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June 14, 2011

on June 14, 2011


We had a thunderstorm move in quickly.  The sky turned pitch black in minutes.  You could see the storm line.  I rushed home and was able to get the baby in before the sky opened.  Stu dashed out to get Teagan.  We were a bit concerned that she may freak out if one of us wasn’t there.  There were at least two roads blocked with large, broken, tree branches.  There was hail – out by us it was very small.

We needn’t have worried.  Teagan was fascinated with the storm.  She loved it!  “Boom, boom, boom.  Mr. Brown is a wonder!  Boom, boom, boom!  Mr. Brown makes thunder!

“Dibble, dibble, dibble dop!”

She was upset there wasn’t another storm on Saturday and Sunday.


We had a birthday party to go to.  I forgot my camera.  Imagine a picture of Teagan in a blue polka dot dress.  We had a great time!  Ashlin slept in her car seat, which we put under the appetizer table.  Teagan had a blast playing with N’s toys.  She figured out how to work this night light thing to make it change colors.  She fell in love with this fold up chair he had – with a fox design on it.*

Just about cupcake and singing time, she asked to go take a nap.  A moment to record, “no nap!” is her new theme song.  When she wakes up in the morning, she will say “no nap!”  Any time we tell her that it will be nap time soon, “no nap!”  She will nap, but this is one of her mantras.

After her nap, she played for awhile, then asked to sit on her potty. I took her bloomers and diaper off and sat by her.  Stu got us a bunch of books and we sat and read for a bit.  Her dress kept getting in the way, so I took it off.  After she decided she was done (and didn’t go), she refused to let me put the dress back on.  Ok.  No big deal.  We let her play in her diaper and sandals.  Yes, a blackmail picture was taken.  There is also video.


A local nursery had a butterfly release that we went to.  Teagan’s been absolutely obsessed with bugs – buggies! – lately.**  It was a bit cold and overcast so the butterflies weren’t very active, but they did fly out and Teagan was excited and clapped.  We looked for a few more butterflies, as the nursery had a bunch of butterfly-attracting plants around.  Teagan got super happy when she found one, or found a bumble bee.  Yay buggies!  Ashlin slept.  Again.



* I found a child’s size fold up chair at Target, but it didn’t have the cute fox on it.  Her head exploded with the happy.

** So, it’s more like a personality tick.  It started about two weeks ago or so.  She’ll say she has buggies on her feet, legs, arms, hands, food tray, floor, wall.  We have to assure her that there aren’t any bugs on her or in the house.  That those are crumbs or lint or something.  It’s not fear, she’s not scared of them.  She tripped after her birthday party and instead of crying got distracted by an ant.   LOL!  She just doesn’t want them inside – they need to be outside (“yes, ouside.” nod, nod, nod).


5 responses to “June 14, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Terri H* commented on your post.

    Terri wrote: “Ashlin is so beautiful….just like her big sister!!!”


    Thanks Terri! The peanut is growing fast, soon she’ll be chasing after her big sister!

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  3. Kris A says:

    Is Teagan still doing 2 naps or just 1? If she is doing 2 she is probably ready for one. At this age, Katie would nap in the afternoon (only about 45 min) at daycare but never at home. Thomas almost never napped at all, even at preschool when he went for a full day. Every 6 or 7 days he might doze off a bit if we were in the car. I had to institute “quiet time” and he had to lay down and watch a 30-40 min. video.

    • lisasff says:

      Kris, she will usually do two naps if we are home on a weekend. One will be short – 45 minutes – and one will be a bit longer. During the week, at day care, it’s just one. That’s the day care schedule. And lately we’re lucky if she does that. The day care nap is usually 45 minutes to an hour.

      If she doesn’t nap every day at day care, then she’ll sleep better on the weekend. She plays catch up with her sleep. She’s getting about 14 hours a day…

      Her “No Nap!” had a few meanings, that she’s not going to nap, or that she’s done sleeping. No nap = awake.

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