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May 9, 2012

Driving home from day care with the girls was fun.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, I looked back and Ashlin was totally rocking out to the song on the radio.  Fun, Some Nights.

You can’t really hear the song in the quick  video I grabbed at the stop sign.  The song was just about over too.  I tried to play it from YouTube, but someone pulled up behind us and I had to move along.

I like Some Nights much better than We Are Young, Ashlin has good taste :D

We listened to videos during dinner:

Imagine Dragons, Queen, Electric Guest, Elmo with Elvis Costello, Elmo with Katy Perry, Elmo and some ducks, Elmo with India Arie.  And then Fun again.

It was a fun dinner.  With kicky feet.  And Teagan almost got the alphabet right, after the 5th time listening to Elmo and India Arie.


April 25, 2012

Wanna hear a secret?  I watch Glee.  And I like it.  Well, most times, even though the writers are never consistent and they have a few story lines that they could have treated much better.  They have had a lot of chances to do a better thing, but haven’t taken enough.  But that’s fodder for a rant, and this isn’t going to be a rant.

I’m halfway through the Whitney tribute episode – last night was Girls Night Out.  Yay! And double yay for DVR’s! – and I am absolutely blown away by Kurt‘s rendition of  “I Have Nothing”.

I’m not a big Whitney fan, although her life, and death, made me sad.  I’m impressed that Chris Colfer, a guy, was able to pull the vocals of this song off.

I also enjoyed Blaine‘s version of “It Not Right But It’s Okay”.

I think the resolution of the storyline of Kurt cheating via text with Blaine was a bit too simplistic, too easy.  But it is a bubblegum show after all.  A normally fun guilty pleasure.


March 27, 2012

On this morning’s drive to work AltNation played a new song (to them) by a new band (to them).  Disko Killers by Lowline.  Not a bad tune,  but not the ear worm of a few of the other songs they play in heavy rotation.  It reminded me of Simple Minds a lot, with a touch of the Cult.  Stu, on the other hand, thought it sounded like Garbage.  Made for an interesting conversation:

Stu:  Like Garbage, but not Courtney Love‘s band.  You remember that blond lady from Terminator:  Sarah Connor Chronicles, the one that owned the business from the future?  Her.  She’s the lead singer from Garbage.  It sounds like Garbage’s “Ready to Go” but if a man was the lead singer.

Me:  Oh, I can hear that now.

Neither of us could remember the name of Courtney’s band at the time.  This was in the morning, and I don’t think Stu had his morning tea, and I had not gotten too far down my cup of coffee.

Tee hee hee.

Sometimes it’s fun to car pool.



Update:  The band was Republica, not Garbage.  Neither of us for that right.  Oops.  I guess we’re more tired than we realize.


March 17, 2012

Wishing you always…
Walls for the wind,
A roof for the rain
And tea beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick with Serpent


Teagan loved watching the rebroadcast of the parades today.  She started trying to dance along with the step dancers when they came on.  Shame that there isn’t a dance school close by, but we can work on that.  Ashlin started getting down to some of the fiddle music too.  Irish stew and home made soda bread for dinner tomorrow! Yay!

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March 8, 2012

Let’s talk music again.  This morning as Stu and I were driving in, we talked about the ear worms from the other day.  Bombay Bicycle Club and Electric Guest are on high rotation on Sirius Alt Nation.  Not bad.  One other song that they’re slowly ramping down is by Wolf Gang, The King and All of His Men:

This is one of the first songs that Teagan started singing along to.  Ashlin enjoys it too.  It is fun seeing them both bop their heads in time to a song.  This is one of those songs.

It was also played as we were heading to pick the girls up from day care.  This time, the dj preceded it with a mini interview with the songwriter, a British guy with a Mac last name.  He told a story about someone telling him that it was the perfect song for him and his girlfriend, their relationship.  He laughed, saying the song was about terrorism, the fundamental battle between good and evil.

Still, it sounds cheery enough.  I do not mind that rattling around my head all day.  It also will make me start to bounce my head in time to the song going along in my head.



March 6, 2012


Sirius radio played it this morning on the ride in.  I like this song.  A lot.  But it seems to stick in my head.  For a long time.  Today, it was all day.  Over and over, it wound round and around through my brain.  All day.  In the background while on a conference call, while going through e-mails, while walking to get more water.

I suppose there are worse ear worms to get stuck in your head.  And it’s a pretty happy tune…

Fading out the light
Softly saying
Get it out my mind

So, around and around and around, all day, until driving home and Foster the People comes on the radio.  Yay!  Another happy ear worm!


Also, today is the 100th birthday of the Oreo!  Yay!

Happy Birthday Cookie!


January 19, 2012



Ashlin woke up with funny hair again. She is a hair twirler, and must have twirled her way to sleep last night.  I may need to not bathe her on nights before day care days.  That, or actually brush her hair in the morning.

Now that she’s enjoying her baths, I may need to start brushing.

Maybe she won’t cry like her sister does.  Still does.  Sigh.



She’s absolutely fascinated with the musical table. I just pulled it out from the basement and put in fresh batteries. She’s trying to pull herself up, succeeding sometimes. It’s a bit higher than the fireplace. I give her until Monday to get it down.


I can reach

Tippy toes! She’s trying to reach across the table to play all the music.  But then she dances.  And it’s awesome.



January 18, 2012


This morning was a lovely drive. Yes, into work.  Boo for work. But there seemed to be something special about it, almost magical.

I had the 80’s station on the  sat radio.  Teagan had not liked the song on the Alt station and I was hunting for some music she liked.  English Beat came on – Twist and Crawl – and she liked that.  Girls get dropped off at day care, with little trouble, so, off to work.

Up until the tunnel, (that seems to scare most other drivers), the ride was relatively normal.  Traffic, idiots in the passing lane going 30 miles slower than the rest of the people on the road.  Grrrr.

Anyway. That all changed at the tunnel.  Just as I come out of the tunnel, the sun comes out from behind a cloud, Talk Talk (by Talk Talk) comes on, the truck in front of me moves immediately to the right lane,  I accelerate up the hill.  The sun strobes start flashing in time to the song.  Awesome!

I still have open road in front of me.  Traffic seems to have just gone away and is unusually light.  So not the normal stop and go morning commute. Wonderful.

Red Skies by the Fixx comes on.  The strobes pulse in time.


Or, it was, until the last exit.  Two miles from the office.  Accident.  Three lanes merged into one.  It took almost 20 minutes to finish the ride in.

I had to pee.

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August 1, 2011

Today was Ashlin’s four month doctor’s appointment.  She’s doing great!  Hitting milestones, being a good little eater and sleeper.  It’s always nice having someone tell you that things are good, that she’s good.

Her stats:

              • Height: 24.25 inches / 50th Percentile
              • Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz / 25th Percentile
              • Head circumference: 42.1cm / 75th Percentile

The doctor was quite pleased with how well she’s doing.  Said that she should grow into her clicky knee, that the click should go away.  That we do need to work on her taking a bottle.  (I knew that we did.  I kinda didn’t want to think about it yet, as it means that she will be going into day care.  Yes, Yes.  I know she is).

We also need to pay attention to her “pissed off” rash, the one she gets on her lower legs after she gets really pissed off being off her routine.  This happened on Saturday – her nap and feeding schedule was off about an hour or so – she melted down.  Turned purple.  And her lower legs broke out in the pin point type rash.  Like on Father’s day at my parents house.  Two days after the episode, the doctor said that it didn’t look like a “normal” rash.  So, if we notice it any other time then after an episode, we need to let them know.  She may need blood tests and stuff.

But for now, she’s good!



PS.  Ultrasound of the boob Friday shows no abscess.  Yay!  The mastitis is still there, so I’m back on antibiotics for another 5 days.

PPS.  Updated the Teagan’s Tunes.  I’ll need to start one for Ashlin, eventually.  Once she stops trying to blow raspberries and notices music.

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March 3, 2011 ~ She’s Got Rhythm

Good Times: The Very Best of the Hits & the Re...

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So, today, the baby decided that she’d kick the living guts out of my while keeping beat to the song playing ~ “Good Times” by Chic.  Ouch! LOL!!

Twice!  A kick to each word.  These. Kick.  Are. Kick.  The. Kick.  Good. Kick. Times. Kick.

Heh.  Maybe she’ll be as much a music lover as her sister…  We’ll just have to see if she likes bagpipes as much…