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May 1, 2014 ~ Bunnies Make Everything Better!

Second Easter!

Anyone who follows either my Instagram or Flickr feeds has seen many crochet bunnies in various stages of completion.  Inundated with them.  I ended up making eight of them, two for my girls and the other six for children of co-workers.  All were done and handed out before Easter too.  Of course, I forgot to bring the ones for the girls up to my parents.  So, they got them today.

I found the pattern on Green Dragonfly’s site.  Totally adorable!  And a great use of the scraps from previous projects.  I had also asked a few of the ladies at work who yarn too if they had some bright colors  for me to use.  Maybe some blues and greens, colors boys may not mind, compared to the pinks and purples I seemed to have a lot of.

Proto-bunnies. #crochet #bunny #easter

I started with my girls’ bunnies first.  Dug through the left over bins and found the yarn left over from Teagan’s ripple blanket.  It had pink, so would be perfect for her. For Ashlin I pulled two of her favorites – purples and blue.  I didn’t have a red that matched.

The first one took a bit, I needed to learn the pattern.  I crocheted up all the pieces first.  By the time I got to the last one, I could get a whole bunny, less pompom tail and sewing together, done in an hour if I focused.

I didn’t always focus.  There really wasn’t a rush, there was plenty of time.

Green ones! #bunny #body for a #boy   #crochet


#bunny #body for a little #boy. #crochet












Can’t Hear You


I saved all the sewing up for the very end. And the pompoms. I hate pompoms. They don’t ever seem to look right, too thin, too uneven, not tied tightly enough.  Something.  I’m sure I’ll eventually get them right.  These were made using a fork, so were just a tad off-center.  But they needed to be, to be sewn on the back.

Ears were a bit of a pain, but not too bad.  Short rounds with color changes, a small diameter that your finger doesn’t fit in, doesn’t make for much fun.  But they would go quick enough.  Again, if I focused.

Most times, I would get the pair of ears done while watching some show.  So, a nice distraction.

When I stuffed them, I would wrap the poly-fill in a dryer sheet, so that the fiber wouldn’t escape through the stitches as easily.  And it made them smell really nice.  I did tell the people at work that there was the dryer sheet in there.

The girls got theirs today.  Teagan said “cute!” and hugged hers.  Ashlin snuggled up with hers and didn’t want to give it up for dinner.  Both girls have gone to bed with them.

This makes me happy.

#crochet #bunny #body waiting for stuffing

Waiting for Stuffing

First #bunny of many. Almost done! #crochet

In process


Bunnies at work

Finished pair at work


#bunny line up!

All in a row






PS.  I started this post on April 16th.  Yikes!



March 25, 2014 ~ Swift Sleep

Trying a #noodle to keep her from falling out. She also was excited to have her #crochet blanket. Not that you can tell. #lifehack #toddlers #fallingoutofbed #growingup Although Ashlin loves her converted bed, it doesn’t love her.  She’s been falling out at least once a night.  I go in and find her crying, half asleep, standing there unable to figure out how to get back in bed.  So, tonight we are trying a lifehack – a pool noodle!

I picked one up on the way home from work and cut it down a bit – she was having trouble crawling over it.  Hopefully it helps.  I’m sure she’s not enjoying falling out of bed.  It must be a bit shocking.

Even though you can’t tell, she’s very happy to get in bed, with her noodle bumper and her crocheted blanket.  I got her before she did the “I love you” sign she does every night.  Sweet girl.

Today was a good day, I got a new toy!  A co-worker’s husband made me an Amish Swift.  It’s awesome!  I couldn’t wait to get home to wind some yarn.  Heh.  I feel all official and serious now that I have both a swift and a ball winder.  Making cake is fun :D
I have a new toy! #swift #yarn #amishswift #baller

Yarn cake was fast on the new #swift #baller #amishswift
Now. What am I going to do with this yarn??


February 23, 2014 ~ She’s Got Leg Warmers!

Leg Warmers

Yesterday, I posted a picture of Ashlin wearing her leg warmers. Finally!  She was so excited to be wearing knickers, and asked to wear a dress too.  I found this lovely hand-me-down dress, which gave me the opportunity to tell her she needed to wear her leg warmers.  No arguments!

She was super excited as we put them on, though some of that was thanks to the knickers with birdies on them.

The pattern was super easy – Pickles Leg Warmers.  I used the pink yarn that Ashlin had picked out on one of the Michael’s runs we did.  It’s the Elegance Sock Yarn by Loops & Threads in the Pretty Pink colorway.  The pattern called for two strands of fingering yarn, so this DK weight worked pretty well.


By the time I started these, I was old hat at the double pointed needles.  Three, of course.

I liked this pattern, it started with a 1 x 1 rib, then a few increases and bunch of stockinette.  A long stretch of stockinette.  Ending with a 2 x 2 rib and a stretchy bind-off, that I learned I needed with the version I did for Teagan.


The first was pretty quick, the second, well… But I finished them!

And she liked them!

She said they kept her legs warm, even during our walk. She was so sad when we got home and she had to take them off, she had inadvertently gotten mud on them.  All the melting snow and puddles of icky water did her in.

But she had fun having a snow fight!

Snow fight!


February 20. 2014 ~ Simple Lines

Simple Lines

Not too long ago I knit a second baby blanket for a co-worker. One who was expecting (not had!) a baby boy.  I got a skein of that lovely blue denim marl yarn that I used for the lacy crochet blanket.  Wanting a pattern that would be easy enough to do while watching tv at night, I googled away.

I really enjoy the patterns that aren’t too complicated – though those are fun too! – and don’t need to pull to much of me into actually working them.  Something a bit more than just back and forth, but not too much counting.  The pattern Simple Lines – Vertical Stripes was perfect!  An interesting border, simple pattern, but a bit of elegance.  I quite enjoyed working this up.

I will admit to using a technique suggested by a friend – writing the pattern on index cards, a card for each row.  When I mentioned to her how I got lost while working on the Time Turner shawl, she said she highlighted (on her iPad) the row she was working on.  I don’t usually use my iPad when I knit or crochet.  The index cards worked very well, and they’re easy to carry around.

My one learning on this project was how to fix garter stripes.  Fixing stockinette is easy, now.  Garter is a bit tricky, but not too bad.  I do love learning new things, strengthening my skills.

Usually I try to make a hat, or a lovey, to go along with the blankets.  This pattern had a matching hat, though I ended up not having enough time between finishing the blanket and needing to gift it.  I think I’ll end up making the Squares pattern, maybe for a girl, and I’ll work the hat up too.

Blocking Lines

PS. The recepient of this blanket was very touched. He wasn’t expecting me to make him anything, we don’t really work together much, though he has seen me knit and crochet at work – at lunch – before. I hope his baby enjoys it too!


February 18, 2014 ~ Let it Snow

More. Snow

Another six inches or so today.  It was really pretty when it was falling at a rate of four inches per hour.  Not a true white out, but white.  Big fluffy flakes.  All between oh, 8 am and 3 pm.  Pretty quick fall.  The plows didn’t get to our street until after then.  They didn’t bother plowing us mid-fall.

The girls got to day care just after the flurries started.  We had a bit of shoveling plow wake – and finding our mailbox – before we could go get them.  But they had fun – Teagan pretended to be a monster (with claw feet and spiky hat!) and Ashlin did karaoke.  They both played with snow inside.  And Ashlin didn’t have an accident!

Stu and I worked from home, conference calls, training, with a touch of crochet between powerpoint slides and SQL code.

Granny Stripe in Neapolitan

I found the yarn Saturday while the girls were doing their heart craft.  Four skeins of Neapolitan by Loops & Threads.  Both girls said that Stu could have a pink blanket.

Variegated yarn can be so lovely and yet so daunting.  You don’t want to do something too complicated, because the detail gets lost in the color changes.  I Googled, pattern searched Ravelry, Pinterest and found some interesting things.  But kept coming back to the granny stripe.  I had done a scarf in this pattern, and some granny square slippers.  An easy stitch combination, nothing too complicated, but still lots of fun to work up.

I think it looks pretty good.


November 25, 2013 ~ X-Box


X-Box with Hat

A few months ago (yeah, I know!) I made a blanket and hat for my cousin’s baby. At the time, they didn’t know/weren’t telling the gender of the baby.  And baby blankets are so much fun to crochet.  I googled around and found an interesting pattern – X-Box Stitch. It looked like a fun pattern, not too gender biased.  It would work well!

I had a big skein of Loops & Threads in Pee Wee Prints, a lovely blue and green variegated baby yarn.  I had bought it on sale because I thought it was gorgeous.  As I needed something neutral, I decided to use that.  Besides, it’s a really soft yarn.

The pattern was fun.  Almost like a box stitch, but not quite as structured.  It’s a very difficult to see how lovely this pattern is with the stripy yarn.  It’s a series of crossed double crochets following regular double crochets.  Easy.  Fast.  I will use this pattern again in a solid yarn.


X’s and border

I ended up doing a white border using a stitch combo from the book I had on borders – Around the Corner:  Crochet Borders. I’ve used this book often for edging ideas.  It’s always fun to try something new.  I picked edging #150, but added an extra row of half double crochet between the second and third rounds, just to try to make it feel a bit more substantial, more in line with the blanket itself.  I hadn’t done any stitches on the back post, (or front post) before, so that was a bit interesting, but gave the edging a bit of extra texture.

I had a bit of yarn left over after the blanket, so decided to knit a hat to match.  I like trying to use up the extra yarn with something fun and useful. And well, knitting was still very new.  So, a simple umbilical hat.



This was only the second hat I’ve knit in the round, so getting that first join done was a bit tricky.  But it went fast once that was done.  Up to the point of the decreases, and the double pointed needles.  They were so not fun. I also had problem with the I-cord, but was able to get something that worked well enough!

Getting the cord long enough to knot wasn’t much fun.  It was awkward, and unweildy.  But at last, it was done.  This had was enough to make me want to avoid DPN’s as much as possible.  But not enough to put me off knitting!  More projects to follow!


DPN’s and i-cord


almost there


November 24, 2013 ~ Purple (Not Quite) Socks

#legwarmer do-over with stretchy bind off #knit


Not too long ago I finished the legwarmers for Teagan.  Another project done fully on double pointed needles!  Small, tiny, double pointed needles.  Not like the mittens, which were done on larger needles.  They were also my first long ribs.  I had done an inch or two on the mittens, and a single rib too, so this was a slightly different pattern to get used to while knitting.  Not quite mindless, but close once you got used to it.



The pattern was pretty easy – cast-on a bunch of stitches, join and knit a k2,p2 ribbed tube for 18 inches.  So easy.  And a little bit boring after the excitement of seeing the double rib grow for the first 8 inches.  When I got bored, I worked on a different project, but the yarn was soft and lovely, (Loops & Threads Elegance) and it was nice seeing them grow and grow.


First try

This was also a good project to drag around with me. Small and light, not bulky like a blanket would be. I think the most awkward thing about it was the plastic bowl I use to hold my yarn.  I ended up knitting quite a bit while sitting in jury duty.

I did learn a bit while doing these.  Although the pattern said simply “cast-off,” it needed to be a stretchy cast-off.  So, I had to redo them.  Something I haven’t done before, undo a cast-off.  It wasn’t too hard, once you got past the fiddly bit of getting the stitches back on needles, un-split and properly facing.  Then properly divided across the needles.

Bind off undone. Back on #needles to do a more stretchy one. #knit #legwarmer #do-over

Back on needles

After redoing two rows and then adding another two or three – to hide the knot from the join – I did a lacy bind-off. Much better.  

Still, an easy and quick knitting project.  And one that made a little girl squeal in delight.


October 15, 2013 ~ Like a Carousel

Teagan’s Hat

I finished Teagan’s hat today.  Yay! Me!

The yarn was picked out – by Teagan – months ago, before I had the skills to even attempt the hat.  I had fallen in love with this yarn – Adriafil Knitcol – it’s self striping!  I knew I had to find just the right pattern for it.  Thankfully, I found this lovely pattern on Ravelry and knew it would be great for Teagan.  And the yarn.  And it would give me another chance to work on my i-cord.  (For some reason I hadn’t gotten it to work before).

A few days prior, I had worked up a matching scarf using the same theme as the hat – knit a few rows then purl a row.


I really don’t have a good picture of it yet – I still need to block it – but I’ll be sure to take some soon!

The hat was fun to knit up.  I needed to modify the pattern a bit to account for the thinner yarn and needles and my daughter’s larger than 3-year-old head.  For some reason, I have a jog, a loose stitch, where I change rounds, but I’ll figure that out soon enough.  She’s not going to notice!

As I was doing the decreases, I got to practice using the double-pointed needles.  They were very awkward feeling the first time I used them.  But this time it was a bit easier.

Shrinking… Shrinking…

I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  I needed to tink out a few rows this morning, to start the decrease rounds a bit earlier.  But the i-cord turned out pretty well, although I need to figure out how to cast off better, this was messier than I’d like.  But for a first success?  Just fine.

When Teagan noticed the hat on the island as she went in to dinner, she squealed!  Grabbed it up, plopped it on her head, and started dancing around the kitchen.  It was not easy getting a picture of her wearing it.  LOL!

Happy girl!

Happy Girl!


This side?


Silly girl

Now, to get her mittens done!  I hope I have enough yarn left over!


August 14, 2013 ~ The Bridge Goes Up!

Massive Yarn Bomb

This is totally amazing and oh, so cool.  I kinda wish I lived out there, so I could have helped too, or at least drive over and see!

Kudos to all that organized and participated in this incredible yarn bomb!

The Bridge Goes Up!.


July 8, 2013


Lookie! It’s done! Well, this picture was earlier today after a few seed rows. It’s done now.

I ended up misjudging the remaining yarn when I stated the seed rows for the top edging, and ended needing to join more yarn to fining binding off. Twice. Ugh. The first time I used the half yard of the Pink Camo yarn that was left over from trying to join a new skein along the same color pattern. The second time I just used a bit of almost matching pink yarn for the last three inches. Annoyed with myself about not being conservative with the estimate to start the seed rows.

Tomorrow I’ll start the straps, in seed stitch. I have a bit of chocolate brown for those. They’ll knit up fast!

Then, I’ll be able to start a new project – market bags, sweaters, table runners, hats and mittens for the girls, maybe a shawl or wrap for a friend. Maybe I’ll try a pair of socks…