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December 16, 2011

on December 16, 2011

Hanging ornaments

Wow.  Life has been busy!  I know they say that it zooms by, but this is a bit much.  Ashlin is now eight months old.  Teagan is two and a half.  How did that happen?

Teagan, in the blink of an eye, has become this little person.  With thoughts, and a sense of humor, and memories.  And finally a dream other than twinkle stars.  The past two nights she’s dreamed about birdies, and twinkle stars.  Stars that sing the ABC’s.  Birds that live in a nest, and dance.

Her vocabulary has exploded, her comprehension has deepened.  Her communication, sentence construction, is light years beyond even what they were a month ago.  She remembers things.  For weeks.  She’s not a goldfish any more.

Red, White and Blue Tree

There’s a tree we drive past every night, that’s decorated with red, white and blue Christmas lights.  It looks very cool.  Just over a week ago, I stopped the car and took a picture, meaning to use it in an entry.  Every night since then, as she sees the tree, she’ll earnestly tell Stu, or me, that “Mama took a picture of this tree.  Red, white and blue candles.”   Every single night if the tree is lit up.  And just recently she’s added in “last week” to the sentence.  I had no idea she had any vague concept of time.

We are counting down to Christmas with several advent calendars.  One is just a wooden tree with little ornaments, one – from England! – has chocolates.  We do the ornament one in the morning, the chocolate one after dinner.  She rarely forgets, and always wants to do more than one.

She is getting very excited about Christmas.

Little People Nativity

She likes playing with her little people nativity and three kings.  But the little drummer boy set is her favorite.  It has music!  I have the nativity under the tree now, but the three kings (we have six kings) are still in the play room, along with the drummer boy set.  She’ll go in and start the music up and then march around the floor to the music.  So cute.

Little People Kingy Oasis

Oh, and little baby JeeJee is not here yet.  According to her, he’s hiding.  Waiting for his birthday.

She’s also getting very good at using the potty.  Today was a zero accident day.  She got a lollipop at day care for using the potty all day, and then two marshmallows when she got home.  One for no pee accidents and one for pooping in the potty.  Yay Teagan!  Yay for day care, doing most of the work, though we have a bit of laundry…


Ashlin, well, now she’s doing great.  LOVES to eat real food.  I haven’t gone in for a weight check with her, so don’t really know, but we’re sure she’s gaining weight.  Her car seat now feels like she’s hiding rocks in her pockets.  She also likes to hide puffs there too.

Unfortunately, she’s still not sleeping, even with all the food she eats.  Every three or four hours and she’s up again.  She usually will go back down after nursing, but it makes for a series of long naps for me.  And she has a cold.  And we think she may be teething.

She’s working on crawling, and loves to clap.

I just wish she’d sleep more.  Longer.



Oh, I started a page for Ashlin’s words.  Not that she’s actually using any now, but she does recognize a few signs, and tries to use one or two.


8 responses to “December 16, 2011

  1. Lol, she’s not a gold fish anymore! Love the post, glad to see the girls are doing well (except for the no sleeping thing…. That sucks). I love the pic of A eating broccoli too. Chloe doesnt quite get the whole Christmas thing yet… She likes our tree, she likes the lights, but I am not sure she knows what’s going on. She’s only 22 months, so it is interesting to see the differences in awareness and comprehension between her and Teagan. And Yay potty training!

    • lisasff says:

      LOL! No, she’s not a gold fish any more… she has more than a five minute memory. It’s amazing what she can pull out of her memory, stuff you didn’t think she even noticed.

      I think that 6 months ago, Teagan wouldn’t have gotten a lot of Christmas, but she’s getting bits and pieces now. It’s just amazing what sticks and doesn’t, what gets through and what doesn’t… The advent calendar is working a charm, and most days she does remember it. She usually only forgets when it’s not a normal type of morning, and things are a bit frantic.

      Yay for potty training! T’s been accident free – mostly – for about three days now. It’s awesome!

  2. Kris A says:

    Yay Teagan on the potty training. Boy, will your diaper bill go down! I totally understand the lack of sleep thing; as you know Thomas refused to sleep all night until he was 3. It gets old really fast. It never ceases to amaze me how fast they learn things. Glad all is well.

    • lisasff says:

      We’re so excited about the potty training. Two, eating solids, and in diapers at one time is not fun :) The bill going down is another bright spot :)

      Teagan had her moments – and months – of sleep issues, but generally she was a good sleeper, once she was asleep. You did need to be careful when transferring her from one thing to her bed, but if that was successful, she’d usually sleep. Ashlin? Sheesh. Completely different. And it’s getting very very old now. I get happy with the three to four hour stretches she’s been giving me lately. And with her weight gain issues, I never really minded, as she *needed* to get up and eat. Now, I think we’re ok on that front, so I’d LOVE for her to sleep longer :D

      I’d like her to not pull up on the side of the crib for another few weeks, not looking forward to lowering her mattress, that will make sleep a bit more of an issue, I think…

  3. Kat says:

    Kathy wrote: “I’ve not read your blog in quite some time. The profile picture with the girls is adorable. Love reading about them. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

    • lisasff says:

      Kat! No worries, it’s not like there’ll be a grade at the end :) Thank you for your time, especially now, when time is so scarce! So glad you like the new picture of the girls… LaLa found the outfits, but you can see their personalities coming out too.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!!

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  5. […] December 16, 2011 (lisasff.wordpress.com)[…]

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