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September 15, 2013 ~ Bring on the Dancing Horses

on September 15, 2013

Nervous Anticipation

Teagan had her first dance class yesterday. She was so excited, nervous, eager, asking me what the class was going to be like, if the teacher was going to be nice, as we drove there. I tried to answer her questions – I’m sure the teacher will be nice, I’m sure there’ll be other nice girls in the class, I’m sure the class will be fun.

Teagan was almost vibrating with the excitement as we tried to put her shoes on, only to figure out they were just a tad too small.  Thankfully, there was a basket of shoes in a bunch of sizes for those that didn’t have shoes yet.  A french lady helped me find a pair from the mixed up basket.

The kids were sent into the practice room, the parents closed out in the wating room.  There were two windows with curtains partially drawn we could look through.  The manager explained that if the kids saw their parents, their concentration would be shot for the rest of the class.  Yeah.  Teagan would be trying to impress, show off, knowing I was watching.

But there were very little shenanigans, Teagan was fantastic during the class.  Eager to learn, focused, participatory.  Enthralled.  She wanted to go to another class right. now.

Today, we were invited to tailgate at a polo match.  Yes.  A polo match!  I had no idea there were polo teams playing around here.  I thought they were all in Greenwich and out towards Rhode Island.  We ended up having the girls take a nap – and even Teagan slept! – before we went.  Naps ran a bit longer than expected, so we were a bit late.

It was just me and the girls, Stu had to work today.  Boo.  But the girls were so good.  They listened, they played with friends, they ate their weight in grapes.  And made a hobby horse, their own polo pony.

We have to try to do that again, with Stu next time.  And maybe I’ll have a chance to read up on what the rules are, so I might understand what I’m watching.



Hobby Horse Light Sabers

Hobby Horse Light Sabers

What's this?

What’s this?

Watching horses and eating grapes

Watching horses and eating grapes



Scary fake horse

Scary fake horse


3 responses to “September 15, 2013 ~ Bring on the Dancing Horses

  1. Kathy W says:

    Yay!! T…you’ll do great in dancing class. I love the ‘light sabers” :-) It looked like a fun day to be outside. Glad the girls enjoyed it.

    • lisasff says:

      It was a glorious day to be outside! Big sky, streaky clouds, sun. I’m not sure if they paid attention to the horses except for the few minutes they were playing right in front of us, but the girls enjoyed playing with their friends, which really, is all that matters at this point :D

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