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November 26, 2014 ~ Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

IMG_7149.JPG Snow! We made it. The drive was so pretty. We had no real issues, no worries. Once we got here, there were a few flashbacks from our trip to PA from a few years ago when we couldn’t make it up a hill, thanks to the snow. I need to get new tires on the Jetta. Maybe some studded snows… I wonder if they are legal in CT… Hum…. Anyway…. we’re here and all in one piece.

Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!


July 18, 2012

Today is the first day away from my baby. Today was her 15th month doctor appointment. She’s 20 pounds 12.6 ounces. Still in the 10th but not quite 15th percentile. She’s on a steady curve, so doctor isn’t worried about her. I need to try to give her more milk fat – ask daycare what type of milk she gets there, and see if it’s at least 2%.

She’s grown one inch – as they measure – in three months, a little on the small side, she dropped a percentile, but they know that they didn’t get s really good measure.
Ashlin showed the doctor her belly, where her nose was, pointed to the books, waved hi, did a little dance, and tried to climb the exam table. One ear looked a bit red, but not enough to need to do anything about it. We just need to watch it. Still on 10 teeth, with two working their way out…

She screamed for her shots, but waved to the PA as we left, so did great there. Driving back to day care, she peeled off her band aids and handed them to me. Such a neat girl!

Miss her. Miss them.


July 25, 2011

 Life has been busy!  So much has happened, so many things to update!  I didn’t get too many opportunities to pull out the laptop while Stu’s family was here, so I got behind.  Then, after they left,  I put off coming back here, because I didn’t know where to start.  It got overwhelming.  And each day only made it worse.  So, let’s just do a quick list and get on with it.

  • Stu’s mom and sister came over for a visit.  We hadn’t seen them in almost a year.  Of course, they hadn’t been able to see the new one yet, so they just soaked her up.  Teagan really latched on to her “Auntie Em,” and Emily did a great job playing with her.  So cute to see the two of them together.  Emily also did fantastically with Ashlin, once she got over the fear of holding a baby.  She’s quite the baby whisperer.
  • Anywhere we went, we needed to take two cars.  Four adults and two kids that need car seats did not allow for quick dashes in one car anywhere.
  • We went to the ZOO!  Of course, it ended up being in the middle of the heat wave.  HOT!  Teagan walked almost the entire afternoon, she did not want to ride in the stroller.  By the end of the day she asked Stu for “uppy!”  Stu said that if she was tired, she could ride in the stroller.  Teagan thought for a minute, and then replied “little tired.”  This kid is going to give us trouble.  I’m sure of it.  Ashlin was awake for quite a bit of the day, but eventually fell asleep.
  • I made jam with my MIL.  Well, Emily helped a little.  We didn’t get to go berry picking, unfortunately.  But berries were on sale at so many of the stores, we ended up getting a bunch and then made three (!) batches:  one  Strawberry, one Blueberry/Raspberry/Blackberry and one everything.  One jar ended up getting the last drips of all three batches, and oh, so good!  Makes one damn fine peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • We went to the beach!  Ashlin was awake for a bit of that too – she seems to be more awake now – and Teagan was good.  It was in the middle of the heat wave.  HOT!  Teagan did not want to go in the ocean, but she did eat the sand.
  • We went shopping!  So nice to get back to the outlets again.
  • Ashlin rolled over, and MIL was there to see it!  Yay, so glad that she got to see a first.  Then she wouldn’t roll for a few days, now anytime you put her on the floor, the first thing she does is roll.
  • Ashlin giggles now.  She’s still getting used to doing it, but she’s laughed for me, my sister, Stu and I think my mom.  They’re awesome little laughs, that you need to work for.  The same thing won’t work twice in a row.  I may have gotten some on video though!
  • Stu, along with Teagan, Lynne and Emily, surprised me a few days before my birthday (but they day they left) with an ice cream cake and Teagan singing “Happy day day mama!”  So sweet.
  • He also  got me an iPad for my birthday.  It’s lovely.  And take-out Thai.  And chocolate.  And champagne.  And three books:
  1. Monsters Eat Whiny Children – this made Teagan a bit uncomfortable when I read it to her :)
  2. Go the F**k To Sleep.
  3. The new Evanovich!
  • Oh, and Just Dance for the Wii.  I didn’t think I’d like it, but it is fun.  And a bit of a work out.  Teagan loves it too.  She’ll ask us to dance.  He favorite song is “Who let the dogs out?”  Stu’s favorite is Elvis’ “A little more understanding.”  Teagan refers to him as “Man”
  • I spent all of last week trying to clear a clogged duct.  Two days of working on it at home – heat, massage, compressions, nursing, pumping – before seeing a doctor.  Only to have them tell me what I already knew, and to have me do more of the same.  It sucks.  Second doctor visit, she thought it may have progressed to mastitis.  I’m on antibiotics and there doesn’t seem to be any unclogging happening.  So frustrating, it’s been a full week now.  At least the pain is gone, so I can pick up Teagan and Ashlin.  The blinding white pain was not fun at all.  It doesn’t feel good, but it’s not burning pain any more.  The clog hasn’t gotten any bigger, but it hasn’t gotten any smaller.  Midwife said today that if it’s not better by the time I’m done with the round of antibiotics, I will need to get an ultrasound and possibly a surgical consult.  Great.
  • Somehow my baby is now three and a half.  Where has all the time gone?  She’s not supposed to grow up this fast!
I guess that’s really all for now…  I’m sure I’ll remember something else tomorrow.  But then that’ll be an entry for tomorrow.

January 19, 2011

It’s late, I’m tired.  Here’s some video of Teagan playing with my friend’s kids at their house from this past weekend.  Pay no attention to the voices in the background :)

Stu and I went down to visit with friends in PA.  Yes, where his car got stuck in a near record-breaking snow fall last  year.  It didn’t snow this time.


Mmmmm... crepes. Moar! Beez!!

It was nice seeing my friend and her family again.  Fondue (cheese and meat,) soup, crepes, talks.  Oh, it was a good visit.  An overdue visit.

Her kids were great with Teagan – they even got into fights (and trouble!) because they both wanted to do things with her at the same time.  Little did they know that she’s so active she could keep them both busy.  Even with her toddler sensitivities.

It was also one of the few trips where were didn’t play any geeky games.  Oh well.  We need to show them the Zombie Game next time.  And the new expansions for Talisman. :)

Anyway, too short a trip.  They live too far away.  We need to discover beaming technology.  Before April.

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December 29, 2010


Flight Home

Home. Finally. Flight home wasn’t anywhere near as fun as getting there… of course… but we also didn’t (couldn’t) get a seat for Teagan, which would have made it a bit more pleasant. If going from a balmy 80-85 to a frigid 20 is pleasant. Also, coming home to three feet of snow at the bottom of the driveway… We’ll get that straightened out tomrrow. Now, baby’s sleeping (finally!) and we have a minute to relax and recouperate from the trip home.

Still, it’s good to be home.

As yesterday, I’ll update with a pic, when I get the camera unpacked and get a minute :)


Updated 1/6 with pic


December 25, 2010 bis

So, I have a bit more time than I thought… Teagan is still sleeping. :)

So, yesterday we saw someone almost drown. It was more scary than the earthquake.  Stu, my sister, and I were on our way back to the rooms when this girl ran by and someone from the hotel gave her a life ring. We watched her run back to the ocean and swim out to two guys, and offer the ring. The three of them were then stuck out in the current, the rescuer needed help too.

Eventually, a surfer paddled out to help everyone. The man who initially needed help was propped on the board and the remaining three slowly moved toward shore. The waves made it a very slow process. Men on shore chained themselves out into the water to help pull everyone in. Finally, everyone was on the beach and safe.

We gave the man our towel to help. Stu talked to him a bit while he was recuperating, found out the guy was a swimmer too. Stu mentioned that he had trouble the day before, that the currents were nasty.   We also found out that the second guy was a local guy, who swam out to help keep the initial man afloat while the lady got the life ring.  So many good Samaritans out that day.

The flag yesterday was yellow. The day before it was red. I’m amazed that both Stu and I both know better. We will look from now on.

At dinner last night – buena noche con lechon! – Stu was talking to a cousin (Benny, of course!) who said there is at least one tourist lost each year around this time to drowning. Usually a bit further down the beach, but still.

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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

And as a Christmas present – some beach shots:

I guess sand tastes good.  <shudder>

PS. For those that expressed concern, we’re all fine!  We were in Caguas, near Agua Buena, the epicenter of the earthqake.  On top of a mountain.  Mom and Renee were inside; dad, Stu, myself and Teagan were outside.  We heard it coming, it sounded like a train.  I initially thought a truck or something large hit a retaining wall for the house or something.  It only lasted about 10 seconds.  At 5.4 it was the strongest quake that I’ve been “awake” for.  Interesting feeling. We joked that it was a great Christmas present.  Then passed the Champagne.


December 24, 2010

How can you not love having this view for breakfast??  It’s just so pretty here.  Teagan is having a blast! She loves everything so far, except going in the ocean – can’t blame her, as the waves are very very rough.  Both Stu and I were knocked off our feet a few times!  She does love the little pool, but only if there aren’t any other kids there.

Things are going well, we have an adjoining room to my parents, so we can put Teagan down for a nap, and to bed, and not disturb her.  We get a bit more adult time, and now that my sister is here, will take advantage of La La and Pop Pop (or “hop hop” as Teagan has been saying lately) and go down to the hotel bar & club.

This morning, was awesome.  Teagan woke up chattering “da da da da luv luv luv.”   How sweet is that?  Then La La and Pop Pop took her down for breakfast and let Stu and I get ready a bit more leisurely.

We try to let her burn off some energy in the mornings as well – letting her chase the pigeons and grackles screaming “duck! duck!”  And doing hand stands:

When we go for rides in the car, Teagan loves it  – we ended up getting a “booster” style seat that we were able to pack in a suitcase – she’s been front facing for the first time ever.  Seeing the excitement on her face when she sees things – dog, ocean, tree – is fantastic.  I’ve told my dad that he needs to drive extra carefully, as Teagan’s still a bit young to be front facing.

I’m hoping that we don’t have too many issues when we get  back having her rear face again!

Anyway, I have to give back my dad’s notebook..  so, that’s the update for now :)

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday – and Merry Christmas!!


September 22, 2010

So, today, and for the next two days I’ll be a single mom.  Stu’s traveling for business.  He left this afternoon and doesn’t get back until late late friday night.  <sigh>  It’s never fun dealing with the piglet alone.  It’s not that I can’t take care of her by myself, or even that she gives me a hard time when Stu’s not around.  It’s just that there’s no down time.  I have to bounce back and forth from taking care of her to taking care of myself and the house (and cat and fish!).  The only down time is really when I get to sleep.  Which will be soon!!

Since the piglet’s gone to sleep, I have the house to myself.  (Well, me and the cat).  I’m taking advantage of Stu not being here to watch the shows that I’ve only seen half of, that I fell asleep during watching, but haven’t deleted from the DVR yet.  And finishing the chocolate chip ice cream :)




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February 15, 2010

It looks like I need to be more disciplined about doing entries, it seems.  Oh look!  Ice cream!  Be right back :)

Ok, back.  You have to love when your hubby brings you ice cream :)  

So, I need to talk about the snowy weekend in PA.  A great trip to see friends, we went to look at a house before we left, (more on that later,) and for the most part, had a great trip down.  Didn’t hit any snow until just about Hershey, and then just flurries.  Kept checking in to see how the snow was on the mountain, and by the time we got south of Harrisburg, it was falling hard at my friend’s house.  I think they got almost 4 inches of snow in an hour.  By the time we got to their mountain, we just couldn’t drive up, the car couldn’t handle the snow.  We pulled over and called, hoping for a St. Bernard and a sleigh ride up the mountain.  A snow plow eventually came by, and we tried to drive up again.  No luck.  Called to see if they could get us, after the plow had gone by.  Her husband was able to drive down.

He told Stu to follow him up, through some back roads which were supposed to have less slope, and might be easier on the Honda than the main road.  No luck.  We got stuck just around a corner.  Got into the minivan with the baby and drove up together.  We’d just have to get the car out the next day.

We started saturday looking out the windows to see all 22 inches of snowfall that arrived overnight.  It was still snowing.  LOVELY!  The kids were excited.  We bundled the piglet up and all went sledding:

Waiting at the top

Getting ready to go down the hill

walking back up

Afterwards, we went inside and had lovely hot cocoa.  With marshmallows.  Then we had to think about getting the car out.  Took my friends husband, a few snow shovels and drove off.  This is the first glimpse of what the car looked like the next day: 


We tried digging it out, but it was taking too long.   We ended up borrowing her brother who lives around the corner…  Still was taking a long time.    


My friend’s husband wanted to go get his snowblower and blow it out.   As I could no longer feel my fingers, I let him.  Several of their neighbors stopped as we were digging, waiting and getting the snow blower ready.  One of them suggested that we back the car out as the ditch had a big drop off just in front of where we had come to a stop.  So, we start working on the other side.  One neighbor had chains and offered to pull the car out.  We ended up taking him up on the offer.  We really wanted to be done and back inside.  With his help, we got the car out.    

Ended up playing Talisman, playing with the baby, chatting, drinking a little, laughing a lot.  It was a good weekend.  Even if Tegan didn’t sleep well, so I didn’t sleep well.  Even though we caught a cold. We need to do this at least twice a year.  If not more.

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