What to muse about today?

February 6, 2012 ~ Teagan Dreams & Desires

Breakfast is usually interesting.  This morning, Teagan told he that she didn’t dream about twinkle stars, but about lamps and, I think it was pigs.  There may have been dancing, she was fuzzy on the details.

She also told me that I needed to invite some one in particular to her sister’s party.  Guess who?  Guthrie!!  She said that if we invited him to Ashlin’s party, they could have their own party.  So cute.  Oh, and Ashlin can have cupcakes for her party.  She’s allowed to have cupcakes.

Then Teagan started talking about her birthday party.  The invite list is to include a few kids from day care, and Guthrie, and Auntie Em, and J*, a teacher at day care.  She didn’t want to invite her favorite teachers, or the ones we think are her favorites.  Especially one, who’s name she sometimes uses when she talks to me. (Yes, it bothers me a bit that she’s calling me someone else, that somehow the line between teacher and mother has gotten blurred for her.  Anyway).   And she wants both cupcakes and cake at her party.  And candy.  And she wants to wear her Christmas outfit, with the teddy bear.

And she wants to have LaLa and PopPop over for breakfast, or was it lunch?


We can do that.


February 4, 2012

This goes dere

Teagan got to play with her light table today.  She didn’t have an accident all day today.  For three of the past five days, she’s been good as well.  Somehow, she won’t do consecutive days, but she’s really getting there.

She was quite funny with it too.  I put a bunch of the glass stones on the lid, and she was “what’s that?”  I explained that the light shone through, and made them look pretty.  That it was fun to look at things with the light shining through.  She thought it was fun, started moving the stones around, chattering as she did.

When I tried to put one of Ashlin’s see through chew toys on it, she got a bit upset, “no you do that mommy.  You can’t do that.”  (I love how she corrects herself now, sometimes, when she makes grammar mistakes).  Same response when I put her flower lei on it.  I see we’ll need to work on thinking outside of the box with her.  Heh.

So, a few suggestions from me, and she started arranging the stones into her picture.  All the blue on the top for the sky.  The small white ones started off as twinkle stars, but they became “the pile,”or something.  The red ones, including the gems, were the final twinkle stars.  The green stones got put at the bottom, for grass or a turtle, I’m not sure.

Teagan was having so much fun, she didn’t want to stop for dinner.  And she gave up all her books before bed so she could play just five minutes more.

Sky and twinkle stars and a turtle

I think the light table was a hit!

Ashlin is doing much better.  Her rash, though not gone, has faded quite a bit.  It’s still there, but a ghost of what it was.  Such a relief to have her doing better.  Though I do think her ears are beginning to really bother her.  We’ll be starting the Zithromycin (or whatever Z thing it is) tomorrow.


December 29, 2011 ~ Twinkle Stars

Every morning we ask Teagan how she slept and whether she had good dreams, and what she dreamt about.  Just about every day for what seems like forever, she answers that her dreams were about “twinkle stars.”  It’s never just stars, but always “twinkle stars.”  Sometimes they sing, sometimes they dance.  Usually they’re just there.  Watching over her while she sleeps.

The other day, when Stu asked her what she had dreamed about, she answered “goldfish!”  Ok.  Different.  He asked if they were swimming.  Teagan looked at him like he spouted a second head.  “No, dada.  No swimming.”

Stu has no idea why she’d be dreaming of goldfish and why they wouldn’t be swimming.  The questioning went on for a little bit, until Teagan was able to explain.

The goldfish wouldn’t be swimming if they were goldfish crackers!

My daughter dreamed about goldfish crackers.  With twinkle stars.

I wonder if the twinkle stars are because of her wall of stars?

Twinkle Stars