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December 25, 2010 bis

on December 25, 2010

So, I have a bit more time than I thought… Teagan is still sleeping. :)

So, yesterday we saw someone almost drown. It was more scary than the earthquake.  Stu, my sister, and I were on our way back to the rooms when this girl ran by and someone from the hotel gave her a life ring. We watched her run back to the ocean and swim out to two guys, and offer the ring. The three of them were then stuck out in the current, the rescuer needed help too.

Eventually, a surfer paddled out to help everyone. The man who initially needed help was propped on the board and the remaining three slowly moved toward shore. The waves made it a very slow process. Men on shore chained themselves out into the water to help pull everyone in. Finally, everyone was on the beach and safe.

We gave the man our towel to help. Stu talked to him a bit while he was recuperating, found out the guy was a swimmer too. Stu mentioned that he had trouble the day before, that the currents were nasty.   We also found out that the second guy was a local guy, who swam out to help keep the initial man afloat while the lady got the life ring.  So many good Samaritans out that day.

The flag yesterday was yellow. The day before it was red. I’m amazed that both Stu and I both know better. We will look from now on.

At dinner last night – buena noche con lechon! – Stu was talking to a cousin (Benny, of course!) who said there is at least one tourist lost each year around this time to drowning. Usually a bit further down the beach, but still.

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