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February 20. 2014 ~ Simple Lines

on February 20, 2014

Simple Lines

Not too long ago I knit a second baby blanket for a co-worker. One who was expecting (not had!) a baby boy.  I got a skein of that lovely blue denim marl yarn that I used for the lacy crochet blanket.  Wanting a pattern that would be easy enough to do while watching tv at night, I googled away.

I really enjoy the patterns that aren’t too complicated – though those are fun too! – and don’t need to pull to much of me into actually working them.  Something a bit more than just back and forth, but not too much counting.  The pattern Simple Lines – Vertical Stripes was perfect!  An interesting border, simple pattern, but a bit of elegance.  I quite enjoyed working this up.

I will admit to using a technique suggested by a friend – writing the pattern on index cards, a card for each row.  When I mentioned to her how I got lost while working on the Time Turner shawl, she said she highlighted (on her iPad) the row she was working on.  I don’t usually use my iPad when I knit or crochet.  The index cards worked very well, and they’re easy to carry around.

My one learning on this project was how to fix garter stripes.  Fixing stockinette is easy, now.  Garter is a bit tricky, but not too bad.  I do love learning new things, strengthening my skills.

Usually I try to make a hat, or a lovey, to go along with the blankets.  This pattern had a matching hat, though I ended up not having enough time between finishing the blanket and needing to gift it.  I think I’ll end up making the Squares pattern, maybe for a girl, and I’ll work the hat up too.

Blocking Lines

PS. The recepient of this blanket was very touched. He wasn’t expecting me to make him anything, we don’t really work together much, though he has seen me knit and crochet at work – at lunch – before. I hope his baby enjoys it too!

2 responses to “February 20. 2014 ~ Simple Lines

  1. Kat says:

    As usual….job well done. I do like the subtle blue…not too bright and not really a total pastel color either. Kudos.

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