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June 21, 2012

on June 21, 2012

20120621-185919.jpgTeagan had a “graduation” today.  It was actually the Fours who were moving up to Kindergarten from the Threes, but they included her and her friend, as they were the only ones who weren’t truly moving up.

Teagan, who loves hats, didn’t want to wear hers for the ceremony.  Then she didn’t want to sit for the whole time.  When they sang “You Got A Friend In Me,” Teagan was distracted and didn’t remember all the words.  Still, it was very cute, and she was very touched that I got there.  Stu stayed home with Ashlin, who we didn’t think should be out more than needed.

I recorded most of it, and took some pictures, this being one of them.  My little miss just wanted to run, it didn’t matter that it was 100° outside.


Watching her dance and interact with the other kids was much more interesting than the ceremony.  It’s always interesting to see her move, talk , be with other people.  She always seems so much older.  She’s getting so big.

Most of the songs, she ran in a circle or spun around, trying to do the moves that DJ/Singer was doing.  You could see her trying to see what she was supposed to do next, see the brain trying to absorb movements and put them to the rhythm.  But for one song, she started dancing like a big girl, booty bounce and one song had a head bop.

She’s getting so big.

I would like time to slow down, thank you.

2 responses to “June 21, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Let me now when you find a way…..kids do grow up too fast it seems when they are ‘young’ but let the teen years arrive and THEN you see time slow dow. LOL. The ceremony sounded really cute and ‘normal’. Go Teagn!!!

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah. It would be a fantastic discovery :D

      I’m going to go through the videos and pictures today, to see if I can do something to publish them… Don’t want to put too many other kids out there…

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