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March 7, 2013

on March 7, 2013
Keep Calm

Keep Calm

Last night a few friends came over and we had dinner, laughs, wine.  A girl’s night in instead of out.  We crafted and  had some nail fun too!  Inspired by an article on Momspark, we made some St. Patrick’s Day shirts.  C has a Cricut and made the stencils for us.  And some Fauxstess cupcakes.  And her nail stuff.  She’s so awesome.  I supplied the fabric paint and made some crock pot chicken.  K brought the wine, T some fruit (the watermelon was amazing!).

Once we had eaten and settled in with some wine, we started the shirts.  C helped peel the vinyl stencils she had made, and we placed them out the shirts, being sure not to forget the inside bits of the letters.  Oh, and to make sure we shamrocked on and not shamrocked no.  LOL!


Sharing a shamrock

Painting the shirts was quick and fun.  We needed to space out the painting and wait a bit between, as we only had one shamrock, but it all worked out just fine.



And still had enough time for K to get her nails done.

Skulls with pink bows

Skull mani

C did some lovely skulls with pink and purple bows for K.  If I hadn’t broken my thumbnails to the quick last week, I would have asked C to do mine as well.  It feels such a waste when they’re that short.



They turned out fantastic!  I may need to get myself a cricut.

The shirts may end up being a bit too big for the girls, but they can grow into them.  And there must be a bit of the luck of the Irish, there was a set of stencils left on the table after everyone went home.  I can do at least one more shirt!  Yay for me!

2 responses to “March 7, 2013

  1. Kat says:

    Lovely!! I have a Cricut…..but it’s the small one and I probably don’t have the ‘stencil’ anyway. ;-\. I use mine a lot in scrapbooking. Sounds like the ‘girls’ had a great time IN instead of OUT. With the weather the way it’s been for you, that was probably a good thing. :-)

    • lisasff says:

      I’m not sure what size my friend has… I think most of the letters are standard, but the shamrock might have been in a special package… I think if I had one, I’d probably use it a lot too…

      GNI was awesome, and we’ll be doing another soon!

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