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June 13, 2012

on June 13, 2012

It’s been a busy day.

Teagan got to wear new pink sneakers today.  She was so excited, saying over and over that “they’re just like E’s.”  E is her best friend, at day care.  Teagan always qualifies it with “at day care.”

Pink Sneakers

She was also a nightmare, again.  A very bad girl.


Today at nap time, she pulled her pants and underwear down and danced on her cot.  Wonderful.  My girl is going to be a stripper.  Not an encouraging thing to hear from the instructors today.  Teagan did not get a cookie after dinner tonight.

Oh, and she’s not going to be wearing her pink sneakers to day care tomorrow.

Ashlin, on the other hand, had a good day.  She spent most of the day, including her nap, in the toddler room.  It’s not her first time, they’ve had her visit on and off for a few weeks now.  And she loves it there.  Mornings lately, she does not like being dropped off in the infant room, and will try to get into the toddler room.  She’ll walk up to the half door, and hold her arms up, until someone comes and picks her up and brings her in.  She also tried to let herself in.  (She’s going to be trouble.)   There must be something magic about the table over there, she loves eating her breakfast (pancakes, or waffles, or a bagel), at that little table, in her own little chair.

I think they’ll be moving her over soon, she’s ready.  I’m not sure I am.

Also, no bumps or scrapes today for her.  Yay.

And tonight, she did great with her fork.

4 responses to “June 13, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    hmmm….Teagan is really asking for attention. HA HA….hopefully, she WON’T become a stripper. :-) I loved watching Ashlin with the fork….wasn’t waiting for the mouth to be empty before pushing in another forkul. LIKE MOST KIDS. Love it.

    • lisasff says:

      My little exhibitionist! Yeah, that could be it, she’s looking for attention, and bad attention is still attention. Maybe I need to take her on a special outing or something… maybe that’s why her behavior is so bad lately.

      And yeah, Ashlin was my little bird last night. So cute. She couldn’t get any food on that dull fork by herself, so she’d have it in one hand and use the other hand to feed herself. Of course, once she ate all her food, as well as some of her sisters, she’d play with the fork, experimenting how far into her mouth it would go. Fun times.

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  3. […] June 13, 2012 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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