

Teagan asked for a bow again this morning.  This time, I was ready.  Not like yesterday when she just melted into tears when I tried to put at least one pony tail (not piggy tails!) in her hair to keep it out of her eyes.

This time, I told her that bows were a two step process, one pony tail to prep the hair, and then the bow.  The bow wouldn’t stay without the pony tail.  This way she left with her hair out of her eyes for at least some of the day.

She loved it.  So excited.  Kept telling Stu that she had a bow, trying to touch it.

She didn’t come home with it.  I really didn’t expect her to.


Last night I checked the stats on the blog.  I do like seeing the visitor counter go up and up.  When I did, I saw some disturbing search terms used to hit the blog.  “Little girl pee herself” was the one that bothered me the most.  Did some sick person find pictures of Teagan?  Is he doing something that will make me shudder thinking about?

I am bothered by “little girls cute face,” as I’m sure that could be from someone just as distasteful as the other search term.  Somehow, it doesn’t have the extreme creep factor of someone looking for a little girl that wet her pants.

Up till yesterday, I never really worried about the pictures I posted, the links I shared, the stories I recounted.  I don’t know if I need to change privacy settings or not.  I do think I will double guess each picture I do upload, each story I share.

I really had hoped that the extreme creepiness that exists would leave me alone, let me play in my corner of the pool without splashing back.  I always did have rose-colored glasses.

I’m just not sure what to do right now.


June 27, 2011

I was hacked.  Well, my email account was.  Someone got in and sent mail to my entire address book.  I apologize for all the Viagara and internet scam mails that have gone out in the past week or so with my name.

For the record, I don’t use the @snet.net mail to send out mail any longer.  I haven’t in at least a year.  If you get mail from me from that account I very likely did not send it.


June 9, 2011

Earless Bunny of the apocalypse!

It’s the end of the world in fuzzy cuteness.

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November 30, 2010

"Shine a little love on my life"

Musical Taste Meme

Patrick tagged me on Facebook for this meme.  It seems that these have migrated from blogs to Facebook.  Anyway, as I have very limited access to Facebook, but more to the net, let’s just move it here :)  No tags, no pressure :)

If I tagged you, it’s because I genuinely think you have some interesting musical tastes…and because it might be entertaining to see what your MP3 player finds in your music collection. So please do this and share, even if I didn’t tag you! Just don’t forget to tag me in your post. :)

1) Turn on your MP3 player or iPod, or music player on your computer.

2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.

3) Write down the first 20 songs that come up — song title and artist — NO editing or cheating, please!

4) Choose 25 people (or however many makes you happy) to be tagged. It is generally considered to be in good taste to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I’m betting that your musical selection is amusing.

To do this, go to the “NOTES” tab on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, enter your 20 shuffle songs, tag 25 people (under the post) then click Publish.

Ok, here goes!

  1. Paolo Nutini – New Shoes
  2. Hed Kandi – Late Night Alumni – no idea where this came from…  Free Discovery Download?
  3. Hair of the Dog – Big Strong Man
  4. Real Life – Send Me An Angel
  5. Josie Cotton – Johnny Are You Queer?
  6. International (English) Beat – Head Man’s Plan
  7. Hair of the Dog – Black and Tan (do you think my iPod knows that we didn’t go to the Black Friday show?)
  8. Shane MacGowan & the Popes – Spanish Lady
  9. Seven Nations – Our Day Will Come
  10. Sum 41 – In Too Deep
  11. EMF – Unbelievable
  12. Sting – Hounds of Winter
  13. Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science
  14. Billy Preston – Will it Go Around in Circles
  15. The White Stripes – The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
  16. Otis Redding – Sitting By The Dock of the Bay
  17. Rhett Miller – Come Around
  18. Ozomatli – Can’t Stop
  19. English Beat – I Confess
  20. The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays

Man, it almost looks like I had my Irish play list selected.  LOL!  I had to check to be sure I was indeed on “Songs.”  The way the shuffle was working this afternoon, I think I’m glad that I haven’t transferred over any Christmas music yet!  So, let’s throw in a bonus 10 songs, as this has been so much fun :)

  1. Orleans – Dance With Me (ok, maybe not)
  2. ELO – Shine a Little Love
  3. Fatboy Slim – Magic Carpet Ride (remix)
  4. Marvelous 3 – Every Monday
  5. Hair of the Dog – All of the Hard Days Are Gone
  6. Boy Kill Boy – Suzie
  7. The O’Jays – Love Train
  8. Letters to Cleo – Cruel to Be Kind
  9. The Format – Wait, Wait, Wait
  10. Enya – Anywhere Is

Fun.  It was nice having music playing at work this afternoon.  I need to remember to turn it on more often, when I’m doing stuff that allows a bit less concentration.

Tomorrow:  A post about my daughter and her love for hats!  Maybe I’ll throw Halloween and Thanksgiving in there too. :)


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July 28, 2008

Interesting… I haven’t seen this before


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February 18, 2008

This is Kelly’s fault :)yfla.wrap(“This multimedia content requires Flash version 9 and above.”, “Upgrade Now.”, “http:\/\/www.adobe.com\/shockwave\/download\/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash”, “”);To view this multimedia content, please enable Javascript.

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April 10, 2007

Ok. This was on my Yahoo page this morning. Too funny. I know that I can lose the train when I surf, click into a link and sidetrack myself. Someone actually did a study on this? LOL! And Britons fared worse than Americans? LOL!

It also makes me laugh that there’s actually a word for it. Well, the next time I am wilfing, I’ll know what I’m doing, so would I actually be wilfing? Hum…

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August 15, 2006

This is just too disturbing for words

<runs and hides under desk>


June 16, 2006

Interesting …


Sometimes I wonder…



November 07, 2005

Another one taken from Stephanie Taken from Patrick

     This could be interesting…or disastrous.
     Go to Google and type “(your name) needs”. Include the quotation marks. Pick the 5 funniest ones there. (For instance, if your name is James, you would put this in to the search engine: “James needs”. You got the idea.)
     Then copy and paste this into a new bulletin with your answers filled in:

Lisa needs…
     …a bigger grin and lots more warmth

     …to have her brains blown all over the pristine white walls of the penthouse!