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December 5, 2011

on December 5, 2011

Tonight’s conversation with Teagan on the ride home:

Look! Teagan!  Christmas lights!


Teagan!  There’s reindeer over there!

Reindeer there!  I no like them.

Look, Teagan, blue twinkling lights!

Twinkle candles.

Teagan, do you see any more lights?

No.  Not now. Not here.

 – Pause –

More candles!

Where are the candles?

There! There! Candles on mommy’s house!  Touch them?


Driving home is fun!


4 responses to “December 5, 2011

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  2. Kat says:

    Kathy wrote: “LOL….she is definitely gaining an opinion….Love it. BTW…liked your entries for their words, etc. And that you dated some of them. They will really enjoy those when they are older. Good job.”

    • lisasff says:

      That she is! And it’s usually funny! We’re very lucky with her. Usually :D

      I try to get in and update the comments, quips and words (well for Ashlin now) when they happen, so I can date them, and try to remember the story too. Teagan had a good one yesterday, that I need to put in before I forget :)

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