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February 22, 2014 ~ Hats and Knickers

on February 22, 2014
Hats, K.Swanson picture, donation

Hats made for PatPat’s Hat donation

Look at all those hats!  All of these hats were donated to PatPat’s Hats.  Each one intended to make a sick little kid just a little bit happier.  Make them feel a bit more loved and cared about.  When I heard that someone from day care was collecting hats, I immediately started looking for a pattern.  Hats are fun, quick, gratifying to make.

The yarn I had left over from one of the baby blankets would be perfect for a hat.  I had a bit more than usual left over, as I hadn’t had time to make the add-on bit.  It is acrylic,  washable, one of the few asks the site has.

Of course, I had to Google and search a ton before I found a hat.  I didn’t want to do just the same old hat pattern, I wanted something different, something that would help expand my skills, or just keep me a bit more interested than and around and around knit.

Mistake Mistake Rib hat

I ended up choosing the Mistake Rib pattern, worked up a hat in the 12 month size.  Since I was using a heavier weight than the pattern, it should be good for a 3-4 year old.  While I was going around, I forgot to do the mistake part (knit every other round of rib).  Oops.  So it’s not really a mistake rib, while being a true mistake.

While making this, I tried magic loop, which I found a bit awkward having all the loopy bits of the cable in the way.  Also tried splitting the stitches on four double pointed needles, and that was weird too.  Knitting in a triangle is much easier for me than a square!  Still, I made it through, without too many issues.

I hope someone chooses my hat!


In other news, Ashlin wore knickers all day.  No accidents!  She wore them with a pair of legwarmers that tickled her pink:

Leg warmers AND birdie knickers!!

4 responses to “February 22, 2014 ~ Hats and Knickers

  1. Kat says:

    Wonderful idea for the hats for the little ones. Yours is cute and I bet will be in the choosing for sure. I like that it was a ‘mistake, mistake’ hat. :) And yah again for Ashlin’s achievements!! Love the leg warmers too.

    • lisasff says:

      I was so excited when this lady mentioned the charity. I may work up hats using left over yarn, just because, to have them ready for the next collection!

      And yeah, I had a few issues starting the hat – to use small circular, magic loop, three or four double points – that by the time i really started, I forgot about the “mistake” part of the rib. I will try the pattern again, to really see how it should be :D

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