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January 10, 2012

Today, I took Christmas down and packed it away.   It’s always a sad day when Christmas gets taken down. I do like having the house all lit up, twinkling and sparkling with decorations.  Sigh.  They’re all down now.  Or, I think they are.  I’m sure I’ll find something I missed.

It always takes a few days to get all  (or some), of the decorations up. I never try to do it in one day, but spread it over a few days so it’s not annoying. Being in a new house, one that we didn’t really decorate before, I needed to get some more decorations. There’s so much more house to decorate!  And a toddler that is beginning to understand Christmas, and decorations, and magic.

She was sad to see that the magic was put away.  The drive home the past few weeks has been filled with trying to explain why she doesn’t see as many “candles” as she used to.  She wants them to be on all the time – even during the day.  So sweet.

So, I explained why people take them down, and why we didn’t until today.  That each holiday has different decorations, hearts for valentines, ghosts and bats for Halloween, turkeys and pumpkins for thanksgiving.  We took those down, even though they were fun.  Explaining that we can’t keep the “candles” and other Christmas decorations up all the time, or we loose the “special”, the wonder, the magic.

I’m not sure she understood.  She was sad when she saw the christmas tree wasn’t there any more.  But then she saw the candy penguin that someone gave me, and was happy again.

I miss the lights.  I miss the magic.

Is it Christmas yet?

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December 19, 2011 ~ Big Candles!

Ice tunnel

Tonight we got the girls out of day care early and took them to see the Fantasy of Lights.  Well, Teagan.  Ashlin napped most of the time, we think.  It was a big hit!  Yay!

Just before we got there, Teagan said she needed to go potty, so off to the nearest McDonald’s to fulfill her needs.  Success*!  The flush freaked her out a bit, it was loud and echoy, and the hand dryer was a bit scary too – “I scared mama.”  But a little bit of calming, and then, back to the light display.

It was right on the water, and much bigger than I expected.  Very cool.  And the squeals of delight from the back seat made it totally worth it.  We went through three times :o

Two Twinkle Stars!


It wasn't a rock...

Here be dragons

Tree! Reindeer! Tree! Nother tree!


* We did have an accident though.  Boo!  Teagan was desperate to go potty, but we were in the middle of the display, no restroom in sight.  We did try to get out quickly, but she ended up having an accident.  I stopped the car, got her out, and we peed on the grass, sheltered behind the car.  A first for both Teagan and I.  I didn’t have a dry pull up (she was in her knickers) and pants to put her in.  I’ll go pick up a portable potty chair for the car for next time.   With Ashlin coming along, we’ll probably need it again.  I’ll also be sure to swap out the too-small diaper with a pull-up and a pair of leggings, for just in case.  Hopefully, we’ll never need them.


December 5, 2011

Tonight’s conversation with Teagan on the ride home:

Look! Teagan!  Christmas lights!


Teagan!  There’s reindeer over there!

Reindeer there!  I no like them.

Look, Teagan, blue twinkling lights!

Twinkle candles.

Teagan, do you see any more lights?

No.  Not now. Not here.

 – Pause –

More candles!

Where are the candles?

There! There! Candles on mommy’s house!  Touch them?


Driving home is fun!


December 27, 2010

Noche Buena con Baa Baa

So, I just got some pictures from Stu – I’m dependant on him and his cell phone until we get home, I’m still technology challenged – and wanted to share. Above is Teagan on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) at my mom’s cousin’s house. Where we felt the earthquake. She’s wearing a dress my mom made from a pillow case that she was given as a wedding present. I’m not sure any one noticed, as Teagan really didn’t “show off” during the party, she was a bit shy, and soon fell asleep in her stroller. We had some of the best Lechon I’ve ever had.

This is at a Christmas party at my mom’s cousin Vangie and her husband Benny’s house. There was a toddler a few months older than Teagan there. She was much more social and waved to everyone and said “hi” and was almst her normal social self. It was weird being at a Christmas party on a back deck. I could get used to it. And there was lechon! Again!

Last night we went and had dinner in Old San Juan. Churrasco was fantastic, and Teagan ate everything… She was such a good girl for as late as it was. We went walking through the streets to see the lights and decorations… This park had some nifty “falling” lights that you can’t get the full effect of in the picture… it was still pretty. They had a HUGE tree with these big poinsettia flowers and holly in lights on the bottom. Very Pretty

This is the entrance of the walk by the fortress.  There were these amazing lights, and booths with food and crafts. They had a drum group and a guitar group on two separate places… It was almost magical walking through.

Today, was a slow day.. we had breakfast, napped (well, just Teagan) and then went out with more family (Nancy and Fonzi, from the other side of mom’s family). We got back after lunch at Metropolis and went up to mom and dad’s room. She had a blast burning off some energy. We gave her a plastic water bottle with a little water in it and she was in heaven. I filled up again and gave it to her. She said “Thank you, mama.” Unprompted. Her first real sentence :)

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