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The Things Ashlin Says

#goof in a #easter #bonnet


Ashlin is totally following in her sister’s footsteps.  She says some pretty funny things:

  1. Mack & Poopy – for Max & Ruby
  2. Aahlin first! – She must try to beat her sister
  3. No you, me! – Again, the first, the only one.  Oh, the pains of being a little sister.
  4. Ee-Eye Ee-Eye Farm (for Old McDonald Had a Farm)
  5. I peed outside!  I peed in the wood chips! (10/9/13)
  6. I peed on my shoes, i pooped on my socks! (10/17/13)
  7. One eye goes on my butt! (when changing her pull-up, Mike is one eye.  2/8/14)
  8. love to ( for everything)
  9. You meaniac!  For when someone is being mean. 
  10. You are such a genuis!  Instead of saying “hilarious” (103/14)
  11. Cough you!  When you cough. Along the lines of “bless you” when you sneeze. 

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