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December 19, 2011 ~ Big Candles!

on December 19, 2011

Ice tunnel

Tonight we got the girls out of day care early and took them to see the Fantasy of Lights.  Well, Teagan.  Ashlin napped most of the time, we think.  It was a big hit!  Yay!

Just before we got there, Teagan said she needed to go potty, so off to the nearest McDonald’s to fulfill her needs.  Success*!  The flush freaked her out a bit, it was loud and echoy, and the hand dryer was a bit scary too – “I scared mama.”  But a little bit of calming, and then, back to the light display.

It was right on the water, and much bigger than I expected.  Very cool.  And the squeals of delight from the back seat made it totally worth it.  We went through three times :o

Two Twinkle Stars!


It wasn't a rock...

Here be dragons

Tree! Reindeer! Tree! Nother tree!


* We did have an accident though.  Boo!  Teagan was desperate to go potty, but we were in the middle of the display, no restroom in sight.  We did try to get out quickly, but she ended up having an accident.  I stopped the car, got her out, and we peed on the grass, sheltered behind the car.  A first for both Teagan and I.  I didn’t have a dry pull up (she was in her knickers) and pants to put her in.  I’ll go pick up a portable potty chair for the car for next time.   With Ashlin coming along, we’ll probably need it again.  I’ll also be sure to swap out the too-small diaper with a pull-up and a pair of leggings, for just in case.  Hopefully, we’ll never need them.


4 responses to “December 19, 2011 ~ Big Candles!

  1. Kris A says:

    With both kids, I kept a small bag in both cars (the free little ones that had formula samples in them) that had 2 pull ups/undies and a complete set of clothes. We did this until they were in elementary school, though by then, it was for spills, etc. When Katie was 5, she wiped out in a mud puddle and i was so happy I had clean clothes. And when both were potty trained, we had times we got stuck in traffic with a kid yelling, “I gotta go potty now!!!”. I took of the undies, threw on a pull up and let them go.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, I had gotten lazy – size 4 diaper?? sheesh! She has a little peanut butt, but still. Last night was “special” in that we just picked up and went from day care. I should have brought a diaper bag, but was all overconfident about A sleeping and T being just fine. So, second time out in knickers, and we’re running a 50% success. Sunday, I had a pair of pants and a pull-up, just in case, and didn’t need it. Yesterday, I should have kept them in the car. Oh well. I have some hand-me-down leggings that will roll up small, so I can put one bag in each car for Teagan.

      Yesterday was our wake up call :D

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