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March 15, 2012 ~ I Love You


Signing “I Love You” to LaLa and PopPop at the end the Skype call.  She’s always had trouble doing this sign.  She’s sooooo close!

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June 25, 2011

Tired TeaganWe had good friends visit and stay over night.  Yay!  So nice to see them again.  They live in PA, so we don’t get to see them anywhere near often enough.

It was a good visit, with laughs and games and funny stories from back when we were young and stupid.  And cranky kids (mine) and helpful kids (hers).  And new funny stories:

We were nearing the end of dinner and Teagan was quickly turning into a whining, very tired mess – she hadn’t napped at day care.  Again.

She had started the meal out cheerful enough, gleefully trying to make everyone laugh.  Thomas and Katie are a good audience for her antics.  In telling the story about why Cookie Monster doesn’t have a nose Teagan gleefully explained to all that he ate it! Nom, Nom, Nom!

But eventually  she started unraveling.  Distractions and cute stories lost their power.  Rich was tried to distract her, tried to make her laugh.  Father of Teagan’s two audience members, he has experience!  As some of her play food was on the table, Rich picked up the pickle and did that magic trick (like with quarters) and pulled it out of her ear.  The first time he did it, she was distracted by someone (Thomas?) and she didn’t quite catch what happened.  He did it again, and this time, Teagan was paying attention.  She completely freaked.  Her eyes went huge.  She put her hand on her ear and turned to look at Rich.  Tears started leaking out, and her lower lip quivered.  Rich didn’t quite notice and started to do it again.  She started crying louder and basically ran to Stu and buried her head in his chest.

At first we were laughing – it is a good joke, and she was talking about eating Cookie Monster’s nose a little earlier.  But seeing how upset Teagan was, we quickly tried to reassure her that everything was ok.  She left Stu and came to me.  She spent the next 10 minutes or so with her head buried in my shoulder.  I felt horrible, laughing while she was so visibly horrified.  Rich felt bad too.  We assured the two of them that everything was ok.  That he really hadn’t pulled the pickle from her ear, and that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Teagan went to bed very soon after that, and we had a good night playing Apples to Apples.

Today, Teagan called Rich “Mr. Pickle Man” and was a little reserved around him, but generally ok.

Ashlin was fussy – had a crying jag – and slept.  At least they got to see her a little bit, and she smiled at them.

After they left, Teagn came up to me and tried to pull a pickle out of my ear.  And laughed.

PS.  Updated the “Things I Never Thought I Would Say

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January 4, 2011

So we were watching Nick Jr. last night with Teagan – She really loves The Fresh Beat Band – and after it was over, this song came on.  Stu said “Hi Steve, so there you are.”   I was a bit confused at first, seeing the shaggy beard and shaven head.  And a tattoo.  But he was right, it was Steve from Blue’s Clues. With a tattoo!  And the guy from the Flaming Lips.  LOL!  I don’t think Teagan was as taken with the song as she is with Steve and Blue.

I’m pretty impressed.  And a little sad that it looks like his hair has gotten thin on top.  But he still has those big brown eyes :)


Teagan’s vocabulary is just bounding!  Today at day care she said “Hi Katie” (or attempted to) to the little girl that was already there.  She keeps trying to say snow, but it comes out as nooo.  She had a blast last night reading “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” repeating after dada about not letting the DUCK (still!) drive the bus.  She strings three and four words together, almost always remembers the Beezz (please) and about half the time will say, not sign, thank you.

Somewhere in the past two weeks, the little girl I’m carrying has hit viability.  I’ve had a conversation with Stu that was just odd:

“My uterus is the size of a soccer ball”

“What size?  A 3 or a 5?”

“Does it matter what size?  It’s a soccer ball!”

“Well, they are different sizes.  A 4 is for beach soccer, I think.”

LOL!  I swear the conversation went very much like that.  I must have just gotten a weekly milestone mail.  It’s not every day that I would bring up the size of my uterus.

So, viability.  A nice milestone.  I’m now just shy of 26 weeks, which is almost 30, which is not far from term.  Yikes!!


PS.  If the video doesn’t play – go here to see it


November 28, 2010

So, when I was talking to my friend today, she asked what words Teagan was saying. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to finish our conversation, or for me to get more information about her mom and family (who always seem to be sick, but haven’t been lately. Yay!). I had told her I would work up the list, though by Tuesday, it’ll be obsolete. She seems to pick up a word every two days or so. Anyway, below is what she says/signs often:


  1. Hungry/Food
  2. More
  3. All done!
  4. Please
  5. Thank you
  6. Jump (she used to do this all the time, when we had the jumper out, but hasn’t in a while. She still recognizes it)
  7. Drink
  8. Diaper
  9. Blue’s Clues (well, the two handed sign that Steve does when he sings Blue’s Clues)
  10. Snack
  11. Swing


  1. Mama
  2. Dada (though she’s getting us confused now)
  3. Lala – grandma :)
  4. PopPop
  5. Nay Nay (my sister)
  6. Up
  7. Down (these too she gets confused. She’s not good with opposites it seems)
  8. Hat (she is fascinated with hats right now)
  9. Coat
  10. Cheese
  11. Pasta
  12. Chicken
  13. Toast (right now, she wants toast every meal, it seems)
  14. Turkey (this is a very new addition)
  15. Apple (this is used for just about every fruit)
  16. Banana
  17. Juice
  18. Milk
  19. Num num (for very tasty food)
  20. puff
  21. Yogurt
  22. Nana
  23. Star
  24. Baa Baa
  25. Meow
  26. Woof Woof (though this is more a gasp, but still, very cute)
  27. Hop Hop (bunny!)
  28. Duck
  29. Sock (these two sound very similar, she’s not very good with s’s yet)
  30. Night Night (though she uses this for both a blanket and sleep)
  31. Yeah
  32. No (does that count? LOL!)
  33. No-No (for don’t do that, instead of a negative response)
  34. Please (though she’ll sign it more frequently than she’ll say it)
  35. Baby
  36. Teagan (though she mostly says “titi” which is what day care often calls her)
  37. Tickle
  38. Row Row (she loves when Lala sings row row row your boat, she requests this song)
  39. Ashes
  40. Gabba
  41. Lalala – (The Fresh Beat Band show)
  42. Stinky
  43. Shoes
  44. Car
  45. Woo Woo! (a celebratory sound)
  46. Ta da! (she says this after she falls down. LOL)
  47. Ball!
  48. Bubble! (this is also what she has named her pacifier)
  49. Oswald (or something very close, without the s, of course)
  50. Sit
  51. Hello
  52. Hi
  53. Bye bye
  54. Swing
  55. Box
  56. Bag

Wow. That’s a bigger list than I thought.

She’s also putting two words together now. She tries to say “hi, Steve” and “Night Night Mama” and “more please.” She’s very polite. :) She’s got a stubborn streak to her. “No” is becoming one of her favorite words. She’s got a great sense of humor. She has an incredibly contagious laugh.


Update 11/29 – I forgot 5 words!  Oops!  I also started a new page to track the new ones as they come along :)


February 28, 2010

Teagan’s been crawling backwards for two months or so now.  Eventually, she was able to get to where she wanted by a combination of rolling and scooting backwards.  She just couldn’t do it forward.  About two weeks ago, she started doing this army crawl…  it worked, she got forward motion, she could get where she wanted to go.  Yay!  And she was quick!! We started baby-proofing the living room, getting some floor pillows to cover the metal coffee table legs, moving breakables. 

How did I get here??

We would see her in her crib on all fours, rocking in her sleep.  She would do this also during the day, occasionally, but always crawled on her belly.  This weekend, she started doing a few paces with her belly off the ground.  I’m sure that within the week, belly will always be off the ground, and the trouble will continue!

PS.  Things I Never Thought I Would Say has been updated :)

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January 7, 2010

Sometimes this smile just makes my day.  Most times, actually.  She has such big goobery smiles :)

There are other smiles, though, from other people, that melt my heart too.  People that warm my side of the bed so I don’t get into a cold bed.  People who make me coffee every morning (even though they don’t drink coffee). 

My life is good!

It’s also been very busy for the holidays, and then full of food and clothes and baths and a baby that’s trying to meow and sing.  She still doesn’t crawl, but she’s starting to get up on all fours and rock once or twice before she collapses again and flies like superman on the floor.  My daughter has a super strength :)

PS.  New addition to the Things I Never Thought I would Say
PPS.  I need to upload more pictures – and now with video!

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October 5, 2009


I got a call today from one of the 20 thousand doctors I saw back in the days of the clot, letting me know that he didn’t think I needed to be on shots if I were to get pregnant again.  (Also, that I probably don’t need to have any further tests done to see if Teagan has anything to worry about).  Of course, I would need to be monitored, but didn’t need to assume that I would be a two-shot a day girl from the get go.  Whew.  That’s a lovely relief.  Not that we’re getting pregnant again.  Yet.  Again.  Maybe.

I don’t know if I could handle 46 weeks of twice a day shots.  I had to start around 22 weeks or so for the bump – Teagan, and by the time I was 30 weeks along, I was so done.  Thankfully Stu helped and did a bunch of them.  Totally helped by expanding the surfaces that could bruise.  I couldn’t inject an arm by myself :)

PS.  There’s been a new addition to Things I Never Thought I Would Say

PPS. I need to remind myself to finally blog about solids and nursing…  it’s been rumbling around in my head the past few days – weeks – and I haven’t gotten to it…


September 20, 2009

Teagan turned 4 months yesterday! Such a big girl now.  I have no idea where all the time has gone.  It seems like just yesterday I was more than ready for the bump to arrive.  It’s been a such lovely journey, even if it did start with a bit of a hitch and more than a little nervousness.  I know it sounds cliché, but she has changed my life more than I ever expected.  A laugh that is pure joy, everything else fades away.  I could listen to her laugh for hours.  Even when she does her silent giggle, you still hear the sound.

I’m very glad she’s here.


PS.  There’s been an update on the Things I Never Thought I Would Say list :)

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August 25, 2009

Roll over!

Roll over!

Teagan finally rolled over today Woo woo! 

She had been trying all morning, but to no avail.  That pesky arm kept her shoulders from doing the 180° flip that she’s been working so hard to do.  Early this afternoon, however, I put her on the mat again and this time, she got it!  She ended up lying on her tummy for about 5 minutes before she got upset and couldn’t get back.  So proud of her.  After that, she just crowed – literally – on her mat while she played.  No further attempts, but I think she knows she did it, and will again, when she wants to.  I was happy with how long she stayed on her belly before blowing up.

Today is also the start of a new list – Things I Never Thought I Would Say.  I’ve been saying things all along, offering suggestions for the piglet’s safety, for her amusement that just seem wrong out of context.  Today, I made myself laugh by saying:

Don’t put that monkey in your eye.


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