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What Are Words For? Teagan’s Version


Signing More

Talk Talk Talk!

Talk Talk Talk!

So, here’s the running list of words that the piglet will sign/say.


  1. Hungry/Food
  2. More
  3. All done! (Looks very much like the Signal from Team America)
  4. Please
  5. Thank you
  6. Jump (she used to do this all the time, when we had the jumper out, but hasn’t in a while. She still recognizes it)
  7. Drink (She really isn’t calling you a Looser!)
  8. Diaper
  9. Blue’s Clues (well, the two handed sign that Steve does when he sings Blue’s Clues)
  10. Snack
  11. Swing
  12. Milk (12/5/10)


  1. Mama
  2. Dada (though she’s getting us confused now)
  3. Lala – grandma :)
  4. PopPop
  5. Nay Nay (my sister)
  6. Up
  7. Down (these too she gets confused. She’s not good with opposites it seems)
  8. Hat (she is fascinated with hats right now)
  9. Coat
  10. Cheese
  11. Pasta
  12. Chicken
  13. Toast (right now, she wants toast every meal, it seems)
  14. Turkey (this is a very new addition)
  15. Apple (this is used for just about every fruit)
  16. Banana
  17. Juice
  18. Milk
  19. Num num (for very tasty food)
  20. Puff
  21. Yogurt
  22. Nana
  23. Star
  24. Baa Baa
  25. Meow
  26. Woof Woof (though this is more a gasp, but still, very cute)
  27. Hop Hop (bunny!)
  28. Duck (Any bird or small animal is a duck)
  29. Sock (This sounds very similar to duck, she’s not very good with s’s yet)
  30. Night Night (this is for both blanket and sleep)
  31. Yeah
  32. No (does that count? LOL!)
  33. No-No (for don’t do that, instead of a negative response)
  34. Please (though she’ll sign it more frequently than she’ll say it)
  35. Baby
  36. Teagan (though she mostly says “titi” which is what day care often calls her)
  37. Tickle
  38. Row Row (she loves when Lala sings row row row your boat, she requests this song)
  39. Ashes
  40. Gabba
  41. Lalala – (The Fresh Beat Band show)
  42. Stinky
  43. Shoes
  44. Car
  45. Woo Woo! (a celebratory sound)
  46. Ta da! (she says this after she falls down. LOL)
  47. Ball!
  48. Bubble! (this is also what she has named her pacifier)
  49. Oswald (or something very close, without the s, of course)
  50. Sit
  51. Hello
  52. Hi
  53. Bye bye (usually turned up to 11)
  54. Swing
  55. Box
  56. Bag
  57. Stick
  58. Bib
  59. Eye
  60. Roar!
  61. Toot-Toot! (for any horn type noisemaker)
  62. Hot (12/5/10)
  63. Doodle doodle do (for a rooster)
  64. Pea
  65. Ear
  66. Nose
  67. Teeth
  68. Foot
  69. Neigh Neigh
  70. Chomp chomp for her aligator
  71. Pony
  72. Book

4 responses to “What Are Words For? Teagan’s Version

  1. Tom Poalinelli says:

    I love the laughing photo. She looks like a little female Conan laughing at some comedian’s joke.

  2. cheryl says:

    She does! maybe it has something to do with the beer bottle on her shoulder.

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