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February 15, 2010

on February 15, 2010

It looks like I need to be more disciplined about doing entries, it seems.  Oh look!  Ice cream!  Be right back :)

Ok, back.  You have to love when your hubby brings you ice cream :)  

So, I need to talk about the snowy weekend in PA.  A great trip to see friends, we went to look at a house before we left, (more on that later,) and for the most part, had a great trip down.  Didn’t hit any snow until just about Hershey, and then just flurries.  Kept checking in to see how the snow was on the mountain, and by the time we got south of Harrisburg, it was falling hard at my friend’s house.  I think they got almost 4 inches of snow in an hour.  By the time we got to their mountain, we just couldn’t drive up, the car couldn’t handle the snow.  We pulled over and called, hoping for a St. Bernard and a sleigh ride up the mountain.  A snow plow eventually came by, and we tried to drive up again.  No luck.  Called to see if they could get us, after the plow had gone by.  Her husband was able to drive down.

He told Stu to follow him up, through some back roads which were supposed to have less slope, and might be easier on the Honda than the main road.  No luck.  We got stuck just around a corner.  Got into the minivan with the baby and drove up together.  We’d just have to get the car out the next day.

We started saturday looking out the windows to see all 22 inches of snowfall that arrived overnight.  It was still snowing.  LOVELY!  The kids were excited.  We bundled the piglet up and all went sledding:

Waiting at the top

Getting ready to go down the hill

walking back up

Afterwards, we went inside and had lovely hot cocoa.  With marshmallows.  Then we had to think about getting the car out.  Took my friends husband, a few snow shovels and drove off.  This is the first glimpse of what the car looked like the next day: 


We tried digging it out, but it was taking too long.   We ended up borrowing her brother who lives around the corner…  Still was taking a long time.    


My friend’s husband wanted to go get his snowblower and blow it out.   As I could no longer feel my fingers, I let him.  Several of their neighbors stopped as we were digging, waiting and getting the snow blower ready.  One of them suggested that we back the car out as the ditch had a big drop off just in front of where we had come to a stop.  So, we start working on the other side.  One neighbor had chains and offered to pull the car out.  We ended up taking him up on the offer.  We really wanted to be done and back inside.  With his help, we got the car out.    

Ended up playing Talisman, playing with the baby, chatting, drinking a little, laughing a lot.  It was a good weekend.  Even if Tegan didn’t sleep well, so I didn’t sleep well.  Even though we caught a cold. We need to do this at least twice a year.  If not more.

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  1. […] and I went down to visit with friends in PA.  Yes, where his car got stuck in a near record-breaking snow fall last  year.  It didn’t snow this time. Mmmmm… crepes. Moar! […]

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