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September 7, 2013 ~ Depeche Mode


Welcome to my world

I got to see Depeche Mode on Friday night.  And it was awesome.

Back before the tickets went on sale, my sister talked Stu and I into going, meeting up with her for the show. We had planned to have my folks watch the girls while we took a train in for the show.  Stu woke up Friday morning with the tail end of a migraine.  Gah!  Although he was better by the time we needed to go, he still had some remnants, including a sensitivity to light and sounds that forced him to stay home.  I was torn. I didn’t want to go without him, we were so looking forward to the show, leaving the kids with my folks, enjoying the evening out.  I also didn’t want to miss out on a band I’ve loved for just about as long as they’ve been together. It was also an expensive concert.

The draw was too strong, and I ended up going.  Alone on the train, until Grand Central when I met up with my sister and a friend of hers who at the last minute was able to buy Stu’s ticket from us, so at least we didn’t loose out on the money.

They opened with “Welcome to My World” and “Angel” from their new album.  Not bad songs, though I do prefer their music prior to Exciter, though the next two have some great songs.

Next was “Walking in my Shoes,” “Precious,” “Black Celebration,” and “Policy of Truth.”  Fantastic!  Amazing. Dave Gahan was prancing over the stage.  Full of flamboyant energy.  I was getting flashbacks to Freddie Mercury all through the concert.  Two newer, strong-beating songs, then a change of pace for “The Child Inside” and an acoustic version of “But Not Tonight.”  So surprising to have them include that in the show, one of my favorites, even in the original version.  But the way Martin Gore sang it, with no backing electronics, was haunting.

They followed with “Heaven” and “Soothe My Soul,” “A Pain That I’m Used To,” and then played another song from Black Celebration,  “A Question of Time.”  Lovely.  Next up were some Violator songs, “Enjoy the Silence” and “Personal Jesus.”  My phone was dying and full, so I only have a snippet of “Silence,” but thankfully have more of “Question of Time” and almost all of “Personal Jesus,” which they started at a stutteringly slow pace, teasing the audience, before picking up the pace and belting it out.

They ended there, but came out for an encore, which included “Home,” “Halo,” and my all time favorite “Just Can’t Get Enough.”  I used that song as my ring tone for years.  My video of that is a bit bouncy, it’s hard to tape while you’re jumping up and down!  The entire arena was singing and dancing along.

Yes, that is my sister dah dah dah dah dah dah’ing along in the beginning.

The last two songs were a new one (“I Feel You”) and an old one (“Never Let Me Down”).  I’m so glad they mixed in the old with the new.  I wish our seats were a bit closer, but they weren’t bad, just right of center stage, no one in front of us.

An amazing show.

No, wait.  It sucked.  Big time.  We’ll just have to go see them again, to be sure they really are that bad.  ;)


April 25, 2013

So, some random things…

  • In the car Teagan saw a bug of some sort, which she dubbed a cricket. She then went on to tell me that it was crawling on her hand, but when they do, they kiss you when they crawl on your hand.  With their feet.
  • One day when I had to leave early to work in Jersey, I left a note for the girls, and Stu.  On it I asked Teagan to be a good girl at nap time (we are still having issues – sad face), and gave everyone hugs and kisses.  Ashlin asked Stu for the paper, saying “ugg!  Ugg!” and then kissed the paper.
  • Ashlin cannot leave day care, or anywhere else for that matter, without hugging everyone she knows goodbye.
  • She also can’t walk past an open door without closing it.
  • On my drive home from Jersey the other day, Alt Nation played Josie Cotton “Johnny Are You Queer” and I had flashbacks of teasing my friend Tom incessantly.  I’m not sure exactly why the song bothered him, but it did.  My sister also joined in when she was out and the song came on.  I miss Tom.  He’s moved too far away from some of his friends and we don’t see him enough.
  • I finished Ashlin’s car blanket last night, the blanket portion anyway.  I used a crochet bind off, which was easier for me to control the tension, and the cast-off stitches look much better, looser, than those of the scarf.  I will need to work on that.
  • The button hole on the strap is throwing me for a loop – not a hole – unfortunately.  I will get it figured out. Soon.  I’m sure it has something to do with my mirror knitting and Eastern European style.  I moved on to the crocheted shawl for the time being.
Done!  Blanket at least. #knit #blanket



April 18, 2013

Today I had to drive to a the jersey campus for a meeting.  Instead of the usual 40 minute or so commute, it’s an hour and a half to two, depending on the traffic.  So, perfect time to surf Sirius radio stations.  Alt Nation, Classic Rewind, Classic Rock, First Wave, Kids Place and Lithium (or something) are on the first six buttons.  What?  Yeah, I have Kids Place programmed.  When they have music on, the girls enjoy it.  Anything that soothes the raging beasts in the car is fair game.

Anyway, Alt Nation was playing angry boy music (or something screamy), so I click down.  Classic Rewind had on bad Dire Straits, Classic Rock had on bad Tom Petty, so, Kids Place is next in the down button.  And they were playing…



It’s like I got Rick Rolled by the radio.  Well, not exactly.  And I like that song, so it wouldn’t have been that bad.  But the Hamster Dance?  Really?!?!?!?!?!  I thought I had escaped this evilness.  I haven’t stumbled upon that song in years.  Years.

Anyway, that combined with the crazy drivers made the drive to Jersey a fun time.


P.S.  They did play “Love My Family” by the Roots.  It almost made up for it.


April 17, 2013

Rough Nap :(

Rough Nap :(

We received three day sheets in a row with unhappy faces at nap time.  Twice, the teachers needed to reinforce the unhappy. :(

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a report like this.  It is the first time we’ve gotten three in a row.  Three days!  Gah!

We’ve spoken to Teagan before about how she needs to be quiet at nap time, even if she doesn’t nap.  About how she can ask to read a book quietly, if she doesn’t want to nap.  Letting her know that the teachers will let her read a book quietly, if she doesn’t want to nap.


She wasn’t quiet.  Three days in a row.

I’m not sure where she decided that yelling at the other kids who are trying to nap was a good idea.  She’s run around at nap time, singing loudly (she likes to sing*, she’s jumped on other kids cots.  Bad, bad.  We’ve talked to her too many times about this.   We’ve told her that she doesn’t want to nap that’s fine, but she doesn’t get to make that choice for her classmates.

Yesterday, after the purple highlighter and double unhappy faces, she was told that she’d lose her music at bedtime if we got another one today. Today, we got the third unhappy face for nap time in a row.

Tonight, Stu took away her cd player and box of cd’s.  No music at bedtime for her to go to sleep with.  Stu said that she was mildly curious when he unplugged the cd player, but lost it when he picked up the box of cd’s.  That’s when it hit home.  She will have no music at bedtime for a week (which she believes is only six days, but that’s another story).  A week may be a bit too long for a kid her age, but that’s what she was told the punishment would be.

She’s promised to be better tomorrow.  Stu told her as he tucked her in, that if she got a smiley face that she could have her music back tomorrow night.  We are going to say something to her in front of the teachers about how she needs to be good, especially at nap time.  We are going to let them know that we need to know how she behaved, that she’s gotten in trouble and could have her punishment reduced if she’s good.

Fingers crossed she’s good.  She can be so good.  She’s fun when she’s good.  I hate being mean.  It’s not any fun at all.


* One time at lunch she was happy so she started singing.  Unfortunately, she chose to sing Cellphone by Beck.  The other children found the riff “One by one I’ll knock you out!” a bit disturbing.


November 6, 2012


I voted today.  Yay me!  In and out, easy peasy.  It was my first time going to the polls at the new house.  A few months ago I finally got around to changing my registration, although for a Presidential Election, I would have driven to my old polling place.  It turns out, I vote where the girls will go to school in a few years. Unsure as to how the turnout would be at this new place, and not wanting to feel panicked tonight, I waited this morning, and headed out a little past morning rush hour.  I don’t know if I needed to have worried or not as there was absolutely no line there at all, it was a mostly empty parking lot.  The only waiting I had to do was for passing traffic and a few older people trying to find a parking spot.

It was interesting.  I saw signs posted outside about required ID’s.  I had a few with me, as when I renewed my drivers license this summer, I didn’t get a certified id, or whatever it is that I needed my passport to get, I had only brought my expiring license.  I was concerned that they’d be cranky about it.  Anyway, it was accepted, but they said that a photo ID was required.  It’s not required if you have alternate ID.  Makes me wonder if they turned anyone away for not having one.

I am so glad this election is almost over.  All the election commercials that they’re playing every single ad break are just too much.  Especially those for Murphy and McMahon, those are just downright nasty.  We just have the non-stop projections for a while, I’m sure a ton of recounting, and I’m sure we won’t know who won until sometime tomorrow or even later.  Fingers crossed it won’t be too drawn out!

It would be nice if everyone could just move on, no matter what happens tonight.  It’s hard to see all the nastiness and meanness and general vitriol that we’ve had.  Can’t we just be nice to each other?  I can always hope!

I always feel sorry for California and Hawaii.  They are so eager with their winner projection, I’m sure they always feel a sense of redundancy  and wonder why they even bother.

Driving in to the office today, AltNation played a new song by Django Django that was awesome.  First time hearing it and I found myself taping along.  My brain kept being reminded of other bands, but never enough for full fledged comparison.  I’ll need to think about it a bit more…



August 30, 2012 ~ Before the Black Hole

So, I had this post half written, before the weekend and then before I got sucked into a black hole of a new craft.  More on that later!  With pictures, promise!

Anyway, Stu drove the girls into day care the morning of the 30th.  The radio was left on Classic Rewind.  Bon Jovi‘s Livin’ on a Prayer came on.  Ashlin rocked out.  Stu, not a fan of Classic Rewind, changed the station.  Ashlin objected.  Stu said that she took her pacifier out, looked at Stu in the mirror, and started yelling.  Quickly, he put the song back on.  As soon as he did, she put her pacifier back in her mouth and starting rocking out again.  She’s awesome.


August 10, 2012

20120810-203235.jpgOh, wow.  I thought when we moved, I had gotten rid of all the miscellaneous papers and stuff from college.  I guess I was wrong.  Today, I found the Student Directory, with ads from the paleolithic era, back when I went to school.  Too many of the places advertised are no longer there, but one favorite still is.

I also love how they had a drunk driving spot in the Directory, when most of the campus did not have a car.  With most of the best parties on campus – Milkshake night! – why would you need to drive?  A stumble home was all you needed.  And even if you went off campus, most places were a quick walk up High Street.

I remember loving the radio station while in college.  Most of the student shows played music that I would never hear at home, well, except occasionally on WDST, and at weird times of day.  Music was good in high school, but it was amazing in college.  Violent Femmes, REM, INXS, The Smiths, The Cure.  The English Beat, U2 and Depeche Mode were already on my mix tapes.   (Oh, yes, that Chevy commercial with Spandau Ballet cracks me up.  That happens.  You don’t turn off Spandau Ballet).

Tucked in the back of the drawer that the Directory was in were my home-made flash cards for what I call my one elective – Greek & Roman Mythology.  It was an 8am Tuesday-Thursday class, that I took my senior year.  Yes. By choice.  I loved it.  I think it was my one 4.0 class.  I had goldfish named Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, cats named Phoebe and Clio.

It was a nice little trip down memory lane…

Mythology Notes

Chiron, Achilles, Eris

Greek mythology notes

Heracles and Apollo


July 17, 2012

Teagan’s new favorite song. And Ashlin’s too!

Stu noticed that Ashlin was rocking out in her seat during the drive to day care the other day. I’ve also seen her enjoy – with enthusiasm – this song. So cute. Much like the snippet of her rocking to Electric Guest, she’ll dance in her seat to Metronomy.

The song came on with all of us in the car, driving home from day care. Stu said that Ashlin liked the song, look at her dance. Teagan was a bit upset that Ashlin liked the song, she also like the song, and only one person can like it at a time. She wanted to like it, but couldn’t if Ashlin did. She started getting upset. Stu and I said that we both liked the song too. And that we were two people liking the same song. More than one person can like a song at a time. It could happen. Really. What about Bohemian Rhapsody? Lots of people like that one.

Teagan then declares that the song was her favorite, and Ashlin’s favorite, and Dada’s favorite and Mama’s favorite. All ones favorite.

Not bad.


PS. My friend passed away late Sunday night. It’s sad and it’s unfair. He will be missed.


June 21, 2012

20120621-185919.jpgTeagan had a “graduation” today.  It was actually the Fours who were moving up to Kindergarten from the Threes, but they included her and her friend, as they were the only ones who weren’t truly moving up.

Teagan, who loves hats, didn’t want to wear hers for the ceremony.  Then she didn’t want to sit for the whole time.  When they sang “You Got A Friend In Me,” Teagan was distracted and didn’t remember all the words.  Still, it was very cute, and she was very touched that I got there.  Stu stayed home with Ashlin, who we didn’t think should be out more than needed.

I recorded most of it, and took some pictures, this being one of them.  My little miss just wanted to run, it didn’t matter that it was 100° outside.


Watching her dance and interact with the other kids was much more interesting than the ceremony.  It’s always interesting to see her move, talk , be with other people.  She always seems so much older.  She’s getting so big.

Most of the songs, she ran in a circle or spun around, trying to do the moves that DJ/Singer was doing.  You could see her trying to see what she was supposed to do next, see the brain trying to absorb movements and put them to the rhythm.  But for one song, she started dancing like a big girl, booty bounce and one song had a head bop.

She’s getting so big.

I would like time to slow down, thank you.


May 30, 2012

MTV Juanes Unplugged

MTV Juanes Unplugged (Photo credit: miamism)

Guess who went unplugged for MTV?

http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:hcx:content:mtvtr3s.com:7ce0499d-553d-4070-ad15-9aa148412337 **

Well, MTV2.

Yay. Juan Luis Guerra worked on the songs for the unplugged concert. I think I’m going to need to get me a listen, I’ve always liked Juanes, and the little I got to listen to sounded nice, different and interesting, and well worth it.

I’d like to get to see him, one day.

** Not sure why the embedded video doesn’t work :(

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