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May 8, 2010

Oh, life has been super busy lately, so, let’s just do a catch up :)

  • Hail!  It hailed the other day.  Love when that happens.
  • These types of stories always make me feel better, like there’s hope for the world.  I can only hope to teach Teagan this sort of life lesson.  We need more of these types of stories in our lives.
  • This type of stoy always makes me feel small.  That the beavers have built their own Great Wall of China is humbling.
  • Teagan is standing for about 10 seconds before she falls on her butt!
  • Stu’s been super sick, but finally getting better.  I’m glad I didn’t catch his lurgy.  Teagan was the only one “safe” as she’s up to date on her vaccines.
  • The house is feeling like home now.  The commute is LOVELY. 
  • Teagan might be weaning…  Do I need to help her along by giving her milk? 
  • She LOVES Thai Green Curry.  She just couldn’t get enough of it, when we had take out for Stu’s birthday dinner.
  • Stu appears to be allergic to Amoxicillin. 
  • Tommorrow is my first official mother’s day.  It feels a bit weird.
  • Teagan is almost a YEAR OLD!  Where has the time gone?
  • I still feel sad about the baby we lost.
  • I hope that my bad karma at work is done.  Last two weeks have not been fun.  I really could use something going my way for once.
  • Teagan will sign “hungry,” “more,” and “all done.”  She almost has down “thirsty.”  We need to start using “please” and “thank you” more.
  • I’d love to find more time to go out and garden, but working late and wanting to spend what little time is left in the day with Teagan doesn’t really allow for it.
  • Kittens would be fun.
  • Somewhere between househunting and now, the US Government has decided that Stu can stay.  He’s a Permanent Resident now.  Conditions have been removed, without the “green card” interview.  Yay!
  • I almost want Teagan to walk, but I don’t want her to grow up too fast!

So, I’ll try to be better about posting, when there’s time.  There are video’s and new pictures up on the flickr…


December 05, 2007


A belated wahoooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Green Card has been ordered!

I realized today that I had not posted about this yet… Thought I had. USCIS sent me another mail, dated yesterday, stating the very same thing. It better be 30 days from the 29th and not from yesterday!



November 28, 2007


Today was Stu’s Biometrics appointment. We had to get to Hartford to get them done. At 10am. Yay! Rush hour traffic and new place. We get out of the house on time – more than an hour for traveling just in case the traffic is very bad. It wasn’t too bad, thankfully.

I had to call into a conference call, just as we hit Hartford, where I wasn’t familiar. Gotta love trying to participate on a work call, drive and try to find a street all at the same time. Thankfully the call was short, and Stu was very good about pointing to where I should turn :)

So, we get there, and I can’t go in. :( So, the nice guard let me go to the bathroom and I went to sit in the car. ok. Not too bad. I ended up playing mahjongg while waiting. Almost exactly one hour later, Stu knocks on the car door, freaking me out, and we’re done for the time being. :) Hopefully, we’ll keep this momentum, and thing will progress quickly, or at least on target, this time!


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October 19, 2007

USPS Tracking

Yesterday when we went to see what the USPS site had as shipping information for the INS package, we found nothing other than receipt of package. I checked this morning and it has been delivered!!! They got the package of forms (and payment) this morning at 5:39am. Sheesh. That’s just ungodly early. But they have it!

Now to wait for them to send acknowledgement of the receipt, and hopefully, receive Stu’s “green card.” 90 day ticker starts as of then…


October 17, 2007

Immigration paddington bear

One more hurdle down. Today Stu and I mailed off his Adustment of Status package. And the check. <sigh> It took us just over a week to get the papers required, and fill out the forms. Yay fun.

This next step in his immigration process should take, oh, about a year and a half. Part of the package of forms that we sent out was the one to allow him to work here legally. This should be back within 90 days according to Homeland Security’s immigration site. Yay.

Feels very good to have this bit done.


August 01, 2007


Ok, so yay! He’s here now, and the biggest hoop has been jumped through in the immigration process. There are still more hoops that need to be jumped through, starting with the Social Security number, which we should be able to get by next week or so… However this totally sucks. Bit more info in this one:

A new immigration fee schedule went into effect nationally Monday, boosting costs for applicants seeking permanent residency, naturalization or other services, in some cases by more than 100 percent.

Under the plan, which has been hotly contested by immigration rights advocates, fees go up by an average of 70 percent, the government said. The cost to apply for naturalized citizenship increased from $400 to $675. The application fee for a residency permit hops from around $300 to more than $1,000.

It almost feels like they just want to continue to try to discourage us.


July 30, 2007

Yay! He’s here. Just nice to have him back. Also nice to know that we’re not the only ones that had trouble… I feel sorry for these people, though I know what they’re going/gone through.

Truth, love stymied by immigration naiveté: “On the same day that congressional cowards voted down the latest stab at immigration reform in Washington, Christopher Lewis got some bizarre advice from a staffer at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto. She told the businessman from Fort Collins that the best way to get his British wife into the U.S. was to smuggle her across the border. ” <snip>

He was so naive he thought it would be better to get his wife here legally. Silly man. <snip>

“It took me forever to figure it out, but I was under the impression I was following all the rules,” said Lewis, who filed the I-45, I-325, I-765, I-130 and I-131 forms. They paid $1,300 in fees and received a receipt from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. <snip>

Maria Elena Upson, spokeswoman for USCIS in Dallas, said the couple should not have left the country without telling immigration. “If you file for someone to get permanent residency, you cannot depart the U.S. without proper permission,” she said. “That is defrauding the government because the minute the husband petitioned for her residency, she was no longer a visitor. Her intention was to live and work in this country.”

This also made me laugh today:


June 25, 2007

LOL - trek

Ok. This site made me pee my pants. ROTFLMAO

Oh, and he was approved for his visa this morning :)



June 11, 2007


So, today I thought I was going to be blogging about this site… the day in the life of an outdoor cat, but in the 5 minutes I was in my house I checked mail, and there was one from the senator’s office, saying that Stu’s interview has finally been scheduled! Woo woo!!!

I’ll post the most recent inquisition… It’ll be going away soon!

  • Sue
  • Maria
  • Tom
  • Renee
  • Susan
  • Jan
  • Ian
  • Mary Lou
  • Mom
  • Marsha
  • Cheryl
  • Mike
  • Geri
  • Walter


PS. Nina had this in her blast. It’s ROTFLMAO. You just have too look. plskthxbai!


March 07, 2007

 no irish need apply

Finally! Something about non-latino immigration! Not that I mind, but there are other people out there than latinos trying to get into the US. And it’s nice to know that there are more people creating a ruckus.

Just a few paragraphs that struck me:

The immigration debate has swept through Mexican canteens, Argentine bakeries and Caribbean music shops in the United States. Now, it has a new home: the local Irish pub.

Thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants, including many in Florida, are joining the drive to grant legal status to some 12 million immigrants residing illegally in the United States. In their most vocal demonstration so far, some 6,000 supporters are expected to show up at a Washington, D.C., rally today organized by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. They’ll sport “Legalize the Irish” T-shirts and cast the bitter and polarized immigration debate in shamrock green.

 ~ Of course they need to be shamrock green. They’re IRISH! <snip>

Under the current system, advocates insist, the Irish ancestors of Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy would not have been able to legally enter the United States.

Those working to reduce immigration to the United States said no group should be singled out for special treatment.

“The Irish are no different from anyone else,” said Caroline Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the grassroots group, NumbersUSA. “It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from but how you came here, and if you came here illegally, you broke the law.”

Although, it makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing the NINA signs around…

Today’s list of inquisitors (no one could look at the sign, as the cube isn’t mine anymore, and the sign isn’t up):

  1. Veronica
  2. Broc
  3. Matt S
  4. Matt M (yeah, and they do work with eachother)
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