What to muse about today?

May 2, 2012

She’s so big

She’s so big!  This morning I left her in the young toddler room as the normal caregiver for her room wasn’t in yet.  She was quite excited too!  She did the happy kicky feet thing as I strapped her in.  And that was without any food in front of her too!

The caregiver asked if she needed breakfast.  Well, duh.  Of course she did!  It had been a whole 10 minutes since she had last eaten!  She was starving!  Wasting away.  She was given a plate of waffles (already cut up, oh well) and chipped peaches.  And a fork.  She was in heaven.  Bliss.  More happy kicky feet action.  She didn’t even notice me leaving.

She hasn’t done any more walking – that we know of – since Saturday.  They won’t be moving her over to the young toddlers any time soon.  But she may visit every now and then, once she does.

Eating Waffles

She’s growing up so fast.


It’s been a rough few days here.  The tummy bug that Ashlin had Saturday made its way through the entire house.  Stu first, then me, then Teagan.  Neither Stu nor I are quite right, yet.  Yes, we are the house of plague.  Teagan wasn’t entirely sure why she was feeling so bad, but she was glad she wasn’t throwing up any more.  Throwing up in her sleep really upset her.  Rightfully so.  She snuggled in the morning, and then after a three hour nap, she asked to go to day care.  She was feeling much better, but we were feeling green, oh, so green.  Yes.  We let her go (Stu drove her in).  We are bad parents.  The kind of parents that you hate, but she’d been puke free for at least 4 hours,  and had oh, way too much energy for me, and Stu to deal with.  We figured that since she’d been there the day before, everyone was already infected, if she was contagious.  And those few hours she was there were lovely.  I slept most of it, and felt almost ready to deal with her and her sister.  Well, except for heating up their dinner.  That I couldn’t do.

Today, the grown-ups are still a little queasy, the young-uns just fine, though Teagan’s appetite is still a bit diminished.  Ashlin?  Well, she could eat the horse, and the saddle, and the shoes…