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July 29, 2013


Unwell peanut

Look how small she seems in that big bed.

We spent Saturday night at my parents’ house and tried putting Teagan into the sofa bed upstairs.  She didn’t feel well, and wasn’t sleeping well. Stu asked if she wanted her princess bed back – the inflatable mattress – and she jumped at the suggestion.  So, we moved her downstairs.

She slept better down there, I think.

In the morning, she was just a little off, but not enough for us to notice.  At lunch time, when she said she wasn’t hungry, we pushed her to finish the little chicken and potato salad on her plate so she could have some birthday cake – I asked for ice cream cake for my birthday!  Cake and ice cream all in one?  Awesome!  She kept pushing her food around the plate, not really eating anything.

By the time everyone else was done, we said that if she didn’t finish she couldn’t have any of the cake.  She looked at me, put a piece of chicken in her mouth and started chewing.  Then I watched her throw up.


I’m such a wonderful mom.


Today she woke up a bit punky.  Just a little lump.  No fever, nothing really specific.  She did say that her “pee” was broken.  She must have gotten a bit dehydrated the day before.  We pushed water and fluids.  Stu stayed home with her.  She cried the first time she tried to go to the bathroom and couldn’t.  But not too long after that attempt, she went again and shouted for joy, that it worked!  She could pee again.  Stu said that she did that every time she went after that.  LOL.

I do hope she feels better tomorrow.  I hate seeing my little peanut under the weather.


February 5, 2013


I guess I have enough hearts now to start the garland. It’s taken a bit to get this many though, thanks to the illness that swept through the house. First Ashlin on Friday, Teagan on Sunday morning, Stu Sunday night, me Monday morning. Me, still, though I felt well enough to make a few hearts tonight.

Hopefully it’s all done. All done, as Ashlin would cry while she was being sick. Begging it to be all done. Poor baby.

Sick babies aren’t any fun. Nor are sick parents of sick babies.

All done! Beeeze!!!!!


October 10, 2012

This is how we ride

This is how we ride

Ashlin got sent home from day care again.  Last Thursday she had a fever, so couldn’t go in on Friday.  We hadn’t realized that she was officially sent home, so when Stu tried to drop her off on Friday morning, they came running the second they saw her come through the door.  Ok, fine.  She was sleepy and easy enough and napped every two hours or so.

Monday, day care was closed.  So I got to spend the day with two lovely ladies.  Who were not sick, and who love to shop.  Today, she supposedly has been exploding.  I picked her up around 3, and didn’t experience one incident of poor containment, of any kind.  She was happy and giggling, eating eggs and graham crackers, asking to watch “puppy” (Blue’s Clues) and Signing Time, and to be tickled again and again.  Not acting sick in the least – no cuddles for me!  But, she can’t go back until Friday.

We may finger paint tomorrow :D

I hope work doesn’t get too upset.

PS.  I’ve decorated for Halloween!


June 21, 2012

20120621-185919.jpgTeagan had a “graduation” today.  It was actually the Fours who were moving up to Kindergarten from the Threes, but they included her and her friend, as they were the only ones who weren’t truly moving up.

Teagan, who loves hats, didn’t want to wear hers for the ceremony.  Then she didn’t want to sit for the whole time.  When they sang “You Got A Friend In Me,” Teagan was distracted and didn’t remember all the words.  Still, it was very cute, and she was very touched that I got there.  Stu stayed home with Ashlin, who we didn’t think should be out more than needed.

I recorded most of it, and took some pictures, this being one of them.  My little miss just wanted to run, it didn’t matter that it was 100° outside.


Watching her dance and interact with the other kids was much more interesting than the ceremony.  It’s always interesting to see her move, talk , be with other people.  She always seems so much older.  She’s getting so big.

Most of the songs, she ran in a circle or spun around, trying to do the moves that DJ/Singer was doing.  You could see her trying to see what she was supposed to do next, see the brain trying to absorb movements and put them to the rhythm.  But for one song, she started dancing like a big girl, booty bounce and one song had a head bop.

She’s getting so big.

I would like time to slow down, thank you.


June 20, 2012


Look who caught whatever her sister had! Ash got sent home today with a fever. Her caregiver said that she didn’t want to eat, very rare for her.

She napped, and then ate a little, played, all a bit subdued. Not her normal exuberant self. Her temp never really got over 101, but that’s enough to be sent home.

We’ll rest up tomorrow, and she should be better by the picnic at day care in the afternoon. I can’t wait to give her a slice of watermelon!


June 19, 2012

“You an angel momma.” My preschooler greeted me at the door, followed by a big hug.  One of the best ways to come home after a day at work.  After the love and sweetness she quickly asked “Can I have one?”  She wanted one of the Angel Wings I had gotten for a treat and left on the counter in eyesight.  Even though she was home sick, she had eaten pretty well.  “Ok.  One,” as a put a small piece on a plate.  “At the table please.”  Compliance was almost a guarantee, for two minutes, as she was excited with her treat.  To keep her there, Stu needed to turn the movie off.  They were watching Peter Pan, with Teagan was following along with her Little Golden Book.

She was definitely feeling better.

Stu had been keeping me informed with little bits of their day, that she napped, cried before the nap that she didn’t want, went to the store, watched movies.

Turns out that she is not deaf, she does listen, and actually hear some of the stuff we tell her.  And she remembers it too.

Yesterday, after I picked her up from day care, we watched Booty and Beast, aka Beauty & the Beast.  The first scene with the Beast always – still – scares her a bit, and she snuggled up.  I said something, a throw away line about how he was ugly on the outside and the inside.  A bit later, during Gaston’s song, she said “him not nice.”  “No, sweetie, he’s pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside, like the Beast, but the Beast learns what’s important, which is being pretty on the inside, and that breaks the witches spell, and makes him pretty on the outside too.”  I really hadn’t thought she heard the conversation, let alone understand it.

Stu and she were watching Booty and Beast today, and she tells him that “him look like a man, but him beast too.”   Reading that update made my heart sing.  So happy.  She’s such a sweet girl.


April 29, 2012


Done! Well, I need to mulch still, but Stu wasn’t feeling well enough to get the mulch for me today. Looks like he’s caught what Ashlin had yesterday.

Hope we didn’t contaminate anyone yesterday!

Ashlin is still only shuffling for me. No true walking from her that I’ve seen. Her sister walked at just shy of 13 months. Ashlin is 13 months today.

Not that it’s a competition, but it is a measure.


PS.  Teagan did help pick out the pink and blue cotton candy pansies, and she helped dig holes for them too!

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February 8, 2012

My lovely husband shared. I have it. Ashlin may have something, as she threw up last night and is “off” today. This sucks. She also was home today, so I couldn’t totally rest, as I still needed to take care of her. Thankfully, Stu was home, and is better than he was yesterday. He took Teagan in and got ice pops for the two of us.

Bed is calling… Or is it the bathroom? I’m not too sure.


February 7, 2012

So, Stu is sick. Some nasty stomach thing. Not a flu, but icky. All day, he wasn’t able to keep anything down, but maybe water. Five shades paler than he normally is. Thin.

For the most part, I got the girls ready for day care – bottles, clothes, all the stuff – and myself ready for work. Well, Stu did get Teagan dressed, which was awesome. I got them loaded into the car and dropped them off. My Maxwell House moment didn’t happen until I headed to work. I got to wake up on the drive in, with my cup of coffee.

On the ride, I started wondering if I actually felt ill, or if it was a strange sympathy pain. Most of the day I was a tad queasy, but never more than that. Just a little bit off. I still don’t feel quite right, but it’s not enough to slow me down. Not yet, anyway.

Fingers crossed that I don’t catch it, or haven’t yet…


PS. I do have another clogged duct. Argh. I hate when I can’t pump enough at work. Ashlin’s not helping, much. I think a combo of her ears and the teeth that may be pushing through make it painful for her to nurse.


January 27, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Ashlin didn’t too much better today, even with antibiotics.  Her temperature never really went below 101.5°F, even with a combo of Tylenol and Motrin.  She slept a lot of the day away, really wasn’t her chipper self.  One nap was on me, and although the snuggle was nice, she was so hot.  A little furnace. Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow.  If her fever doesn’t go down, I’ll probably call just to see if there’s something to worry about.  There probably is.  Sigh. ~~ She woke up just before her sister got back from day care.  102.6°F.  As we were coming downstairs, she threw up.  Not too much, but as she had eaten almost two hours before, not spit up.  As I was deciding which way to go to get her cleaned up, she threw up again.  Just a bit more this time, but not a lot.  Wonderful.

I Feed Me!

Although she was falling asleep in the highchair, I didn’t want to put her in her crib.  Nervous about her throwing up again upstairs, where we may not be able to hear it.  Stu started defrosting some Pedialyte, and then snuggled her while I helped her sister eat dinner and then Skype with the grandparents. When the pedialyte was defrosted, she was a bit more awake, but was not really interested in drinking it. She did have a sip or two – All by herself!  She’s so big! – but that’s about it.  We nursed instead, and she’s now sleeping on the bouncy chair.  I’ll take her upstairs to her crib soon. I hate that she’s so sick. I’ll probably call the doctor tomorrow, especially if she still has a fever. My poor baby. ~~ 9:05pm – I just moved her upstairs.  Her temp was about 99.1°F, the lowest it’s been in about 3 days.  Maybe the antibiotic is finally working.  Once I put her down, she rolled over onto her side and grabbed her glow seahorse.  She loves that seahorse.  Tucked her in and turned up her monitor.