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March 9, 2013

on March 9, 2013


When Ashlin apologizes she will rub her fist on the person she’s apologizing to, her version of the “I’m sorry” ASL sign.Then she gives the recipient a hug. It’s so sweet. Is is the closest I’ve been able to get of her doing her version of “sorry.” She had stabbed Stu with her fork at the restaurant at dinner tonight.

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate dad’s birthday. We ended up getting there late, it was super busy, food took a long time to get their, but both girls were still super well behaved. Stu and I surrounded Ashlin, my dad and sister had Teagan. It was a good restaurant night with them for a less than stellar restaurant service.


Happy birthday dad. You’re a great PopPop!


6 responses to “March 9, 2013

  1. Kat says:

    awww….at least she’s aware of needing to apologize!! And Happy B’day, PopPop….. It’s always nice to have a ‘good’ restuarant outing. ;-)

    • lisasff says:

      It’s totally adorable! We try to emphasize that she hurt someone and needs to make them feel better. So, that makes sense, that she does the sign on them and not her… It is usually followed with a hug or a kiss, which IMO, is more important for the empathy than the actual apology, which is a social dictate…

      We totally praised the girls about the good restaurant trip… saying that it makes us want to try to do it more often :D We’ll see how that works :D

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