What to muse about today?

April 25, 2013

So, some random things…

  • In the car Teagan saw a bug of some sort, which she dubbed a cricket. She then went on to tell me that it was crawling on her hand, but when they do, they kiss you when they crawl on your hand.  With their feet.
  • One day when I had to leave early to work in Jersey, I left a note for the girls, and Stu.  On it I asked Teagan to be a good girl at nap time (we are still having issues – sad face), and gave everyone hugs and kisses.  Ashlin asked Stu for the paper, saying “ugg!  Ugg!” and then kissed the paper.
  • Ashlin cannot leave day care, or anywhere else for that matter, without hugging everyone she knows goodbye.
  • She also can’t walk past an open door without closing it.
  • On my drive home from Jersey the other day, Alt Nation played Josie Cotton “Johnny Are You Queer” and I had flashbacks of teasing my friend Tom incessantly.  I’m not sure exactly why the song bothered him, but it did.  My sister also joined in when she was out and the song came on.  I miss Tom.  He’s moved too far away from some of his friends and we don’t see him enough.
  • I finished Ashlin’s car blanket last night, the blanket portion anyway.  I used a crochet bind off, which was easier for me to control the tension, and the cast-off stitches look much better, looser, than those of the scarf.  I will need to work on that.
  • The button hole on the strap is throwing me for a loop – not a hole – unfortunately.  I will get it figured out. Soon.  I’m sure it has something to do with my mirror knitting and Eastern European style.  I moved on to the crocheted shawl for the time being.
Done!  Blanket at least. #knit #blanket



April 18, 2013

Today I had to drive to a the jersey campus for a meeting.  Instead of the usual 40 minute or so commute, it’s an hour and a half to two, depending on the traffic.  So, perfect time to surf Sirius radio stations.  Alt Nation, Classic Rewind, Classic Rock, First Wave, Kids Place and Lithium (or something) are on the first six buttons.  What?  Yeah, I have Kids Place programmed.  When they have music on, the girls enjoy it.  Anything that soothes the raging beasts in the car is fair game.

Anyway, Alt Nation was playing angry boy music (or something screamy), so I click down.  Classic Rewind had on bad Dire Straits, Classic Rock had on bad Tom Petty, so, Kids Place is next in the down button.  And they were playing…



It’s like I got Rick Rolled by the radio.  Well, not exactly.  And I like that song, so it wouldn’t have been that bad.  But the Hamster Dance?  Really?!?!?!?!?!  I thought I had escaped this evilness.  I haven’t stumbled upon that song in years.  Years.

Anyway, that combined with the crazy drivers made the drive to Jersey a fun time.


P.S.  They did play “Love My Family” by the Roots.  It almost made up for it.


April 17, 2013

Rough Nap :(

Rough Nap :(

We received three day sheets in a row with unhappy faces at nap time.  Twice, the teachers needed to reinforce the unhappy. :(

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a report like this.  It is the first time we’ve gotten three in a row.  Three days!  Gah!

We’ve spoken to Teagan before about how she needs to be quiet at nap time, even if she doesn’t nap.  About how she can ask to read a book quietly, if she doesn’t want to nap.  Letting her know that the teachers will let her read a book quietly, if she doesn’t want to nap.


She wasn’t quiet.  Three days in a row.

I’m not sure where she decided that yelling at the other kids who are trying to nap was a good idea.  She’s run around at nap time, singing loudly (she likes to sing*, she’s jumped on other kids cots.  Bad, bad.  We’ve talked to her too many times about this.   We’ve told her that she doesn’t want to nap that’s fine, but she doesn’t get to make that choice for her classmates.

Yesterday, after the purple highlighter and double unhappy faces, she was told that she’d lose her music at bedtime if we got another one today. Today, we got the third unhappy face for nap time in a row.

Tonight, Stu took away her cd player and box of cd’s.  No music at bedtime for her to go to sleep with.  Stu said that she was mildly curious when he unplugged the cd player, but lost it when he picked up the box of cd’s.  That’s when it hit home.  She will have no music at bedtime for a week (which she believes is only six days, but that’s another story).  A week may be a bit too long for a kid her age, but that’s what she was told the punishment would be.

She’s promised to be better tomorrow.  Stu told her as he tucked her in, that if she got a smiley face that she could have her music back tomorrow night.  We are going to say something to her in front of the teachers about how she needs to be good, especially at nap time.  We are going to let them know that we need to know how she behaved, that she’s gotten in trouble and could have her punishment reduced if she’s good.

Fingers crossed she’s good.  She can be so good.  She’s fun when she’s good.  I hate being mean.  It’s not any fun at all.


* One time at lunch she was happy so she started singing.  Unfortunately, she chose to sing Cellphone by Beck.  The other children found the riff “One by one I’ll knock you out!” a bit disturbing.


April 15, 2013

Because I need three WIPs. #knit #blanket on #circular #needles.

Just starting

Wednesday night I started a new project. My third active project. It’s going to be a car blanket for Ashlin. It will roll up and have straps to fasten it.

I thought having a blanket for each girl would be nice for next winter, one that would stay in the car, but be made especially for them.  It also would keep me busy, as well as working on new skills.  In winter, I would always have a blanket in the car, “just in case”.  Even in the summer, we always grab a receiving blanket for them before we go on a longer trip, hoping it helps them nap.

So, I’ll end up making two car blankets.  I’m using a regular worsted yarn (Red Heart Super Saver in watercolor) instead of the Thick and Quick the pattern is made for.  It’s working up quickly enough, and I’m enjoying it.

#knit #blanket #project #progress

Progress at the end of two days

I figured I could double the stitches to compensate for the difference in yarn weight. I couldn’t find enough nifty yarn for two blankets in the T&Q. They do have lovely colors, and I probably could have just done a solid blanket for each girl and been done with it. But I saw this, and thought Ashlin would really like the colors.  Makes me think of Monet and his Waterlilies.

I have yarn for Teagan’s version too, all pinks and browns. Her favorite colors.  So, I think they’ll be happier with them, then if I just picked a pink and a purple.  I may change my mind about that decision before I finish this one.

Gahhhhhh!!  I purled when I should have knit. Or whatever. #frustration #knit #blanket #oops


Even though this is an easy pattern, and knitting is still such a new skill, my mind still wanders, and I’ve made a few mistakes.  This is the worst one, for me, anyway.  The purl bumps are on the wrong side!  Other mistakes aren’t quite as apparent as this.  This one would always  be the one thing my eye went to on this blanket.  I had to fix it.  So, I found an awesome video by VeryPinkKnits that gave me enough confidence to actually fix it:

Corrected!  Take that sleepy knitting!  Well, once I set the stitch the right way :)  #knit #corrected #oops #successIt wasn’t too difficult fixing the stitch. For some reason, I naturally put a twist in it as I crocheted it up, so had to redo it. Eh, easy enough. And then I set the stitch backwards, and had to tink out the few I did after putting the loop on the hook.  Then I twisted those.  Gah!  I had not having the knowledge to do what I want to do.  I know soon enough I’ll be able to “see” the pattern, see how the yarn needs to be.  I’ve only been at this for less than a month

Ten inches!  Gettin there!  #knit #blanket

One skein down!

So, now I’ve knit a full skein and needed to join yarn (no russian joins, though I probably could have, or spit splicing with acrylic), and that wasn’t any fun.  But it’s not fun in crochet either.  It would be awesome to have the balls come in just the right length you needed for the project, though probably too unwieldy to carry around.


April 12, 2013

First hat with first pompon!  #knit #hat #pompom

Hat with pompom

Look! My first knit hat!

I had some left over yarn from one of the first baby blankets I crocheted, I figured why not try to make a matching hat?  Once I figured out how to make the tail long enough to cast on, (but not too long!), and once I got it joined properly, (a bit more tricky than it seemed), and once I got past the first two rows (more annoying to not twist and get the stitches to flow than I thought), it worked up quickly.

The hat was done in two nights?  Or was it three?  Anyway, fast.  Maybe just as fast as a crocheted hat, at least this style, anyway.  And using the  double pointed needles once starting the decreases took a bit to get used to.  Maybe I’ll splurge and get another circular needle and do the trick the ladies at the yarn store showed me.  I wasn’t ready to start that way, I may need to know how to use the double pointed needles at some point.

And I will admit, I enjoyed knitting around and around and around, only needing to think about moving up the stitch marker as I completed a circle.  Depending on the hat, I may like knitting them more than crocheting them.

Once complete, I felt quite accomplished, pleased with myself.

The pompom?  Well, it’s my first one as well too!  I probably could have made it a bit thicker, but I thought I had enough yarn wrapped around the cardboard.  Next time I’ll double it.

I feel like this hat gave me a bit of experience, enough to start the one for Ashlin, or maybe for Teagan for next winter.  With non-leftover yarn, as well.

I’ll write up the other projects I’ve been working on soon…  and the few remaining from Christmas too!

Does it look like a #hat? #knit #round

Knit in the round


April 8, 2013

#birthday #cupcake   Yay!


There was another celebration for Ashlin this weekend. He he he. I think that makes three parties, for turning two years old.  Sounds about right.  We always joke about how birthdays last an entire week.  And so they should!  And there should be cupcakes.

Ashlin had a very good time with her friends here, coloring with chalk, eating pizza and chips and cupcakes, swinging on the swings, playing with balloons.



Thanks to Aunt NayNay, we were able to go to the zoo on Sunday.  Both Ashlin and Teagan had a great time.  Ashlin was was very excited to see all the animals.  We went into the Research Center and got to see a legless lizard, some baby aligators (or were they crocodiles?  I forget).  Chomp chomp!  Ashlin would point to each as we told her what they were.  She was intrigued by the bearded dragons, I think because they didn’t look like the ones in Mike the Knight.

As we wandered through the zoo, Ashlin would greet each animal as we came up to them, calling them by name, sometimes adding their sound. “Hello goat!  Meh meh!”  Then as we walked away, she would tell each “bye bye.”  It was so sweet.  “Hello monkey! Ooh ah ah!”  I think her favorite area was the farm area, with the loud cow, the piggies – ick! – and the chickens.  And ZOMG!, her head whipped around when we told her there were sheep.  Baa baa!

When we got to the lynx, Teagan bounced like a rabbit after hearing that that’s what they ate.  She bounced up to the fence in front of the tiger, who stopped pacing to look at her.  Like she was a snack.

We may have only been there a couple of hours, but it was a good time.  Ashlin has never been so aware of the animals.  Teagan was great walking through the zoo, only taking one or two short rides on the sit n stand, listening well, being a very good girl.

It was a very good weekend!

Quack quack!!


April 2, 2013

Birthday cupcakes!  LaLa rocked!

Birthday cupcakes!

Stu had another fun drive into day care this morning.  As he fires up the car,  Take a Walk by Passion Pit comes on. One of Teagan’s favorite songs!  And one of Ashlin’s too.  They both love singing along to the chorus.  Anyway, Teagan barks out a loud, urgent “Dada!” startling Stu. Long pause.  Eventually she follows up with her 27 ums, trying to get all the words that are swirling through her head out. “Um um um um um.  Dada, if this song was written by bunnies, it would be “take a hop” not “take a walk.”

Smart kid.

We had a great weekend.  Saturday was filled with the girls decorating eggs, dinner out (again!) and cupcakes.

We had each girl color eggs separately, first Teagan then Ashlin.  I was hoping to minimize the chaos!  Teagan did great, listened pretty well and had fun.  Ashlin had a blast coloring her set of eggs, though we needed to adapt a bit.  Getting the eggs out of the cups wasn’t too easy for her, and she may have dyed her fingers orange.  Still, she thought she was teh bomb, and really enjoyed it.

Coloring eggs

Yellow one

Coloring eggs










Ashlin didn’t quite understand about the candle on her cupcake though, that maybe she shouldn’t try to touch the fire. She went and put her finger in. Poor baby.  She got over it quickly enough though, cupcakes totally take all boo-boos away.

Sunday, we had our egg hunt.  We hid eggs in pairs, and told the girls that if they found any, they could keep one and give their sister the other.  It worked pretty well!  Often they went together and Teagan would hand over one of the two eggs.  Ashlin was pretty happy to let her, though every now and then she’d go off on her own and find an egg, which she’d let Teagan come over and pick up.

There!  #egg #hunt #easter


I got them!  #egg #hunt #easter #hat

I’ll get them!

Breakfast was fun, lunch was better.  It was followed by a special cake my mom made.  The girls loved it!  Ashlin wanted to eat the entire ear!

I think they both had a good Easter!

#goof in a #easter #bonnet

Goof in a bonnet

Om nom nom #bunny #cake!

Bunny cake!


April 1, 2013 ~ Car Talks

#goof with #bunny ears


This morning when Stu drove the girls into day care, he and Teagan had one of those talks.  One that when you hear about it, you really wish you had been there too.  This morning, it was scientific.  Teagan told Stu that there were two types of worms that come out when it rains.  One type the birds like to eat.  The other is a wiggly worm, but this one has feet.  The wiggly worms feet are so tiny that you can’t see them because they’re so tiny.  If you do see the feet, don’t tickle them! If you do tickle the wiggly worms’ feet, they will suck your bleed [blood].

Her mind works in the strangest ways, sometimes.  And often, blood is involved.