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July 20, 2014 ~ Canal

The tortoise and the hare

Today we went out with the girls.  They needed a bit of running around, energetic exhaustion.  We needed them to be entertained, and then tired.  After a bit of googling for local bike trails, we decided to try  a bit of the Hamden section of the Farmington Canal Linear Park.

After an aborted nap and a quick bite for lunch, we put the girls bikes and helmets in the trunk and headed out.  The girls were excited, they LOVE riding their bikes.  We found out that although Teagan can book on her bike Ashlin will end up winning, even with her short legs, as Teagan is too easily distracted by trees, flowers, bugs, the grass.

The park was very nice, once we got on the trail – we now know where to park for next time!  Lush and green, nice bridges and railings when needed.  It ran alongside the Merritt Parkway for a bit, so was a little loud, but eventually veered away.

Teagan impressed both of us, she was able to start her bike from a dead stop, even on a hill.  She could also get herself much further up hills than we expected.  Ashlin also impressed with her skill as well as with her stamina and perseverance.  We ended up walking/riding just shy of four miles – at least twice as long as they are used to.

We did figure out that we need at least one adult bike with us.  The girls get a bit too far ahead of us for comfort, with their unbridled enthusiasm.  Thankfully, we have one.  Though two would be even better!

We will go visit more of the canal when we can.

Goofing off on the bike ride


May 11, 2012


Sleeping Beauty

Ashlin must have been so tired from all that walking yesterday that she slept through the night and was still sound asleep at 8am. Dead to the world.  That’s almost 13 hours of sleep. In a row.  Unheard of for her. Absolutely awesome.

She was non-stop this morning, walking, walking, walking.  Crawling was not on her agenda.  I’m not sure if she kept walking everywhere at day care or not, but that’s all she wanted at home.  When Stu brought her home, he set her down, and she immediately walked over to me for a hug.  So sweet.  Heartbreaking.  I do wish she’d slow down, stay a baby, but she is determined to be a toddler.  I’m so proud of her.

The rate she’s going, she’ll be running next week.  We will be seeing more of those lovely bruises on her forehead, I’m sure.

I’m going to miss the half-robot half-zombie walk.

Teagan, has also been doing so well.  She’s been very well behaved the past week or so, listening and actually doing as asked.  Being quiet at nap time.  Also, there hasn’t been a potty accident,  until today, for at least two weeks.  The accident today was at nap time.  We’re not sure if it was because she was sleeping – probably not – or because she didn’t want to get up because she was focused on being good and quiet during nap time.  One way or another, one accident in two weeks is great.



May 10, 2012


Walking with shoe

Look at her go!  This is the longest I’ve seen her walk so far.  She did this three or four times this morning as I dropped her off at day care.  She’s been shuffling a few steps here and there for a couple of weeks.  Stu said she walked a lot around my mom’s house the day she was so sick.  Walking while she was throwing up, poor baby.  But so determined to walk.  Since that day, we haven’t been able to get more than those few shuffle steps from her.

This morning, well, she decided that she would walk.  I’m not sure if she’ll be of the same mind tonight, but this morning, was a walking morning!


April 29, 2012


Done! Well, I need to mulch still, but Stu wasn’t feeling well enough to get the mulch for me today. Looks like he’s caught what Ashlin had yesterday.

Hope we didn’t contaminate anyone yesterday!

Ashlin is still only shuffling for me. No true walking from her that I’ve seen. Her sister walked at just shy of 13 months. Ashlin is 13 months today.

Not that it’s a competition, but it is a measure.


PS.  Teagan did help pick out the pink and blue cotton candy pansies, and she helped dig holes for them too!

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April 28, 2012

Up! Up! Up!

Today sucked.  A lot.  With too much body fluid.

We started off the morning well enough.  Ashlin slept until about 5:30, but was convinced to stay in bed dozing until 6:30.  Happy with cheese and cheerios and a bit of music.  Down for a nap just before her sister woke up.

A very good morning with Teagan, her breakfast of raisins and cheerios was eaten on the sofa while watching Rio from the DVR.  I get dressed, dress her in a new-to-her outfit as her sister wakes up.  The three of us go for a walk as Stu gets ready.  Stu takes over with the girls as I make sure everything is in the diaper bag for a day trip out of town.

While we’re getting ready, Ashlin’s playing in the family room, cruising, when she lets go and does five or six shuffling steps sideways towards Stu.  Yay!

And double yay!  Today is hair cut day!  Teagan was looking forward to getting her hair cut and then braided by Mr. Wayne.

Eventually, we’re loaded up into the car and off.  About 20 minutes into the trip Ashlin throws up.  Cries.  I pull over as soon as I can, clean her up, change her clothes.  At first we thought it was a fluke, that she had eaten her string cheese too quickly and had been focusing on her new toy, maybe got motion sick.  We start off again, and she falls asleep quickly.

No suck luck.  About an hour later, when it was too far to turn around, she wakes up and throws up again.  We stop to clean her up, again.  As all there is left are a pair of pj”s, we leave her in the clothes, intending to stop at Burlington on the way to get her more.  She throws up again, another 20 minutes or so later, about 15 minutes from the hair salon.

Three times in the car.  Awesome.

We stop and I run into the store to get some clothes, another blanket.  Teagan and I go into the hair dressers, Stu and Ashlin stay in the car, she’s sleeping again.  Mr. Wayne cuts Teagan’s hair quickly, and shows me how to do a french braid.  Again.

Stu then takes both girls and goes to my parents to see if he can get Teagan to nap and clean up Ashlin, and maybe get her to nap.  Ashlin ends up puking another three times over the 2 hours they’re there.  But in the mean time, she climbs up the stairs all by herself!  And then walks, arms high like she’s tiptoeing through a swamp.  I, of course, don’t see this, as I’m still at the hair dressers.

Just as they’re finishing up drying my hair, (it always takes forever to dry my hair), Teagan has a poop accident.  Yay fun.  She deliberately did, but we’re not going to go there.  On top of Ashlin puking.  Stu gets Teagan cleaned up, as much as he can, puts her in the pj’s, and heads out to get me.  Ashlin then pukes again.  In the car seat.  Again.

Quick stop at my friend’s house to change and clean her up, and attempt to clean up her car seat.  We leave almost immediately, wolfing down some dinner, so we can drive home in the day light.  I wanted to be able to see if Ashlin puked again.  Thankfully, she slept most of the ride, and didn’t puke.  One good thing.  Teagan slept most of the trip too.

Once home, we gave Ashlin some pedialyte and cheerios.  Teagan got a cheese sandwich and some milk.  Both girls are in their beds now.  Ashlin’s monitor is turned up high.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  With less body fluid all around.





April 14, 2012

I'm still standing

Look who’s standing on her own!  All morning, she’d handstand, stand unsupported, then sit down.  She’d pull herself up then let go.

Like it was nothing.

Yay Ashlin!

She also took three steps this afternoon.  Shuffling steps.  Then sat down.

But you can’t stop her from standing in the middle of a room now.


In terms of firsts, it was a good say.  Ashlin’s older sister walked through the zoo, all afternoon.  No strollers for her.  Strollers are for babies.

On a Carousel

I had the front pack to carry Ashlin, if Teagan got tired and needed to be in the stroller.  We didn’t need it.  I’m sure that if we didn’t have it with us, we would have needed to carry Teagan from the far corner of the zoo back to the car.

She listened and was a good girl, so we let her ride the carousel.  We were in the front of the line, so she had a decent choice of horses and animals – there were lions and tigers and a bear, oh my!  She almost chose a sledge, but I prodded her, a little, to chose one that went up and down.

I think she was scared at first, nervous about the motion, but she calmed down quick enough, and enjoyed it.  Waving at dada and her sister every time we went around.

Her sister pointed back.


March 19, 2012

20120319-201156.jpgLook at how big she’s gotten!  Look at that attitude!  Even in short pants*, she has some ‘tude going.

We went for a walk after picking the girls up at day care.  Teagan was mostly in a good mood, enjoying the beautiful day, picking up sticks and rocks as we walked.  She mostly stayed on the sidewalk, only going into the road once, though keeping her out of flower beds and off lawns is a bit more difficult.

Sometimes I forgot how new things are for her.  I wanted to go on a nice walk in the warm weather, while she kept getting distracted by things on the side of the road.  Most of it was garbage, crushed packs of cigarettes, take out cup lids, gum wrappers.  Stuff that we just ignore, but she finds fascinating.  She wants to pick it all up and examine it.  Ugh.

Also, she loves picking up sticks, rocks and pine cones.  Today she wanted her back pack so she could carry more than the four sticks, three rocks and one pine cone from last walk.

All of the treasures she picks up on the walks are left at the front door, on the cocktail table.  She will greet them as she gets home and goes inside.  I haven’t haven’t tried moving them yet…  I do think she’d notice.



* She had an accident today.  We probably should look at the spare clothes in her bin and swap out the ones that are too small.  Although she does rock the pedal pushers and bobby sock with mary jane look pretty well.


June 16, 2011

No Nap!

No Nap!

Tonight on our walk Teagan fell asleep.  Almost mid-sentence.  LOL!  She hasn’t napped at day care all week.

Stu and I were talking about this earlier, ironically at the start of the walk.  She really hasn’t napped well since they moved her to the “older” toddler room.  The room where they take her to the bathroom at least once a day, if she asks.  She is a nosy little thing, and that could be one reason – she needs to know what’s going on.  It could be that in the young toddler room, some of the teachers would hold and rock her until she got very sleepy.  In the new room, they don’t.  She has said that she’s a big girl, and doesn’t need to be rocked.  But she doesn’t sleep.

Teagan seems to need about 13.5-14 hours of sleep a day.  If she doesn’t get it during the week, she makes up for it on the weekend.  I think that is the biggest reason why we can get two naps on the weekend.  Both her mom and dad love sleep, need their sleep.  It makes sense that our daughter needs it too.

Obviously, there’s something that’s keeping her from napping at day care.  We just need to find it out.


No More Bumps!

No More Bumps!

Ashlin was difficult to get to nap today – she would go about 2 hours or so between naps.  I had gotten her to sleep about 10 minutes before Stu and Teagan got home.  So, she started the walk asleep, but woke up.  There may have been too many bumps in the sidewalk.

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June 6, 2011



So, it’s been a bit busy, and I can’t seem to stay awake (or up to date with my e-mail) long enough to write.  I know I need to.  Things keep happening, things that I want to remember.

Ashlin has a new trick – blowing spit bubbles in her sleep.  She was doing this during our almost-daily evening walk.  Teagan thought it was the bomb.  Bubbles!

Teagan’s been growing so fast.  Her vocabulary is exploding.  Verbal skills just zooming along.  Four word sentences, sometimes even five, are the norm now.  She remembers things!  And the thoughts – yes thoughts! – she comes out with.  So fun.

Whiskers are a “tickle mess.”  One sentence we hear over and over is “Ouch?  Kiss. All better, Teagan kiss.”   And then a big sloppy kiss is planted on whatever she deemed the”ouch.”  Curious George is a “bad bad monkey,” never just a bad monkey.  “Buggies” are “ewwww.”   I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them now.

Fancy Hair

Fancy Hair

She’s now wearing 24/2T clothes – 34 inches tall.  Still 50th percentiles, but she’s so big now.  I know she looks a bit bigger, thanks to Ashlin, but still.  Her face has changed.  She’s taller.  Clumsy, as always, she’s not as bad as she was.  She may not ever be a ballerina  She doesn’t look where she’s going.

Her hair is getting longer, and it’s not quite as funny as it was.  Day Care will put it up in one top pony tail, I can do two cute ones on the sides.  She has amazing curls in the back.  Her bangs probably could use a trim.

She was a bit sick yesterday.  Mystery fever.  Poor kid.  Woke up from her morning nap with a 101°F fever that soon became as high as 103.9°F.  We knew she didn’t feel well as she sat still on Stu’s lap, for almost two hours, watching videos on the laptop.  Yay YouTube.  She napped again, early, for another 2.5 hours.  Five hours of nap?  She’s a sick kid.  After the afternoon nap, she snuggled with me for another hour or so.  She didn’t want to eat.  There was no argument about bedtime either.

She did wake up at 3am or so.  I was up nursing Ashlin, so went to her, checked her temp.  It was 98.8°F or so.  Better.  Stu and I let her sleep this morning, and she woke up almost an hour later than normal – around 8:30.  She was hungry and a bit subdued, but almost her usual self.  Such a relief.

Lunch ViewIsn’t this a lovely view for lunch?  Friday after my (weekly!) beach walk, I got to watch the ocean while I ate :)  It doesn’t get better than that.  Ashlin wasn’t very impressed:

I can see forever

I can see forever

So, anyway.  I’m going to try to post more often, better.  Hopefully when I’m awake.

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May 19, 2011

Happy Cake!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Teagan had happy cake today!  I brought cupcakes to day care to celebrate her birthday.

Around 2:00, after nap time I went to the day care with cupcakes – happy cake – for all the toddlers, with extras for the instructors.  Teagan was so happy when I showed up.  “My mommy!” she screamed happily, “Aclin, sista.” Every instructor needed to know that I was her mom and her little sister was there too!  So cute.

After she showed us off, it was snack time.  Three kids sat down, the fourth didn’t want to.  Paper towels were put down as napkins and the cupcakes were handed out.  Teagan wolfed down the first one, and asked, so nicely for a second.  I let her have it.  At the time, I thought “why not?  It’s her birthday.”  I ended up regretting it, as she melted down into a teary mess as I got ready to leave.

After a bit, Teagan needed a diaper change, and I took advantage of her being occupied, sneaking running out, apologizing to the instructor as I did.  I always feel bad leaving her crying with the instructors.  They’re probably used to it, and I’m sure Teagan stops quickly enough after we leave – out of sight out of mind.  Still, I felt horrible.  All I had wanted was to make the afternoon special, and she ended up crying and being unhappy.



After Stu picked Teagan up from day care on his way home from work, we went for a walk.  Our first walk all week, thanks to the rain.  Teagan asked for flowers – daddy-lions raaarrrrrr – which we picked for her when they were by the sidewalk.  She loves blowing the seeds.

I can’t believe she’s two.  She’s so proud of being two – she told everyone at day care how old she was.  But she’s growing too fast.  I always joked with my friends that they needed to put their sweet little kiddos in a box so they wouldn’t grow, so they’d stay small and sweet.  I want to put my beautiful princess in a box.  But I also want to watch her grow up, experience new things, remind me of things I forgot.