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September 18, 2013 ~ Falling in Toilets

So bigToday, our big girl fell into the toilet. She was standing on it.


So.  Turns out that she and a friend were fighting over who could use it, and she decided to stand on the rim while the other girl was trying to sit.  Teagan may have had her pants down, I’m not sure.  Anyway, the other girl was pushing back on Teagan, trying to sit down and Teagan lost her balance.  On her way down, she scraped her leg on the toilet paper holder and one foot ended up in the bowl.

A huge scrape.  Bigger than a Disney bandaid.  One that the director felt I needed to be forewarned about, just in case I freaked out when I saw the gauze on my daughter’s leg.

At first she didn’t want to tell the teachers what happened, she was worried she’d get in trouble.


Eventually she “fessed up” and told the teacher about the need to be the one to use that particular toilet, what she did and how she scraped her leg.  Both girls were spoken to, but neither got in trouble or were yelled at.

On the ride home, Stu asked her why she did it.  She replied that she thought it was a good idea.  This is probably the first time she’s given an actual answer and not just said “I don’t know.”

Our baby is getting so big.  So grown up.

It would be nice if she didn’t stand on toilet seats any more though.


November 18, 2012

20121118-195227.jpgThis little girl has no idea how much I love her.  After today, especially.  We had a pretty good morning, nap, play date with a little friend, crunchy peanut butter and apple jam sandwich, goldfish and then another nap!  Yay for nap time!

She ended up taking a second nap today, the first was maybe 40 minutes, but she was upstairs for about an hour and a half, most of the non sleep time, singing.  The second time, there was much less singing and a bit more sleeping, maybe an hour’s worth.  She woke up, and we heard a thump.  Then some tipy-toe feet and then a bit of crying.  I went to get her, and found her looking very upset and embarrassed, sitting in the middle of a huge mess.  She had had an accident in her sleep, and tried to put on a new pair of underwear, and then, when that didn’t work, a pull-up.  Without actually taking off her pants and underwear.

I couldn’t believe how much of a mess she had made.  It was like there was poop everywhere, her pillow, the bed frame, her new crocheted blanket, the floor.  Oh, god.  The carpet.

Up to today, she’s not attempted to hide or clean up her accidents, though she’s always deeply upset by them.  To be fair, she’s not really had that many of them.  Most times, it’s just pee, and even then, only really at nap time, since she’s not really ready to go overnight yet.

Anyway, I got her into the bath tub and peeled all four layers of clothes off.  She kept asking me to not be upset.  I told her, repeated, that I wasn’t upset, but that we did need to get her cleaned up.  I told her that it was an accident.  We don’t get mad over accidents.  I did say that I wish she had called us up before she tried to fix it, to take care of it.  That she had made a bit of a mess that there might not have been, if there was someone helping her.  That it’s ok to ask for help, that sometimes everyone needs help.

All of her bedding is in the machine, with the crochet blanket waiting for the next round.  Fingers crossed that it comes through a wash ok.  I think that’s was I was most upset about.  That she got poop her the blanket I crocheted for her.  The carpet?  Well, somehow we can get that cleaned up – I think I got most of it cleaned up.

One good thing did come out of this, she actually enjoyed the shower after much protesting.  I explained that the handheld shower would be the best thing instead of a bath for this clean up.  She’s asked to take a shower this week instead of a bath.  She’s getting so big.


May 11, 2012


Sleeping Beauty

Ashlin must have been so tired from all that walking yesterday that she slept through the night and was still sound asleep at 8am. Dead to the world.  That’s almost 13 hours of sleep. In a row.  Unheard of for her. Absolutely awesome.

She was non-stop this morning, walking, walking, walking.  Crawling was not on her agenda.  I’m not sure if she kept walking everywhere at day care or not, but that’s all she wanted at home.  When Stu brought her home, he set her down, and she immediately walked over to me for a hug.  So sweet.  Heartbreaking.  I do wish she’d slow down, stay a baby, but she is determined to be a toddler.  I’m so proud of her.

The rate she’s going, she’ll be running next week.  We will be seeing more of those lovely bruises on her forehead, I’m sure.

I’m going to miss the half-robot half-zombie walk.

Teagan, has also been doing so well.  She’s been very well behaved the past week or so, listening and actually doing as asked.  Being quiet at nap time.  Also, there hasn’t been a potty accident,  until today, for at least two weeks.  The accident today was at nap time.  We’re not sure if it was because she was sleeping – probably not – or because she didn’t want to get up because she was focused on being good and quiet during nap time.  One way or another, one accident in two weeks is great.



April 13, 2012

Sliding Sisters

Teagan did well today.  Fantastic, actually.  No accidents.  Yay!  Unlike yesterday, where she was great all day, but then she felt the need to go behind the sofa and pee her pants after dinner.  After we rewarded her for being such a big girl.

Yesterday was so frustrating, as have these past few weeks.  She’s perfectly capable of using the bathroom when she needs to, she knows to ask, but she’s decided that it’s just easier to not go, and she’ll then wet herself.  We’ve been trying different tactics – encouragement, happiness and reward being the preferred, although voicing our disappointment started happening more and more often.  I once let her stay in her wet pants because she just refused to believe they were wet, and it was a bit easier to ignore it than actually deal with it at the time.  Leaving her in the soiled pants made me feel like I was a horrible parent, I’ve never done it again.

It would be ok, these serial accidents, if it wasn’t so deliberate.  She will go and hide – like she did when she was young before starting training.  You could ask her if she needs to go, she’ll say no, but two minutes later will stand in front of you with wet pants.  We got the plastic lined training pants – crackle pants – but although they did help contain issues, they weren’t any sort of punishment.  She liked them.  We thought about putting her back in diapers – or pull-ups – but that seemed to be more of a backtrack than we needed to do.

I think that although she knows if she has to go to the bathroom, she doesn’t quite understand how urgent her need is.  Eventually, she will get it.  I know she will.

Anyway, today was a good day.  We went to the park.  She went down the slide with her sister.  They loved it.

Ashlin asked for more :)

Ashlin also stood for a bit on her own, unsupported, then bent down and stood back up again.  I fear she may have eaten a wood chip.

Up Down, Touch the Ground!

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March 21, 2012

Look who didn’t have an accident today!


Look who has four teeth!  Four pointy, sharp teeth!


Four teeth doesn’t mean she’s sleeping through the night yet.  But maybe…  soon…  Maybe she’ll give me a present on her birthday?


February 20, 2012

We're going where?

Teagan loves Mystic Aquarium.  They have penguins!  It  had been a while since we got out that way, so we went today.  Day care was closed.  It was fun surprising her.

We bundled up the girls and grabbed the double stroller and headed out.  We had planned to meet up with a friend for lunch, but she ended up staying home sick.  I wish we had been able to see each other, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen her.  I had also hoped to have lunch at the Five Guys, but the place was mobbed.  Off to McDonald’s instead.

Why they do that?

The girls were very well behaved at McDonald’s… enough that we may be lulled into trying to go out to dinner with them, again.  Soon.  We’ll probably try Friendly’s and go up from there.

Teagan loved seeing the whales.  She squealed and jumped up and down.  The sea lions didn’t impress her too much this time.  But there were only two swimming slow circles underwater.  Not really much to see if you’re about three feet tall.

No more pictures

Stu and Teagan walked to the penguins while I pushed Ashlin in the stroller.  Ashlin was mostly chill the whole day.  She did follow the penguins and the rays, but other than that, really couldn’t be bothered.

Watching the penguins from outside didn’t really excite Teagan.  They weren’t walking around much, or doing much for that matter.  Once we went inside, it was different.  Teagan loved them! One pooped right in front of her, and from that point on, it was all about the penguin butt.  She saw their butt!  Penguin poop!  Everybody poops.  The people around us snickered.  Or, I’m sure they did, I didn’t take the time to check, I was laughing and having fun.

Dat not a bird!

As we all needed to warm up a bit, and the penguins were getting crowded, we went inside.  Teagan loved seeing the clown fish, the lobsters, the jellyfish!  Sharks!  We promised that they wouldn’t eat her.  Rays!  Ha ha!

We went back to the penguins after going through the few tanks that pulled at Teagan’s interest.  But before we did, Stu and I split up for a little bit.  I found an out of the way corner to nurse Ashlin, who did not cooperate and nap afterwards.

The second visit to the penguins was better, though the birds weren’t swimming in the large groups of five or six. They did swim in groups of two or three, which worked well enough.  There were no where near as many people in there, so we got up close to the window and were able to stay there a while.

Both girls fell asleep almost as soon as we got in the car to head home.  They were so tired, they didn’t wake up when we stopped for pizza from our favorite pizza place.  Even though it was cold by the time we got home, it was worth it!

Oh, and Teagan used the bathroom in both McDonald’s and at the Aquarium.  Yay for her!  No accidents!  She got marshmallows when we got home.

Yay for a good day!


December 19, 2011 ~ Big Candles!

Ice tunnel

Tonight we got the girls out of day care early and took them to see the Fantasy of Lights.  Well, Teagan.  Ashlin napped most of the time, we think.  It was a big hit!  Yay!

Just before we got there, Teagan said she needed to go potty, so off to the nearest McDonald’s to fulfill her needs.  Success*!  The flush freaked her out a bit, it was loud and echoy, and the hand dryer was a bit scary too – “I scared mama.”  But a little bit of calming, and then, back to the light display.

It was right on the water, and much bigger than I expected.  Very cool.  And the squeals of delight from the back seat made it totally worth it.  We went through three times :o

Two Twinkle Stars!


It wasn't a rock...

Here be dragons

Tree! Reindeer! Tree! Nother tree!


* We did have an accident though.  Boo!  Teagan was desperate to go potty, but we were in the middle of the display, no restroom in sight.  We did try to get out quickly, but she ended up having an accident.  I stopped the car, got her out, and we peed on the grass, sheltered behind the car.  A first for both Teagan and I.  I didn’t have a dry pull up (she was in her knickers) and pants to put her in.  I’ll go pick up a portable potty chair for the car for next time.   With Ashlin coming along, we’ll probably need it again.  I’ll also be sure to swap out the too-small diaper with a pull-up and a pair of leggings, for just in case.  Hopefully, we’ll never need them.


November 9, 2011


So, I had a post all but written about being pissed off after the crappy commute home I had. About missing out on some of the precious few minutes with the girls before bedtime.  One hour 13 minutes for a 27 mile drive.  One that normally takes just about 25 minutes.

Stu just read me the updated traffic report.  Single car roll-over with two passengers ejected from the car.  Neither made it.  They closed the road in both directions, as they needed one direction for the reconstruction team.

How can you still be upset after learning that?  You at least got home, able to see your family, your friends one more time.  Got to have a lovely dinner, relax, smooch the kids.  These poor people didn’t get this chance.  Maybe they were on the way to dinner, to a movie, to the doctor.  We’ll never know.

Just makes you want to hug everyone hard.  Hold on to them a bit longer.


August 20, 2011

So Teagan peed in the potty today.  Such a big girl!  Granted, she did start behind one of the bushes, but told me, stopped, and finished in the potty.  I was so proud of her.  She was so proud of herself too.  She went running to tell Stu, and was so excited, that she couldn’t speak clearly.  Stu didn’t understand when she yelled “Pee! Potty! Dada! Pee pee!!”  Why would he know what she was talking about?  LOL!

I quickly had visions of her being potty trained, and we’d be down to only one kid in diapers.  And one pre-solid eating kid at that.  Those diapers are nothing!  Well, I was a bit too optimistic.

I pulled the training pants – lined undies – I had gotten for Teagan, for when she wanted to try to train.  She was so excited to wear them this time.  It’s a big girl thing now, not just something new and possibly intimidating.  Well, we went through all three of them without any further success.  Oh well.  I tried to be encouraging and not let her see any disappointment or frustration.  I tried to stay upbeat about wiping up pee from the floor, and emptying poop from undies.

Tomorrow, we have plans to be at the beach, so she’ll be out of a diaper again for a bit of time. Hopefully, she’ll be ok.  And if she does have an accident, that it’ll only be pee.

She’ll get there.  Soon enough.

Meanwhile, she loves singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider…


January 6, 2011


Flight home

Happy Reyes!!  Hope they brought you something good!

So, I’m slowly getting the vacation pictures up.  I’ve gotten through Christmas day…  I’ll get there eventually!

Anyway.  This morning was fun.  I almost got in two accidents driving from day care to work.  With less than a minute of each other.  Thankfully, we had already dropped off the piglet, but hubby was there.  I could have sworn that there was enough room for me to get on to the Merritt – that there were no cars in the right lane.  I may not have been turned around enough in the seat, but still, I could see oncoming traffic.  The first car I was able to stop for, and then pulled out and floored it.  Unfortunately, there was a second car that almost ended up riding in the trunk.  Much closer than I really like being.  It all turned out ok, but I’d prefer not to have something like that happen again!  I’m sure that Stu would agree.

I may be nearing the end of my driving for the time being.  With a double-digit countdown starting tomorrow, not doing too bad.

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