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January 19, 2011

on January 19, 2011

It’s late, I’m tired.  Here’s some video of Teagan playing with my friend’s kids at their house from this past weekend.  Pay no attention to the voices in the background :)

Stu and I went down to visit with friends in PA.  Yes, where his car got stuck in a near record-breaking snow fall last  year.  It didn’t snow this time.


Mmmmm... crepes. Moar! Beez!!

It was nice seeing my friend and her family again.  Fondue (cheese and meat,) soup, crepes, talks.  Oh, it was a good visit.  An overdue visit.

Her kids were great with Teagan – they even got into fights (and trouble!) because they both wanted to do things with her at the same time.  Little did they know that she’s so active she could keep them both busy.  Even with her toddler sensitivities.

It was also one of the few trips where were didn’t play any geeky games.  Oh well.  We need to show them the Zombie Game next time.  And the new expansions for Talisman. :)

Anyway, too short a trip.  They live too far away.  We need to discover beaming technology.  Before April.

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