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June 8, 2012 ~ Belated

So, I started this post last night, but never got to finish.  Instead, I fell asleep.  Even though Ash is sleeping better, I’m still catching up.

Sleeping Beauty

Ashlin seems to have turned a corner as far as sleeping through the night goes.  She’ll sleep now for most of the night – 10 hours!! OMG! –  for four or five nights.  The other nights she’ll be up once around 9pm and again around midnight.  Also, there seems to be an alarm that wakes her every morning around 6am, but most days she’ll go back to sleep, after a little bit of a crying protest.  Some days, like yesterday, she’s up at stupid early.  Too early.

Still, she’s so much better than she was, even just a  month ago.  It’s not always easy adjusting to a few good nights of sleep and then an interrupted night, but we’re finally getting there.  I knew we would, it was just a matter of time.  Ashlin needed to get to the right point, a point where her tummy was full enough, or she wasn’t sick or teething, a point where she wasn’t waking up thirsty and unsure how to go back to sleep.  And it seems that she has done it.  Finally.

Sleep is a wonderful thing.

Goose Egg

Goose eggs, on the other hand, are not.

She came home from day care with this lovely egg.  It was an impressive bump and bruise.  The teacher said that she tripped over her feet or something, and fell onto the toy box.  Shame on those pesky feet for getting in the way!


March 28, 2011

Tomorrow.  Eviction notice will be given tomorrow.  OMG!  I know I’m not ready for it to be TOMORROW!  Yes, I know it could have been any time, but still.  I thought I had more time.

I need to get baby clothes washed, put away.  Dresser put together, car set put back together (it’s washed now!).  Find the bases for the car seat, but that’s a bit less urgent. Get the pack n plays put up (yay! One has a changing station!).  Move the armchair into the living room, so I have a chair that’s easy to get out of.  Oh, just so much stuff to do.

I tried to schedule myself more time.  (April 1st!)  No luck :o

My parents are coming down early enough to send us off.  I guess I can understand that – wanting to see your baby before surgery.  Ok.  They better not call while I’m being stitched up! 

I packed my bag this morning – before the Amnio.  Just in case.  It ended up being a toothbrush and then electronic stuff.  LOL.  What does that say about me?

The Amnio went ok.  Easier, actually, than the CVS.  Faster.  Less painful.  The Doctor that did it said she would use about the same gauge needle as the Lovenox shots, though longer.  CVS needles are a bigger gauge.  They didn’t even put a band-aid on the stick spot.  Amnio results came in late today – lungs are mature!

Monitoring went ok, though it was the first time (and only time.  lol!) at the MFM place.  After about 10 minutes, 3 people come dashing in to adjust the transducer and check readings.  They were worried about the baby’s base line.  I did mention that she runs a bit low, but my OB, and then L&D weren’t worried.  She’s just a chill kid. 

Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.  I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up too much.  What are the odds that we’d be so lucky as to have a second wonderful baby – kid – as Teagan.  We’d be too blessed.

I am looking forward to meeting this little girl that’s been torturing me these past months.  I will not miss the heartburn, the aches, pains, nausea, fatigue, blurry vision, stuffiness, bleeding gums, the injections (oh those damn shots!), bruises from the shots, itching, swelling, clumsiness, varicose veins, insomnia.  Basically, I will not miss being pregnant.  I will miss, however, feeling her move.  Even though her movements are so strong now as to be painful. 

I worry about my recovery, how quickly I’ll heal, get back to a new normal.  one that includes two kids.  OMG, I’m going to have two kids tomorrow.  How am I going to survive??  I just hope I do an ok job.


February 22, 2011

So, a timely post from one of the sites I enjoy reading.  Granted she’s several weeks behind me, but after Thursday, some of my “chill” is melting away.  I’m getting anxious to get some stuff done. 

Aw… shit!

I haven’t made an actual list yet, it’s mostly in my head, but it wouldn’t take too much.  Let’s see:

  1. Paint Teagan’s room – we had lost the paint chip so were trying to find a new color that we liked as much.  I found it, but we haven’t gotten the pain yet.
  2. Find paint for this new bunny’s room (and then paint it!)  I have the bedding picked out, and it’s sitting there waiting, but I haven’t figured out a color yet.  I have put the curtains up!
  3. Change out the curtain rods.  Teagan’s room has nice curtain rods up, but the room (currently) that will become the new baby’s room doesn’t.  It just has those c shaped rods.  No finials or anything.  It works for now though.
  4. Get the dresser put together.  This means pulling the old dresser out of the room.  Then I could put clothes away and start putting things where they’ll belong.  I can’t help Stu move the old dresser, nor can I do much to help put the new one together.  <sigh>  This is probably the first thing that should be on this list.
  5. Put the crib together.  Another thing that I can’t really help with.  Since we’re planning on having the baby sleep in our room for the first few weeks – while she’s still getting up every few hours to eat – this isn’t quite as important.  But if it’s together, (and we paint) I can decorate a bit, for when we move her in.  We’re going to leave the beds in there for the first few weeks, so that there’s a place for people to stay, other than the basement. 
  6. Get the night tables put together.  Yes, everything is still flat-packed.  This, I may be able to do.  Maybe I’ll peek at the boxes.
  7. Empty the top and move the china cabinet.  It’s sitting on a warped part of the floor, and one door is torked open at the bottom.  It just needs a little push about an inch to the left.  We’ve done this once before, but didn’t get it quite far enough.  This time, I’ll put some heavy boxes on the shelf to double-check the placement. 
  8. Finish putting the office desk together.  Then I can file away the stuff that belongs in cabinets that I can’t get into right now.
  9. Reload iTunes on the new computer that Stu built.  I’m out of podcasts, and I need new music for the iPod.  I need to be sure there’s at least one Radiohead song on there (to help ensure the coolness of this new baby.  LOL!)
  10. I should go through Teagan’s drawers and pull out the receiving blankets (or just some of them) and the burp rags to put in the babies room.
  11. Pull all the newborn stuff out of the basement, and figure out if I’m missing things, or if there are things I’ll need.
  12. Wash the car seat lining.
  13. Get a hospital bag packed.  EEPS!

Ok, that’s more of a list than I thought I had.  And, I’m sure there’s more.  If I really thought about it, I’d totally freak out with everything that needs to be done.  52 days if she doesn’t come early, like she may be threatening to.  Right now, I just want to lie down and not think about it.   This baby better leave me enough time to get things done!

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February 16, 2011

Today I felt like a cow.  Tired of being pregnant, achy, uncomfortable.  My clothes don’t fit any more.  Overnight, they stopped fitting.  I’m not going to buy clothes I’m only going to wear for a month or so.  I’m tired of the swelling (yay for sock rings), the aches (lower and mid-back), pains, pressure, heartburn, cramps, Braxton Hicks, being out of breath.  Lightning pains.  Varicose veins, bleeding gums, runny nose.  Constipation.  Peeing 50 times a day.  Daily needles.  Insomnia.  Not being able to sleep on my back.  Stairs kill me.  Picking up Teagan hurts, feels like my insides are going to fall out.  It’s too early for them to fall out.  It’s too early to feel this bad.  The midwives say that second pregnancies are more uncomfortable.  Great.

The clothes are a bit worrying though.  I’ve actually lost weight this week, (yay me!), so it’s not that I’m growing out of them.  It has to be edema – swelling, fluid gain.  I don’t need another complication in this pregnancy.  There’s been enough already.

Tomorrow I find out if the baby is still breech.  I have a midwife appointment.  Although I’ve tried to do the exercises (yay for lying on the floor and getting out of breath!) as often as I can, I haven’t been able to do them every day.  There’s still time, that is, if the placenta moves.  Monday we have a scan to see how much it’s moved.  I hope it has.

Ok, enough wining about me.

Teagan was not a good sleeper last night.  I woke up around 4am, feeling crampy and achy.  Lower back ache.  Debated for a while if I should go down to the sofa, reposition (recline!) and try to distract from the icky feeling. 

Teagan decided that she was “all dun” sleeping and cried out, she wanted to eat.  No, she was wet.  No, stinky.  Bum!  She wasn’t.  I get her back down with a new pacifier (bubble!), covered her with a blankie, and went back to bed.  20 minutes later, she’s up again.  Wet.  Stinky.  Ok, I check again, her thin blanket is a bit wet, so off to the changing table we go.  Her diaper is wet, but not soaking.  Her pj’s were dry though.  Weird.  Back into bed, though she says “Eat, all dun.  Eat.  Wet.  Book.  Sit. Rock”  No baby, it’s bed time, back to sleep. 

Twenty minutes later, she’s up again.  Stu got up this time to settle her.  He closed the door, with the cat inside.  I get up to let the cat out.  He may have gotten up to her one more time before it was my turn again.  I may have dozed a bit.  Yay for me! 

So, I go to her, and still she’s saying “wet,” so I look around.  The front of her pj’s had a track down them.  She must have thrown up, just a little.  As I’m trying to get her to lie back down, she starts throwing up again.  Just a little.  I pick her up (ouch!) and rock her a bit, patting her on the back.  She snuggles in to my neck and appears to go back to sleep.  So back into her crib she goes. 

By now, it’s almost 6:30.  So when she wakes up (again!), I ask if she wants to come sleep in mama’s bed.  She nods.  So, back into bed we go.  She wants to pat dada, and give him a kiss.  No, sweetie, dada’s sleeping, ssshhhhh.  We need to sleep until the beep-beep-beep.  This works, she dozes for about 20 minutes and then wants to pet the cat, dada, go eat.

The alarm finally goes off.  Stu does not wake up.   Oops.  Teagan gives him a kiss.  Dada grunts, and rolls over.  He doesn’t feel well, but he gets up, gets her dressed and fed and takes her to day care.  I get to shower and drink my coffee, blearily, but calmly.


October 21, 2010

Small scream

Image via Wikipedia

OMG.  I just found out Scream 4 has been filmed (yay), with original (surviving) cast, and is going to be released 4/15/11 (our due date!).  LOL!

I loved these movies.  I have them somewhere. I’ve watched them over and over.  It’s almost Halloween, time for horror movie marathons!  I think I’m going to dig around in the unpacked boxes to find them.

Best version of the trailer I could find:

The Yahoo article has the best one, but it doesn’t embed properly :(

On our own personal horror note, Teagan fell over the other day at day care:

She didn’t even cry!  Her forehead was better but the nose scrapes were much worse the following day.  :(

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July 12, 2009

Each morning, Stu and I would pass this billboard on the way to work, to well, just about anywhere. As we called Teagan “the Bump” before she was born, it was our inside joke. We would always forget to bring a camera, or have it ready as we passed by. Wednesday, I actually pulled over to take the picture :)

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May 19, 2009

Welcome to the world Teagan Maëlys!
Born 5/19 @10:13pm
Length: 19 3/4 inches
weight: 6lbs 11.2oz
Head:  13 1/2 inch
Picture 001

Picture 021


May 18, 2009

So, today’s blog entry was supposed to be along the lines of “Oh My GOD!  I have 9 days left.  Single digits.”   But this morning’s doctor appointment made for a different sort of entry.  So, at the ultrasound (was to be the last one, and no good pictures at all!), Nancy, the tech, noticed that the fluid was pretty low.  She sends me along to the NST, and says that she’ll give the size measurements to the doctor.

Well, after a bit, the doctor comes into the room, says fluid is low, lower than they like, and that I need to go over to the hospital to be ripened and then induced.  Baby is looking VERY GOOD, so they really aren’t worried about the bump.  But they don’t like leaving a baby in with fluid below 5.  I was at 3.5 that morning.  NST showed a happy and healthy baby.

So, thank goodness Stu went with me this morning.  He almost didn’t.  I wish I had brought the hospital bag, but it was only a fleeting thought this morning. Cervical ripening isn’t something that really needs to be thought about, let alone discussed!  Stu was saying it’s one of those word combinations, like mucus plug, that he could (well, me too!) live without!  LOL.  Anyway, off to the hospital we go!  Midwife is waiting for me, she gives an internal – still 50%, barely a fingertip and firm.  Ripening it is!

She mentioned that once they put in the Misopropal (?) pill, they keep calling it Miso, that I’ll be on a liquid diet.  I ask if I could at least have a “last lunch” before having the pill placed.  Ok.  This might have been a bad question to ask, as they take another hour to get me upstairs – no L&D floor for me, not  yet.  Then another hour or so to get food to me – hello mac & cheese!  So, Miso gets placed around 4.  After a bit, they tell me I’m contracting.  Really?  Not feeling much, other than the bump stretching every now and then.  Well, those stretches are contractions.  Go figure.  Not the only ones, either.

So, I’m contracting every 3-5 minutes, enough that I can’t have a second dose of Miso. Need to wait it out and see what happens.  Stu goes home to get the bag and bring the power cord for the laptop as it appeared we were in a lull.  We hang here, waiting, going through possible names.  Of course, we haven’t picked one yet, we were expecting another week of waiting.  I suggested he bring one of the name books that doesn’t have an “origin” section, it’s just a list of names.  Oh well.

The nurse doesn’t think much will happen today, so we send him home for a “last night” of sleep…  he’ll be stuck here soon enough, no need to wear him down, yet.

Fingers crossed, the ripening goes well…  I’m not looking forward to a foley balloon!  I wasn’t expecting to need to be ripened and then induced.  Was hoping the bump would get to pick it’s own time for arrival…  Oh well, I guess that’s part of being a parent, you do what you need to do.

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May 12, 2009

non-stress test

Ok, I didn’t give a good update of the Midwife appointment yesterday.  I seemed to focus on the fact that they might put me out of my misery by my due date, and nothing else.  He he he… I guess I’m getting a one track mind.

Anyway, let’s start at the beginning…  I’m on weekly doctor visits, have been for three weeks now.  Started those a bit early, but not that bad.  Monday’s and two weeks before have included non-stress tests.  Two weeks ago, I ended up on the machine for over an hour as it had run out of paper after the first 10 minutes and the midwife didn’t have enough data.  New roll of paper in the machine, and I get left again for what felt like ages, on a very uncomfortable doctor’s table.

So, this time, I joke as they hook me up that there better be paper in the machine.  The PA laughs, and said “YOU were the one that finished the roll.” So, I settle in and get left along in the room.  Yay for Mahjongg on the IPaq.  About 20 minutes later, the midwife comes in – the same one from the prior NST.  She adjusts the heartbeat disk and mentions that there seems to be a bunch of “garbage” in the data.  I get left again for another 30 minutes or so, holding the heartbeat disk in place.  I can’t read or even play Mahjongg.  Time goes so slow without distractions.

She comes back and looks at the read out.  Says that it appears that the bump is very active – yes, tell me about it!  Asks how the sub-cue heparin is going, and I tell her that it’s just not fun, Stu is doing most of the shots, as the needles are just a bit too long for me to do one handed.  She checks and says that I’m only 50% effaced, close and firm.  She doesn’t think I’ll have the baby this week.  She mentions that she doesn’t think I should go any later than my due date, which made me happy, I wasn’t about to argue with her.  I would like to be as non-intervened as possible. 

She then says that she’d like to have the fluid levels checked and sends me off to a radiology lab just around the corner.  The lab wants me there with a full bladder.  This is after I’ve been in the doctor’s office for an hour and a half, and they can’t see me for another 20 minutes.  So MEAN!  This is how you torture a pregnant lady.

I chat with the PA’s for a bit before I go.  Lab is just 5 minutes away from the doc’s office.  I get there, they have me fill a form, then wait a few minutes before I get called back.  The tech has me lie down on the table, goops me up.  I mention that we don’t know what the bump is, so she won’t blurt anything out.  She asks how far along I am…  37w5d.  She seems quite amazed that I’m that far along, that I don’t look it.  Anyway, she scans away, explains what she’s looking at…  shows me the heart, kidneys, stomach, ribs, femur…  nothing from that area :)  I start feeling very uncomfortable after about 15 minutes, I am almost flat on my back.  She notices and has me lay on my side for a bit.  After about 5 minutes, we start back up again.  She gets her fluid measures and asks if I would wait for her to check with the radiologist before I leave, just in case they need something else.  Again, I haven’t peed yet.  I could almost cry by now. 

So, another 5 minutes or so of waiting before she comes back and says I’m good to go, she’ll call the midwife and give her the results, and that the midwife will call me.  I ask if I could use their restroom before I leave.  But of COURSE I can :)  Yay.  Such relief!  It’s been over three hours.  I only have a 40 minute bladder by now, what with all the baby pressure and the almost constant headbutting and hiccups!

By now I’m starving, so swing past the McD’s on teh way home, and almost devour everything before I get there.  It’s about 12:20 now, and the doc’s closed for lunch.  I have at least 40 minutes before I can find out if everything is ok.  I call, the midwife is with a patient.  She’ll call me back.  About 30 minutes later the PA calls, and said that everything was ok.  The fluid level was just fine.  Whew!  I was worried that there was something wrong, that I would need to rush to the hospital, and Stu was at work 40 minutes away.  I know that I could ask a neighbor to drive me if need be, but still. 

So, end of a LONG story, everything is fine, bump is fine, I’m fine.  I’ll probably not have the baby this week, but you never know.  I also know that Stu and I won’t be waiting too much longer to meet the bump, which is nice to know too.  :)  Not sure what they’ll have planned for me, I’m sure I’ll find out next appointment.

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May 11, 2009

Finally got some pictures up on Flickr from the shower the other weekend.  There are a couple of detail pictures of the quilt that mom made while she was sitting with my grandma after her stroke.  I’m still amazed that she was able to get so much work done on it at such a difficult time.  She made me cry :*)

Stinky Feet

It’s just beautiful.

I had an appointment this morning with the midwife.  (Weekly appointments, yay fun).  Sadly, she doesn’t think I’ll be having this baby this week.  50% effaced, but -3 (they make it that high?!?!?!) station.  I thought the bump had moved much lower, with all the pressure and pee-inducing headbutting that’s been going on.  Oh well.  She did say that she doesn’t think I should go any later than the due date, even if that means we need to “ripen” and stuff.  She didn’t out and out say induce, which is kinda nice.  One of the reasons I like the practice is that the midwives do most of the deliveries, and they’re not too intervention crazy either. 

Granted, my status of “high-risk” might change how they’re treating me, but it wasn’t supposed to, unless the symptoms warranted.  They had said that they would continue to treat me as just AMA, which is high-risk in it’s own right, and not as high risk.  Yeah.  Confusing, I know.

Anyway, I didn’t argue much with her about it.  Knowing there’s an end in sight – 15 days from now.  Just over two weeks.

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