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June 27, 2011

on June 27, 2011

I was hacked.  Well, my email account was.  Someone got in and sent mail to my entire address book.  I apologize for all the Viagara and internet scam mails that have gone out in the past week or so with my name.

For the record, I don’t use the @snet.net mail to send out mail any longer.  I haven’t in at least a year.  If you get mail from me from that account I very likely did not send it.


8 responses to “June 27, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Marge L* commented on your pos.

    Marge wrote: “This happened to a friend of mine this week too. It was the song & dance about being stuck in the UK without funds.”


    Marge, my mom got that one this week too. Same day she got the Viagra or Cheap Canadian drug link from me. It’s crazy! I’ve never had my account hacked before. Very annoying.

    • lisasff says:

      Marge wrote: “It was my quilting teacher. I got a FB chat message from her. Naturally, I reported it as abuse & blocked it. I then went to my private email to get in touch with her.”


      Yeah. I’ve gotten a few calls and e-mails letting me know that I’m sending out dirty mail. It’s just such a shame that people are so mean spirited to create all this hassle. Thankfully, I have good friends to let me know.

      • lisasff says:

        Marge wrote: “If you have Spybot Search & Destroy you should run it. It will clean any nasty stuff off. I ran it & nothing was found. AVG did alert me to a page though & blocked it.”


        Marge: Yeah, I run stuff like that all the time, its a good practice to do so.

  2. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: “Good thing I realized it and never opened them. I have no use for Viagra. ; )”


    Lori: Glad it didn’t catch you out.

    And isn’t that both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time? LOL!

  3. Kris A says:

    That makes sense now. I thought you knew something I didn’t…LOL!!

  4. lisasff says:

    Kathy O* W* commented on your post.

    Kathy wrote: “oops….hate it hate it. Why won’t people use that talent for something good once in a while?”


    Kat: The world would be a much better place if they did.

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