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February 27, 2013



Yesterday I mentioned how gruesome Teagan was over the weekend.  She was absolutely obsessed with leeches, bleeches as she insisted on calling them, and blood, or bleed.  She authoritatively explained that when you went into a dirty pond, you would get bleeches on you and they would then eat your bleed, and you would bleed.  I mentioned about the fish pond having leeches, that her dada got bit by some when he was cleaning it out last summer, and that she shouldn’t ever go swimming in there.  She promised not to, she doesn’t want any leeches biting her toes!

Leeches were discussed at least three times over the course of the day.  It’s amazing the things she comes up with!  Leeches aren’t every day conversation, not like monsters or fairies.


February 26, 2013


Wendy-bird is sorry

“Thank you for keeping me.” That’s what she told Stu as he put her to bed tonight. “I’m sorry for biting I* and kicking E*. I’m sorry for screaming. I’m sorry for being bad. Thank you for saying you love me. And thank you for keeping me.”


When did we give her the idea we’d not be keeping her? That we’d give her away? We do occasionally we tell Teagan that we’re going to leave her at day care/the store/the car if she’s dawdling spectacularly. Usually it gets her hopping, but we always tell her that we wouldn’t leave her when she asks.

Never have we said we’d send her away. Where did that come from?

Needless to day, she was amazingly bad today. She bit someone, she kicked someone, she refused to put her coat on, screaming and rolling on the floor as I tried to corral Ashlin who wanted “walk, I do it, outside, walk!”  It was a spectacular scene, I was sure she was going to hurt her throat from screaming so loud, so much.  I ended up carrying her to the car, while holding her coat, Ashlin walked.  She climbed in, screaming, I hooked her in.  Strapped Ashlin in and left.  Totally embarrassed

She screamed most of the way home, refusing to be quiet.  I kept a calm voice, telling her that she’d be going right up to her room when we got home, until she could be quiet.  It would be up her how long that would be.  You could hear her halfway down the driveway.

Stu went up and reinforced what I had told her.  After about five minutes I went to get her, to bring her down for dinner. She immediately apologized, gave me a hug, told me she was sorry.  I told her that I still loved her, even though she was bad, and hugged her back.  She was a much subdued little girl as she ate dinner, asked to snuggle on the sofa after.

Stu had a chat with her about choices, how she chose to act badly instead of listening to mama.  All I was asking was for her to put her coat on and then she could have a headband.  Such a silly, small thing, that became so big and caused so many tears.

I hope we have the happy, funny Teagan tomorrow.


February 23, 2013


She looks so small in there

This morning, my phone told me there was a Kids Craft at Michael’s. Ashlin was napping, so I took Teagan and we went. Teagan was very excited, she loves doing arts and crafts. When we got there she was the only kid, there weren’t any others there. I’m not sure if there were any other kids before we got there. Crazy! For two dollars, they entertain your kid for 30 minutes while you shop. I guess that it works out for them, but still.

I got Teagan settled in, and the craft helper said that if there were any issues with her behaving they’d page me. Teagan was a bit daunted by the idea that the entire store would hear that she was being bad, and promised to be good, with her listening ears turned on.

While I browsed the yarn selection, looking for colors for a blanket for Ashlin, Teagan did water color. She painted this picture, a self-portrait. She’s in the lower left corner, with green hands and black hair. There are raindrops falling down, and a black puddle. The hearts she glued on are a tree, and the circle underneath is either the trunk and roots or a bucket that the tree is planted in.



The watercolor was a bonus. The craft was a heart mobile, with watercolor hearts matched with pink heart cut outs. I think the lady helped cut the hearts out, though Teagan can use scissors. She did tell me that this was the first time she used glue, and not a glue stick. That made her really happy.


Heart mobile

She initially wanted to keep the paper the hearts were cut from glued onto the bottom heart. Eventually she allowed us to take the scrap off, so that the mobile wouldn’t break from being too heavy. The hearts wouldn’t be able to blow in the breeze.

Teagan wants to go to the next one. We’ll try to make it.


February 23, 2013 ~ The Littles

Goof. #backpack.


Ashlin is such a goof.  She’s becoming quite a little person, so expressive with so many new words.  Most of them are still very difficult to understand, but her prononciation is getting better.  With all the new words, she’s using so many new expressions.  If you’re lucky, you can understand them:

I do it!
Massshamuu beez (Marshmallow, please)
Stop it! 
No want it.  I no want it.
On my butt (for cream, Cookie Monster)
Downstairs. Banana.  Socks!
I love you.

It’s awesome.

Her sister, on the other hand, seems to be losing some of her words.  No, that’s not it, Teagan has so many words.  It’s that she’s losing some of her ability to put those hundreds of words together in a comprehensible sentence.  Maybe it’s because she’s making more and more complex sentences, trying to express more complex thoughts.  There’s always at least five um’s between each mini-thought. She repeats two words over and over, drops in another three um’s for good measure before she finishes the thought.  If you ask her to repeat herself, she can almost always do the sentence without the verbal hiccups.

Still, she’s a funny thing.

#backpack wars. Fuzzy vs Velcro!


February 20, 2013



Look what we did!  Finally.  After almost three years, I found a third curtain rod and we put it up. And put up the heavy drapes from the old house.

Finding a matching rod – metal Shepard’s crook – was not easy, as it’s been discontinued. But I found one, at a Lowe’s store somewhere in Massachusetts and they shipped it to me.  I have curtains for the other windows, but haven’t put them up, thanks to the babies.  With the cold just oozing through that french door, I thought it might be worth the potential risk of destruction.  The girls, so far, haven’t even noticed it.  It may help that their kitchen is right in front:


Yes, the Valentine’s decorations are still up

We had a busy weekend and then a lovely President’s Day.  Aunt NayNay come out for the afternoon!  The girls were ecstatic when she got here, jumping and shouting when the door opened.  NayNay got a sofa snuggle fest, hugs, kisses and huzzahs.  Ashlin read her a book:

I’m so happy I was able to capture Ashlin telling the story!  Every time I tried to tape it when I had her on my lap, she would just stare at the camera.  It was a little spooky.

Teagan played dolls and games with her.


NayNay and nieces

It was a good day.

Last night I started the hat for Stu.  I’ll post that once there’s a bit more than a coaster :)


February 15, 2013


It’s a secret

Teagan brought home the secret Valentine’s Day heart yesterday. Yay. It’s so sparkly!  She has one of her better smiles on.  Awesome.  In person, you can see her best friend attempting to photo-bomb, which is an added bonus.


Ashlin’s Heart

Ashlin did some hearts too!  She didn’t get a Valentine Mailbox, but she did get a few Valentines.  Thanks to the snow, not everyone got out to get the littles valentines for their classmates.  Their parents probably didn’t realize that they participated too.


Ashlin loves me

Her doily heart says so.  Ashlin gets very focused on where she puts her stickers.


Valentine’s Day Art

Teagan also did a stamp painting with heart stamps.  I think it turned out pretty good!



Valentine’s Mailbox

This is Teagan’s Valentine’s mailbox.  She came home with a bunch of cards, and some candy too.  One of her treats was a small packet of conversation hearts.  I joked with her that my favorites were the yellow ones, and that she was lucky she didn’t have any yellow ones for me to steal.  She was horrified at first, that I would take a piece of her candy, but she almost immediately offered me a piece.  I didn’t take her up, no need for her to miss out.


Mantel of Love

I got a lovely Valentine’s Day present, a grown-up present, from a special grown-up.  It was delayed a day, thanks to the snow.  But it showed up, and is very lovely.  Our mantel is close to overflowing with all the hearts and love.  I love it.


February 13, 2013 ~ it’s A Secret


After Teagan finished signing her valentines cards for day care, she joined Ashlin and I on the sofa for a lovely snuggle.. I like ending the day with a double snuggle.

Anyway, she told me that she knew there was a party at day care tomorrow for Valentines Day when i asked if she knew what tomorrow was. She also told me that they made hearts for us, but that it was a secret.

I love this girl.

I wonder what they did.

P.S. Ashlin “signed” her valentines day cards too,


February 13, 2013

Crochet heart garland

Heart Garland

Last night I was able to finish the heart garland I’ve been working on, here and there, over the past week or so.  Google image search found the pattern here.  I thought it would be a good use of some of the yarn stash, there was quite a bit of red left over from the angry birds.

The hearts work up pretty easily.  I’d do one here, one there.  The week of plague was not a good week for hook play, nor was all the snow.  Eventually I was able to get enough time to make about twenty.

I tried making them with both a magic ring and a chain, and found the chain looked better.  These hearts needed a little circle…  If I was making the hearts with one round, I’d use the magic ring instead.

The crochet chain was a bit tricky, a chain of 45 stitches isn’t easy to keep a consistent tension.  I would get about 3/4 of the way through the start of the chain and notice that the stitches were off, I wasn’t consistent.  The stitches on the top or between the hearts didn’t seem quite as important, foundational.  Still, even with redoing a bit here, a bit there, I was able to get all the hearts chained together.

I think it looks pretty good on the mantle…
Crochet heart garland

Crochet heart garland


Crochet heart garland


February 10, 2013


Almost free!

We did two dig-out sessions today.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Ashlin didn’t do quite as well this morning as she has the other times we went out.  Maybe her gloves were still a bit wet, I don’t know.  I only got to help Stu a little bit.  Trying to keep the girls enthusiastic, I suggested trying to get to the swing set, so I could start shoveling the deck.  They were game, very happy at the thought of the slide.  I didn’t think it through quite as much as I should have.

The snow was almost to my waist.  Blazing a trail was not easy, especially while carrying Ashlin on one hip.  She couldn’t stand, though when I sat her on the snow, she sort of stayed on the surface.  Teagan had a lot of trouble following in my footprints.  So, I’d go a little way, put Ash down, go back and get Teagan.  Leave Teagan, forge ahead with Ashlin, go back and get Teagan.  Incredibly tiring work, and I hadn’t even started shoveling yet!

Eventually we got there, Teagan played on the slide a bit, though she had trouble climbing the wall with her boots on.  Ashlin was with me, sitting on the stack of deck chairs while I cleared the door.  The door that had snow higher than Teagan!  I got most of that done, and started on a window before Ashlin and then Teagan were fed up.  Getting back to the front was a bit easier, I could follow my trail, but still, it was leapfrogging up with one and going back for the other.  Teagan did try a bit to walk herself out though, my big girl.


The snow was stupid high

While I was out back, Stu got most of the end of the driveway open.

We went in, and we all napped.

Ashlin was still a big cranky about being outside in the afternoon.  She wanted to be near both of us, and really didn’t want to try to build a snow monster, like Teagan did.  The driveway was open enough, so I dropped Ashlin in the car – in Teagan’s seat! – and backed out.  All the snow on the roof fell off in the road as soon as I stopped.  It was so loud when it slide off.  I took the car around the block while Stu continued to widen the end, and to see the neighborhood.  Ashlin enjoyed that, but really wanted to walk, “Ashlin walk, snow.  Walk.”  How could we refuse?

So, while Stu continued working on the driveway, I took the girls and we went for a walk.  It was so strange, the snow plow only did one pass, so the road was only one car wide.  We saw a few people out, still digging out their cars, their driveways.  Teagan would always say “hi!  What’s your name?” Quickly followed by “my name is Teagan!”  Most people humor her and replied with their name.

They both were very good on the walk, not getting too far ahead or behind.  Listening well.  Teagan would stop every few feet to get a new snowball, or boulder, as a new one would pique her fancy.  You could see who had a snowblower and who shoveled.  Or hadn’t finished shoveling!

We're free!!! #snow #nemo

Free at last!

Anyway, we’re free! Or at least able to get out of the house and go around the block. I’m not sure how much else of town is cleared, last night there was something like 80% of town that was still unplowed, like we were.

Oh, and the door and windows are clear, as is some of the chimney.  As much as I could get to before dinner.

Fingers crossed that the rain we’re forecast for tomorrow will melt some of what we have, and not sit on top and weight it down.


February 9, 2013



The snow fell until just about 10:30 and Stu headed out.  It was so pretty, and pretty amazing.  We had somewhere around 30 inches of snow out there.  With all the drifting, it’s hard to see, but we have a certified measure of 37 inches (OMG!) less than a mile away in one direction and 35 inches another.    Some drifts are taller than the old baby, most are taller than the young baby.

Stu was able to shovel a quick path to the driveway while I bundled up the girls.  They wanted to sled, I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to, so pulled out all the sand toys.  The toys that Stu laughingly told me I started calling the snow toys.  At first they had fun running back and forth in the almost tunnel to the driveway.  It sort of looks like Beggars Canyon if you squinted.

The girls were mostly contained as they could not walk in the snow, so I started helping Stu shovel.  It was not fun.  The snow was so high – almost waist high! – that you had to do several shovels to get down to the ground.  Ugh.  At least it wasn’t too heavy, unless you overloaded the shovel.

I got to focus on shoveling for about 10 minutes.


Not quite Beggars Canyon

The girls enjoyed the pathway to and from the house…


Clearing off the Chairs

Teagan helped a bit clearing off some of the front porch.  Then they both got bored and started wandering into shovel range.  They were curious, and tired of entertaining themselves, wanted us to do it.

Stu's Car

We did find Stu’s car

We found my car!

We found my car too!

The snow on my car may not look so high, but remember that our driveway is a steep hill.  So, we found both cars.  Yay!  After about an hour of shoveling, wrangling little ones, everyone was cold so we went back inside, unwrapped the kids, ourselves.  Tried to warm up, though I forgot the hot cocoa, because, well, it was nap time!!  Everyone rested, even if they didn’t actually sleep.


I made you a cake

After nap/quiet time, Teagan helped me make cupcakes.  We had lunch, bundled up and went out again!


Snowflakes on eyelashes

We got a bit more done in the afternoon dig-out session, but again were restricted by the length of the girls attention spans.  And how warm they were.  Ashlin broke down first, so I took her in.  Teagan stayed out for a bit longer with Stu, being a very good girl, staying out of the shovel’s way and dusting snow off my car.  And mugging for pictures.


Pretty smile

Stu and I did another evening dig-out session after the girls went to bed.  We got as far as the plow wake, the plow that finally got to us around 7pm when we were putting the girls to bed.  So, today we were able to find both cars, shovel a path and entry part of the front porch, and one car width to plow wake.  So, we may need to park single file instead of side by side for a while, until it melts a bit…  Hopefully the storm we’re expecting in a week won’t be too bad…