What to muse about today?

May 21, 2015 ~ I wind!

Stu and Ashlin finally went out to get her reward for not waking anyone up last week. As they were driving, Stu would call out “flag” when he saw one. Ashlin would then cry “I wind!”  If she saw a flag and called it, she would again “wind.”  Hum. Stu asked and was told “when you see flag first, she wins. And when she sees the glad first, she wins.”  When Stu said that it wasn’t very fair, Ashlin raised her hands, shrugged and said “the rules are the rules.”

Silly goose.  



April 29, 2015 ~ Learning to Dribble

Left Foot!

Last night was the girls’ first soccer lesson.  Staggered lessons meant that both needed to be ready to go at the same time, after having a quick dinner.  Our first time getting ready was a bit hectic – I’ve never put shin pads on anyone, even myself, before.  But we made it, and not too late.

Ashlin hit the field first.  I was a bit worried she would be scared, nervous about doing something new.  But I needn’t have worried.  She saw one of her friends from day care and was off.  She only came over when the coaches sent them on a “hydration break.”

Teagan’s lesson didn’t start for a half  hour, but she saw a classmate walking in as we parked, so she asked if she could walk in with them.  There were two other classmates in her session, and it was so wonderful seeing them interact.

The coaches kept them busy, broke them down into smaller groups to work on skills.  They seemed to be well prepared and organized.  The girls seemed to like them and the lessons.

I do need to have a chat with the girls though.  One of Teagan’s classmate’s mom mentioned that Teagan showed her some pictures of her sisters junk on her leappad.   Oops.  They’re all gone now, but yikes!

Stu was able to get to the pitch in time to see a bit of Teagan’s session.  He ended up kicking a ball around with Ashlin, scoring goals and dribbling away.  Teagan was a bit sad at the end of her lesson and scrimmage that she couldn’t kick with Stu too.  But it was late, they were both cold and tired and I hadn’t thought to pack snacks.  I did remember coats and water!

For a first time, I think we did pretty well.  They both had a great time and learned a lot.  I know I/we’ll be better prepared next week.

Back to it!



March 27, 2015 ~ Dribbling With No Hands


Save us – save me – now.  Tonight I signed up the girls for the spring soccer program.  Ashlin in a kickstart program, Teagan in the 5/6 which may have matches.  Both sessions are co-ed.

Both girls are excited about it. Each seems to have bottomless energy and a natural talent for kicking, and left-footed to boot. Teagan, true to her blossoming personality, is a bit less sure about it than Ashlin, but she’s still very willing to give it a go.  Even though she can’t understand how you can dribble without using your hands.

I blame March Madness, not Stu’s lack of trying to educate them on proper football.


November 14, 2014 ~ Teagan Draws


Yes. We are still here. I’m still here. Same old, same old: super busy, not enough time, sick, can’t keep my eyes open, oh so tired.


I figured I’d share an amazing picture that Teagan drew along with a memory I wish I had been there first hand. I’m going to set it up and let Stu’s words finish.

We were on the way back from the doctor and I went to get Ashlin, Stu took her to CVS to get the antibiotics for her ear. They wandered through, waited in line for the medication and were at the register, ready to pay.

There’s a woman behind the checkout and a guy stacking candy in front.
Teagan starts playing with the electronic card swiping thingy.
“Dada… can I pay the tickets?”
“I don’t know, can you pay the tickets?”
“I don’t know.”
“Did you bring any money?”
“Then how are you going to pay?”
Teagan picks up the signing pen..
“I can draw a picture of a cat!”
Both CVS staff start laughing…
“I don’t think pictures of cats are legal tender.”
“I don’t think you can pay with a picture of a cat.”
Candy stacking man is laughing pretty hard now
“To draw it I have to put a U and then an M on top. Then I draw the eyes and nose. Those are circles. Then I give it a hairy face. It’s difficult.”
“I know it’s difficult to draw, but I still don’t think they’re going to let you pay with cats.”
“Ok dada. Can I have my candy now?”

I love how this girl thinks, when she slows down enough to share with us.


July 16, 2014 ~ Recovered draft from June 21, 2014 ~ Surreal For Real

Tower Impossible

So, I found these snippets of conversation in a half-finished draft in my wordpress posts…  From when the girls were playing in the playroom.  So bizarre:

“pizza on kite”
“hello tony”
“my shoes on the cloud”
“coffee on on the silly cup”
“I can’t see my left foot.  Where did you leave it?  in the playroom.”

Most of these were Ashlin, though the cloud one may have been Teagan.  I think they were doing a hidden picture puzzle, which would make sense for the pizza being on the kite…  Sometimes the house is so weird.

After resettling Ashlin for the fourth or fifth time, (thank you big thunderstorm,) Stu came downstairs last night and asked if I had given her any chocolate chips today.  He then proceeded to tell me the conversation he had just had with her.  She asked to go to the bathroom, so he sat with her as she did her business.  She said that she was pooping chocolate chips, and that we shouldn’t tell Teagan.  It was a secret.

Sometimes you just can’t make it up.




April 27, 2014 ~ From the Mind of a Child


Sometimes this little – big – girl has the most incredible thoughts.  Yesterday, while driving back home from dance class Teagan asked Stu a simple question.  She asked, “when Elsa farts, does it make snow?”

Stu almost drove off the road.



March 12, 2014 ~ Booty by the Rainbow

It’s a Leprechaun!

This is Teagan’s Leprechaun.  She made it at day care the other day and couldn’t wait to show it to us – it still had a little wet glue at pick up.  She tried telling Stu what it was, even though she couldn’t remember the word “leprechaun.”  So much fun watching her brain try to make the connection.

She said:  “I made uh… uh… uh…  A person.  It’s a person who gives presents next to a rainbow!”
Oh, honey, do you mean a leprechaun?
Yes! A leper-corn!
Sweetie, it’s lepra-con.  Leper is not quite the same thing.

I think he’s kinda cute.  He’s already hanging on the wall.


She’s been a case of opposites lately.  Super adorable one minute, pint-sized demon the next.  And one that is bursting the seams of her clothes and shoes!  But I don’t want to really think about all the clothes I need to try to mend, all the shoes we’re going to need to get her.  How upset she made me when she said that we could simply buy her a new one.  I have no idea where she got that.

Let’s leave with another cute moment, shall we?

On the way to day care the other day, she told Stu that when she starts Kindergarten, she wants a backpack.  A very specific one.  It’ needs to be a fuchsia backpack, and inside she wants a Jake and the Neverland Pirates lunchbox. In the lunchbox she wants sandwiches, fruit snacks and a drink. Oh, and of course Booty.  She wants Pirate’s Booty.

She may be practicing her pirate signature



February 26, 2014 ~ Memories

The things in her head

Teagan’s been astounding us with the memories she can pull out of her head.  Each memory is shaped a bit by her point of view, her experience.  Some memories are clearer than others. Some are a bit difficult to decipher.

The other day on the way to day care she asked Stu if he remembered something:

“Daddy?  Do you remember when it was NeeNee’s birthday and we… we… we… we…  LaLa and PopPop couldn’t find where to go and then we found it and there were lots of noises because people were making a building and and and and maybe they took down the other building and then made a new one while we were waiting and then there wasn’t any food so we went to another place to have food and it was too loud because of music?”
[long pause] 
“I love NeeNee.”

So sweet.

It’s amazing that she’s got such clarity on things that happened half a year ago.  This was back in September.

Watching a person, a personality, emerge and grow is pretty cool sometimes.



February 21, 2014 ~ Pooping in McDonald’s

Pooping in the potty? Four times? Sure kid, you can have ice cream too.


It was a fun evening.  It started out really well though, if you forget about the car repair estimate.  A lovely Parent/Teacher conference with Ashlin’s teacher, who said that Ashlin’s doing a great job, is everyone’s friend, and the only girl the boys will invite to play with them. Her concern was Ashlin’s pottying.  Or, I should say, was until two days ago.

And then today.  Today was a good day.  Ashlin pooped on the potty there.  Three times.  That’s a lot of poop.  A lot of trips to the potty.  We probably should have invited the teacher to come to dinner for having to deal with that all day.

Ashlin told her that the reward was Ariel underwear.  Not just flower underwear, which was the big draw a few months ago, when Ashlin proved she could potty, she just didn’t want to.  Now, it needs to be Ariel.  Ok, fine.  I’ll buy her new underwear, but she’s going to need to wear the flowers too.

So, off to dinner at the store, chicken donut store.  Eat inside store?  Sure kid, you did great today.  We can eat in the store.  There was a bit of debate on if we wanted orange chicken donuts, hamburger with cheese or pancakes.  Teagan was rooting for the pancakes.  Ashlin decided on the burger.    With ice cream?  Sure, kid.  You can have ice cream too.  You did a great job today.

Once we get inside the fun began.  Ashlin had to go potty, but you can’t flush it with her in there, it’s too loud.  Then Teagan needed to go.  Halfway through her burger, Ashlin had to go again.  Poop.  Great.  that’s always fun in a restaurant.  But she pooped.  Yay her!  Then just after we finished our ice cream, Teagan needed to poop.  And she still takes a really. long. time. to poop.

I think dinner took almost an hour and a half.  It’s amazing how slowly littles can eat ice cream and french fries.

Ashlin gets to wear underwear tomorrow.  I’m so proud of her!


Brain Freeze!


February 15, 2014 ~ Pre-Snow Painting

Teagan didn’t have dance class today, so I took both girls to Michael’s for a crafty activity.  Ashlin had asked after her outing last week to go again.  Teagan, well, she likes doing crafts, and keeping her busy always helps.

This time was very different than last weekend.  Ashlin was barely anxious, scared.  Teagan must have given her courage, or maybe knowing the room, what to expect.  She dropped her hat, mittens, scarf and coat on the floor and scurried over to pick out a pair of scissors.

I cut it?

Ashlin was much better with scissors this week than last, though she still needed a lot of help.  That’s ok.  She’s not quite three. Teagan rocked scissors, though she did need a little help with the bumpy bit at the top of the heart.  She got halfway done with cutting while I picked up the coats and hats and stuff.

The worker modified the craft a little, I guess the watercolor painting wasn’t a great idea…  Both girls tended towards the black and dark colors today.  “Our parents like black.  We need to use black” the worker said when I picked them up.  LOL.

So, the crayons came out.  There’s still some black, but not like the watercolors the girls did, and I got to take home.

I also got to take home these awesome hearts!

Ashlin’s Heart

Teagan’s Heart