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February 2, 2010

 Finally.  This  will be a catch-up post…  So many things to discuss, so little conscious time…

  • Teagan is doing well.  She got over her double ear infections as well as the trauma of taking another antibiotic that she didn’t want to take.  This is a good thing :)
  • She decided to share the plague with the rest of us.  Definitely not fun being sick while taking care of a sick baby.  Stu and I needed someone to come in and take care of all of us.  We’re better now, thankfully, but for a week, it was not an easy thing.
  • We put our house on the market on Monday.  After talking about moving closer to work for over a year now, we finally did it.  Ended up spending the week doing a panic unclutter and clean to have it ready to show.  It’s amazing how much stuff got jammed into this house.  I don’t remember it getting as cluttered as it is.  Granted some of the clutter is because of the baby, but still!  I have way too many books, if that’s even possible. :)
  • Although I’m not sick any more, I still find it hard to stay awake past 9:30.  It could be work ramping up and Teagan becoming more demanding during the day and evenings…
  • I saw a fox run through the yard several days ago.  That brings the wildlife sighting up to 12:
    1. turkeys
    2. rabbits (yeah yeah, but still)
    3. hawk (comes and hangs out in the hickory tree in the afternoons)
    4. turkey vulture
    5. musk-rat
    6. coyote
    7. skunk
    8. opossum
    9. ground hog
    10. fisher cat
    11. american bobwhite
  • Does anyone else laugh at the Aciphex commercials? Or is it just me?  Maybe I’m just reliving my childhood.  Fart jokes anyone?  :)
  • Speaking of reliving, I thought it was cool that the third season promo teasers for Chuck used Billy Squire as the background music?
  • We might have sold the house already.  I signed a contract of sale today.  There isn’t a deposit yet, but I guess that’s on the way.  Second showing Saturday was the sale :)  We didn’t get the asking price, but got enough that we can move.  That’s all we really need.
  • We need to find a house.  Fast!
  • Teagan has four teeth coming in.  One is almost cut through, the other bottom is a bit behind, and the top to further still, but on their way.  Poor piglet is miserable.  She’s very snuggly and quite a bit whiney.  Motrin is a good thing :)
  • We’re off this weekend to see friends and play games.  Rescheduled from the MLK plague weekend.  We’ll probably stop playing Talisman and Last Night on Earth to watch the Superbowl, but only because we have to :)
  • Teagan still isn’t crawling.  That’s ok.  She can pretend she’s superman and flying as long as she wants :)  She did get up on all fours and rock back and forth often today.
  • Piglet is trying desperately to meow and say cat.  She so wants to catch Clio too. :)
  • I am NOT looking forward to packing!


PS.  I hate when my browser eats my posts.  I had just finished the original entry when it disappeared.  I had to re-write it :( This one isn’t as good as the original.  I’m too tired to make it better.


November 17, 2009

Yay!  We survived both the flight and the weekend!  It was actually a very good time.  Teagan handled the flight down very well.  So much so that we got compliments on how good a baby she was. 

The majority of the trip was taken up with family – obligations, lunches, dinners.  We did get a little time to go to the beach, the hotel pool and a fortress.  Teagan had a pretty good time in the ocean, shaking off getting sea water in her face until Stu and I passed her right as a wave hit her.  (My mom has all those pictures!)  We then went into the pool, because mom wanted to get a picture of her similar to one she had taken of me when I was in PR at 7 months – sitting alone on the pool steps.   

We got a few good ones!  Teagan really enjoys the pool.  We got to go in the pool the next day – the ocean was too rough – and she put her face in the water several times…  would kick and splash.  So much fun to see her learn about the water!

Memorial service for Abuelita was nice, but all in spanish.  Lunch afterward was sort of fun.  Sitting with family that I don’t know well, that Stu doesn’t know at all, hoping they remember to speak english for him.  For us.  My spanish is too rusty :(  Everyone was totally taken with Teagan, la muñeca.  Turns out that “cousins” have a beach house that they might let us borrow.    Yay!

We ended up on Monday being able to get to the Fortress of San Felipe del Morro.  Turns out that my great-grandfather helped build the lighthouse.  Cool.

The way back wasn’t as successful as the way down, and a little bit melancholy.  I always feel sad leaving Puerto Rico.  I do so enjoy being there, even with the humidity.  Teagan wasn’t quite as good the way back, but we deserved it.  We really abused her schedule during the trip.  She didn’t get fed as regularly – don’t worry, we did feed her.  She didn’t get to sleep as often and as long as normal – she napped between events, in the car, during lulls, while sightseeing… 

She cried several times by the end of the trip and also on the plane.  We didn’t get the same compliments as we got off back in Connecticut as we did on the way down, although when she was happy she made friends all around her – the lady behind us, the one across the asile from us, and the steward.  I was totallly blown away that she slept during the landing – didn’t need the bottle of milk that I saved for her for the return.  She only woke up as we put her into the cold stroller.  Almost midnight.  Poor baby.

I hope her routine – and she – recovers quickly.

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November 11, 2009

We’re going to be flying soon.  On a plane.  With a baby.  OMG.  We’ll be *those* people on a plane…  the ones that you look at and hope aren’t going to be sitting by you, that you wish weren’t going to be on your flight.  With a baby.  You pray that the baby doesn’t cry and scream but sleeps the entire flight.  I hope that we aren’t going to be those people…  the  kind of people that everyone hates on sight.  I hope that Teagan won’t be that baby.

I’m also worried how we’ll manage all her stuff – my god, the stuff – as well as ours.  We dont need to bring a car seat, there’ll be one waiting there for us.  But that means that we have to have her sit on our laps the entire flight.  We wouldn’t have the opportunity to maybe put her in her seat in flight.  The car seat is also so heavy now (she is a piglet after all!), that we’d need the stroller frame, but she loves sitting up watching the world now, so I was planning on bringing the umbrella stroller. 

Then there’s food.  She’s eating a little food.  Do I bring that too?  Will I get hauled away by security because I poured out three portions of rice cereal and it looks like a white powder?  How much liquid is she allowed?  How much breast milk would be too much?  How will I keep it cold enough?

Advise from the doctor, (among others), is to see how she handles it.  To nurse on takeoff and landing.  To bring a pacifier.  To bring toys.  If she doesn’t do well, than maybe give her Benadryl to put her out. 

This would be the first time that we would consciously choose to drug our daughter for better behavior.  Not just to ease pain (stop her from crying all night) from teething.  I’m not sure if I like that idea or not.  I do know that I don’t want to be *those* people.

Anyway, I know I can get food down there, get anything I forget to pack, replace anything that gets puked on.  I really don’t need to stress about it.  I should be more concerned about how both my hubby and daughter, with their pale pasty skin, will survive the Caribbean sun :)  Though if the weather reports are to be trusted, that might be a non-issue as well.

Anyway, I just need her birth certificate, my driver’s licence, Stu’s passport and resident card, the boarding passes and we’ll be good enough to go!

On that note, I’m off to bed, but will leave you with the joy of green beans!

Green Beans!



July 17, 2009


Teagan sleeps like this all the time in her car seat.  I’m amazed that she doesn’t get a crick in her neck!  I can see her while I drive through a mirror on the back of the passenger seat.  I freak out a bit that she might somehow stop breathing – the angle of her head will block her windpipe or something.  It can’t be that crazy… I can’t be the only parent that freaks out about thinks like this…  It can’t be that far out of the realm of possibility…

We got back from our second long car trips – a stay for a few days with the grandparents as Stu was away on a business trip to Toronto.  So, yet another chance to freak out.

It was a lovely visit – surprisingly.  No arguments or short tempers with the parents.  Mom finally changed a diaper as well!  She was a wonderful person and offered to take care of Teagan over night, on both Monday and Tuesday night.  Heaven!  Although she sleeps very well – almost all night – getting up to feed her is draining.  It was so nice to sleep 8 hours or so with out needing to get up.  Granted, I needed to pump badly by the time I did wake up, (over 300ml too!) but still, the sleep was wonderful!  I totally owe my mom, and probably dad, for the short child-rearing vacation.

Teagan and I returned on Wednesday, had a lonely night.  She was a bit off her game – got up every 1.5-2 hours or so.  Even with the lack of sleep I got a lot accomplished on Thursday.  Kept busy, so I didn’t notice how empty the house was.  Stu and Bella were conspicuously absent.  I ended up falling asleep on the sofa waiting for Stu to get back.  I slept much better once he got in.

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July 13, 2009

Why’s all the rum gone?

or “Why’s all the rum gone?

Teagan is in her last newborn diaper.  She’s finally big enough to move up to size one.  <sigh>  She’s growing so fast!  This weekend was a weekend of firsts – first car trip (she was fantastic on the car ride, slept the entire way, no fuss!), first drink, first HUGE diaper blowout…

We went up home for the day – it was haircuts, when the gang all get together for haircuts and dinner.  Also the conjunction of three birthdays – Wendy, Mike and myself.  There was cake :)

Stu and I went up early to have lunch with the grandparents – gotta give them as much Teagan time as possible.  Mom found that the cook from Coqui was working at a boat club, and had a reduced menu – still had chicharrones though!  So, although we ended up leaving the house an hour late, we still had time, so we still go for lunch.  Of  course we order pina coladas, they go with the pastelios.  Teagan got hungry too.  So we warmed up a bottle of breast milk that we had brought with us, gave it to mom so she could feed Teagan.  I’m not sure how it happened, but she ended up spilling almost the entire drink on Teagan!  Go grandma!  Thank goodness it was a cold drink and not coffee or something!  We quickly get T undressed and wrapped up again and she finishes her bottle.  Then I get to wipe her down – she was sticky from the pina – and dressed in the second outfit I had packed.  I forgot to wipe her hands.  She spent the next 20 minutes licking and sucking on her fingers!  LOL!  I think she likes rum and pinapple.

Off we go to haircuts.  Stu goes first, and since T was still hungry, I went to the back to feed her.  She finishes, and then basically explodes.  Up her back, through the diaper, shredding the lining – got the gel stuff all over her.  Thankfully Stu walked back to let me know it was my turn, and he helped me get the poo covered clothes off the piglet and cleaned up.  It must have been a 10 wipe mess!  He finishes getting her dressed in the third – and last – outfit.

We end up going to Baby Depot to get an extra outfit (I thought three was more than enough, as she can be in the same one for two or three days – she’s very neat and clean usually).  Off to Kelly’s where the gang take Teagan from me and hold her for basically the rest of the night – which is fine, they don’t get to see her, and baby’s are fun, especially if they are clean and happy :)

Nice to see everyone, as always.  Cake is good!  Friends that pass down baby things are fantastic!  So grateful for everything that was given to Teagan.

Stu is in Toronto now, I’m heading out to my parents, so I don’t have to be in the more empty than normal house alone, and can also get some help with the piglet.

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July 10, 2008

wii_sports_box_440x330Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? For my birthday, he somehow was able to find a Wii :)


PS. I know that I haven’t been blogging much lately… life has been busy with work, fireworks, trips to the Cape, parties, weddings, drivers license (for him!), and just general life being good :)

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October 21, 2007

gettysburg - tree

Ok. So the code on this site doesn’t seem to work with 360. Oh well…

This is Kelly’s fault! I need to check where I’ve been in the Caribbean and also locations in the former Yugoslavia. Maybe I’ve been to more countries, maybe less…

 travel map 1

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December 21, 2006

Fog at Heathrow

Ok. This does not give me warm fuzzies. There BETTER not be any troubles tomorrow. I might have to have a talk with Mother Nature. <sigh>

It will be very nice to have him here for Christmas.

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October 21, 2006


Ok…  Pictures are up!  Half of them are on Yahoo!Photos (still loading at 10:50am) and the second half are through Flickr (done) …  Silly, free photo things…

Enjoy, if you’d like, there are quite a few :)


October 16, 2006

Post secret - subconsciously I narrate in british accent

Funny…  There does seem to be British accents everywhere!  They’re all around!!  Makes for interesting commentary :)

Having a blast!  Must remember the cask ales…  the bitters, that actually aren’t bitter… to look right before crossing the street… to ask for a “return”… to hope to see two magpies…  and play the “duck… not a duck” game as often as possible.

Lovely things, lovely times.