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July 23, 2014 ~ Dye! Dye! Dye!

Now to wait…

Today we had a tie-dye play-date!  It was fun.  Well, once we got stuff set up and prepped and then stopped the girls from jumping on furniture and throwing dress-up jewelry.  To be fair, they were excited for both the play date and to tie-dye.  They haven’t seen their friends from day care in a few weeks.

I thought it would be easier to have one girl go at a time, so took Ashlin first, leaving Teagan to play with her friend.  Ash didn’t like the gloves, but did ok putting the dye on her shirt.  Teagan was very eager, starting to squeeze the bottles before turning them over and aiming on the shirt.


It was chaotic fun.  With popcorn.

I even got a chance to try to make a sunflower shirt.  I can’t wait till tomorrow to see how they turned out!


Rainbow of potential!


September 2, 2013 ~ Hooley!



Yesterday we went to the Hooley up at my parents.  Yay for Irish festivals, especially a free one, where one of my favorite bands to see live plays.  One of the reasons we made sure to go was so the girls could see some Irish step dancing.  We had missed the local Irish fest this year for one reason or another.  Teagan has always been fascinated with the step dancing.  Up till this year, Ashlin just liked watching.  This year was different, she was completely enthralled.  Even when we couldn’t see the dancers feet, she was hyper focused on the stage, the music, the spectacle.

After a bit, the girls started dancing.  Ashlin was up first, dragging her sister along.  She did her take on the step dancing with some kicks and spins.  Soon enough, her moves evolved into spinning like a dervish and getting dizzy.  Teagan spun too, but her hands moved from being down and stiff armed to up and ballet like.

We were sure to get better seats, and the stage was lower, for the second show.  Even though Ashlin was tired from the heat and lack of nap, she couldn’t stop watching, though she did it from the stroller, until it was time to dance.  Then she had to go up, but this time, she was all “flashdance,” running in place.  Teagan was working on her ballet moves.


Waiting to dance

Both girls weren’t quite ready to leave after the second step dance show, they wanted more.  So, we stayed to see one of the bands, Hair of the Dog.  Both girls stayed on the stage the dancers used while the band played on the “upper” stage behind them.  For the second time that day, Teagan was called out, by the lead singer of the band this time, for “having the map of Ireland on her face.”  Someone had said that earlier in the day, just after the first step dance show.  But it was wild to hear the guy from the band say it over the microphone!  Teagan was surprised, and then pleased, and then shy once she realized he was talking about her!

Two people said she has the map of Ireland on her face. One was the lead singer of Hair of the Dog!  Maybe they were reading the dirt lines as roads?

Map of Ireland on her face

Today, Teagan and I went out to get currants or gooseberry bushes. There weren’t any, so we got some black raspberry bushes instead.


Black Raspberries!

I wasn’t planning on raspberry bushes, but the nursery didn’t have anything else.  And these should give fruit, if only enough to snack on, next year.  The currants should produce a bit more harvest in the first year, even if they go in the ground in the spring, so, hopefully I can find some next year.

Teagan wanted to eat them today, even the tiny dried ones on the old canes.  She’s going to need to learn how to be patient!


December 22, 2011 ~ Squee!!

HobbitOMG.  It’s here.

First Official Trailer For Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

Well, the trailer.  We have to wait another year for the movie <sigh>

I don’t want to wait.

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March 28, 2011

Tomorrow.  Eviction notice will be given tomorrow.  OMG!  I know I’m not ready for it to be TOMORROW!  Yes, I know it could have been any time, but still.  I thought I had more time.

I need to get baby clothes washed, put away.  Dresser put together, car set put back together (it’s washed now!).  Find the bases for the car seat, but that’s a bit less urgent. Get the pack n plays put up (yay! One has a changing station!).  Move the armchair into the living room, so I have a chair that’s easy to get out of.  Oh, just so much stuff to do.

I tried to schedule myself more time.  (April 1st!)  No luck :o

My parents are coming down early enough to send us off.  I guess I can understand that – wanting to see your baby before surgery.  Ok.  They better not call while I’m being stitched up! 

I packed my bag this morning – before the Amnio.  Just in case.  It ended up being a toothbrush and then electronic stuff.  LOL.  What does that say about me?

The Amnio went ok.  Easier, actually, than the CVS.  Faster.  Less painful.  The Doctor that did it said she would use about the same gauge needle as the Lovenox shots, though longer.  CVS needles are a bigger gauge.  They didn’t even put a band-aid on the stick spot.  Amnio results came in late today – lungs are mature!

Monitoring went ok, though it was the first time (and only time.  lol!) at the MFM place.  After about 10 minutes, 3 people come dashing in to adjust the transducer and check readings.  They were worried about the baby’s base line.  I did mention that she runs a bit low, but my OB, and then L&D weren’t worried.  She’s just a chill kid. 

Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.  I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up too much.  What are the odds that we’d be so lucky as to have a second wonderful baby – kid – as Teagan.  We’d be too blessed.

I am looking forward to meeting this little girl that’s been torturing me these past months.  I will not miss the heartburn, the aches, pains, nausea, fatigue, blurry vision, stuffiness, bleeding gums, the injections (oh those damn shots!), bruises from the shots, itching, swelling, clumsiness, varicose veins, insomnia.  Basically, I will not miss being pregnant.  I will miss, however, feeling her move.  Even though her movements are so strong now as to be painful. 

I worry about my recovery, how quickly I’ll heal, get back to a new normal.  one that includes two kids.  OMG, I’m going to have two kids tomorrow.  How am I going to survive??  I just hope I do an ok job.


March 24, 2011

So, it’s scheduled.  Tuesday will be the day.  She’ll be  here in five days.  Holy crap.  Five days!

If there is an opening later in the week, we may push it back, but the chances of that are pretty slim.  Later would be better.  Any day she’s inside is better.

My parents are coming in to help take care of Teagan, take care of me.  Sister will also be here.  Couldn’t keep any of them away…  they’re all eager to meet this new one.

This new one that we aren’t quite ready for.  None of the clothes are washed.  The car seat is in pieces.  But they are clean pieces.  LOL!  We haven’t put any of the furniture together that we got for her.  It seems we may have procrastinated just a little too much :)

It all will get done, in time.  There’s still no rush.  LOL.  We could put this new little one to sleep in a laundry basket (though we do have a pack n play with her name on it ~ not that we know her name).

I have the amnio and pre-surgery screening on Monday.  I’ll be going alone, they did say that I can drive myself there and back.  I guess they aren’t quite as worried about leaking and stuff as they are at the “normal” time.  I get to sit with a monitor for 30 minutes before and then an hour or so after the procedure.  Then off to the hospital for the pre-surgery stuff.

I will be asking the MFM if it’s ok to have one final adjustment before the surgery.  If they’re letting me drive, they might allow a chiropractic adjustment.  The doctor is in the office with the lovely table that does so well for me.  I’d like one last session there.  (I am at least going there tomorrow!)

The Chiro said that my back should be better pretty quickly after giving birth.  The hip will still be out of wack, but it won’t be quite as painful.  I can get adjusted postpartum and it should be less stubborn then.


March 2, 2011 ~ Who Needs Sleep?

So, I had written up the Aside about Teagan’s favorite show yesterday, but then fell asleep before I could publish it.  Before I could  write up a “real” entry.  Oops.

The insomnia, sleeplessness and wakefulness have hit.  Hit hard.  That, and the midnight heartburn.  I’ve started sleeping with an extra pillow, but it may be time to add another one.  Increase the angle of repose.

I will not miss this part one bit.  Will there be more sleep with a newborn?  Possibly not, but it will actually be sleep.  Not this cheap, pale immitation of sleep.  And, I’ll be able to sleep on my back again.



March 2, 2011

So it’s been a while since I’ve written about the weather, the yard, the house.  Well, with all the lovely warm weather we’ve been having, most of the snow has slowly melted away.  This is a very good thing.  We’ve only had a little water in the basement, mostly down the wall where the chimney is. 

All the snow is off the roof of the front of the house, and I’m sure it’s mostly gone from the back too.  There’s still some snow on the deck, but it doesn’t get that much sun.  We’ve only had a bit more water come through the kitchen ceiling, although the front corner now looks like it has some water damage.  Not bad though.  But something to look at this summer.  Not too much more seems to have come in through Teagan’s ceiling/ceiling fan.  A very good thing.

You can see most of the front lawn, except where the snow mounds from clearing the driveway, the sidewalk, are.  You can actually see over the tops of the snowbanks on the street.  It’s funny to drive down the road and see the toppled over mailboxes and the garbage that people had put out, but was buried with the two HUGE snowfalls that happened to be on garbage day.

Grass.  There’s grass out there!  And it’s greening up!

I actually saw the fish (that survived,) swimming in the pond today.  I counted four or five.  The white one and the dark spotted one were there.  At least two orange ones.  So nice to see them!

The yard  has been covered with robins for about a week.

I’m ready for it to be spring.


February 22, 2011

So, a timely post from one of the sites I enjoy reading.  Granted she’s several weeks behind me, but after Thursday, some of my “chill” is melting away.  I’m getting anxious to get some stuff done. 

Aw… shit!

I haven’t made an actual list yet, it’s mostly in my head, but it wouldn’t take too much.  Let’s see:

  1. Paint Teagan’s room – we had lost the paint chip so were trying to find a new color that we liked as much.  I found it, but we haven’t gotten the pain yet.
  2. Find paint for this new bunny’s room (and then paint it!)  I have the bedding picked out, and it’s sitting there waiting, but I haven’t figured out a color yet.  I have put the curtains up!
  3. Change out the curtain rods.  Teagan’s room has nice curtain rods up, but the room (currently) that will become the new baby’s room doesn’t.  It just has those c shaped rods.  No finials or anything.  It works for now though.
  4. Get the dresser put together.  This means pulling the old dresser out of the room.  Then I could put clothes away and start putting things where they’ll belong.  I can’t help Stu move the old dresser, nor can I do much to help put the new one together.  <sigh>  This is probably the first thing that should be on this list.
  5. Put the crib together.  Another thing that I can’t really help with.  Since we’re planning on having the baby sleep in our room for the first few weeks – while she’s still getting up every few hours to eat – this isn’t quite as important.  But if it’s together, (and we paint) I can decorate a bit, for when we move her in.  We’re going to leave the beds in there for the first few weeks, so that there’s a place for people to stay, other than the basement. 
  6. Get the night tables put together.  Yes, everything is still flat-packed.  This, I may be able to do.  Maybe I’ll peek at the boxes.
  7. Empty the top and move the china cabinet.  It’s sitting on a warped part of the floor, and one door is torked open at the bottom.  It just needs a little push about an inch to the left.  We’ve done this once before, but didn’t get it quite far enough.  This time, I’ll put some heavy boxes on the shelf to double-check the placement. 
  8. Finish putting the office desk together.  Then I can file away the stuff that belongs in cabinets that I can’t get into right now.
  9. Reload iTunes on the new computer that Stu built.  I’m out of podcasts, and I need new music for the iPod.  I need to be sure there’s at least one Radiohead song on there (to help ensure the coolness of this new baby.  LOL!)
  10. I should go through Teagan’s drawers and pull out the receiving blankets (or just some of them) and the burp rags to put in the babies room.
  11. Pull all the newborn stuff out of the basement, and figure out if I’m missing things, or if there are things I’ll need.
  12. Wash the car seat lining.
  13. Get a hospital bag packed.  EEPS!

Ok, that’s more of a list than I thought I had.  And, I’m sure there’s more.  If I really thought about it, I’d totally freak out with everything that needs to be done.  52 days if she doesn’t come early, like she may be threatening to.  Right now, I just want to lie down and not think about it.   This baby better leave me enough time to get things done!

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January 4, 2011

So we were watching Nick Jr. last night with Teagan – She really loves The Fresh Beat Band – and after it was over, this song came on.  Stu said “Hi Steve, so there you are.”   I was a bit confused at first, seeing the shaggy beard and shaven head.  And a tattoo.  But he was right, it was Steve from Blue’s Clues. With a tattoo!  And the guy from the Flaming Lips.  LOL!  I don’t think Teagan was as taken with the song as she is with Steve and Blue.

I’m pretty impressed.  And a little sad that it looks like his hair has gotten thin on top.  But he still has those big brown eyes :)


Teagan’s vocabulary is just bounding!  Today at day care she said “Hi Katie” (or attempted to) to the little girl that was already there.  She keeps trying to say snow, but it comes out as nooo.  She had a blast last night reading “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” repeating after dada about not letting the DUCK (still!) drive the bus.  She strings three and four words together, almost always remembers the Beezz (please) and about half the time will say, not sign, thank you.

Somewhere in the past two weeks, the little girl I’m carrying has hit viability.  I’ve had a conversation with Stu that was just odd:

“My uterus is the size of a soccer ball”

“What size?  A 3 or a 5?”

“Does it matter what size?  It’s a soccer ball!”

“Well, they are different sizes.  A 4 is for beach soccer, I think.”

LOL!  I swear the conversation went very much like that.  I must have just gotten a weekly milestone mail.  It’s not every day that I would bring up the size of my uterus.

So, viability.  A nice milestone.  I’m now just shy of 26 weeks, which is almost 30, which is not far from term.  Yikes!!


PS.  If the video doesn’t play – go here to see it


December 13, 2010

So, today was the echocardiogram.  Although the level II came out well, and the u/s tech said we didn’t have anything to worry about, I was still a bit anxious.  You know, because there’s been bumps and unhappy surprises all along this time. Anyway, this time, things were good. :)  The heart looked great, as did the other “stuff” they looked at – kidneys, stomach, cord.  Placenta is still covering the cervix, so the previa hasn’t resolved in the month since the level II.   Still a partial previa.  But they aren’t concerned.  Yet.  There’s still a lot of time for it to resolve.

What is a bit concerning is that this little one is running at a 93% percentile.  OMG.  Crazy.  The tech did say that this baby could be “front loading” it’s growth, that it will slow and taper off as the pregnancy progresses.  Before she was born, Teagan seemed to run a bit on the higher side (70th% or so, and they thought she’d be a 8 lb baby), but she ended up being a peanut, born at 6 lbs 11 oz only one week early.  A peanut would be a good thing :)

This percentile just means that there’ll be another scan in a month.  Probably also to monitor the placenta previa too.

Oh, and in other news, she’s still a she.  LOL!